Apply for the Australian Idol Auditions New Season 9

Australian Idol Auditions

Exciting News!! Australian Idol season 8 is airing now. This season premiered on 30 January 2023. It is a revival series. The last episode was aired on Network 10 in 2009. But now Seven Networks buy all the copyrights from them. And now they decides to broadcast the show again with new energy and entertainment. So, for that casting team moves all over the country for the Australian idol auditions and digs out young singing talent.

Eureka Production produces this prime-time show. The 8th edition is going on meanwhile selector team is lined up for the next. They are about to organize auditions for the next season 9. So, buckle up and get ready for the trials. But before that one must know the casting process. Here you will have all the information regarding trials.

It provides a big stage for the singing talent. This also helps a lot of singing talent to grow and make a career in the singing world.  Therefore young candidate always seeks to be on this show. If you are also wondering how to get on the show. Don’t worry here you will find everything that you should know.  

Australian Idol Auditions 2023

7 Networks fill the energy in the singers. They want to show their talent to the world. Now, the casting team is lined up for next season 9. Trials process to select the best singer will be conducted again. There is a procedure that one must have to follow. There are 2 modes to apply for the next season.

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Australian Idol Auditions

First of all, one must have to know the eligibility criteria. After that read the terms and conditions. If you agree to these conditions then proceed further and fill up the application form. Now submit the form and wait for the Australian idol auditions casting call. If you are lucky and receive the call then you can give an audition.

Eligibility Criteria 2023

Eligibility criteria are the first phase of filling up the application form. One must know the criteria. These criteria come with the form. It Doesn’t matter whether you are filling out the online or offline. Here are the eligibility criteria illustrated below.

  • First of all, one must have residence proof of Australia. 
  • Secondly, the minimum age is 15 years and the maximum age should not exceed 28 years.
  • Contestants must not commit felonies. 
  • Also, aspirants must not be related to the employees of 7 Network. 
  • The contestant must have 3 doses of Anti Covid vaccination. 

Season 9 Casting

If you know the eligibility criteria and you fit in the criteria. Now, the next step is to apply for the trial to complete the casting process. One can find the form online as well as offline. Let’s know how to fill out the casting/Auditions/application form.

Australian Idol Auditions 

Online Method

  • First of all, find the appon the show’s official website. 
  • Secondly, read the eligibility criteria.
  • Now Apply on the website.

  • Afterward, log in to the site by using login credentials. 
  • The next step is to fill in the personal details first. 

  • Fill in the contact details carefully so that team can contact you easily.
  • Now, fill in every query asked in the application. 
  • Now make a 2-minute video. sing your song in the video and attach the video with the form.
  • Thereafter read the terms and conditions carefully. If agree to these conditions then move further and check  OK on the agree box. 
  • Attach the photograph. This photograph must be clear with no goggles on the eyes. 
  • Now click on the submit button and wait for the casting call.

Offline Method

The offline method to fill up the application is most commonly used to apply. One can find the details of the australian idol auditions from different sources. And aspirants can go to the venue and fill up the form right on the spot. The procedure to fill up the form is the same as discussed above in the online method.

How to make Audition Video Reel on Australian Idol

If you wonder how to tape for the video auditions then relax and read the instruction illustrated below. 

Australian Idol

  • Firstly of all find a peaceful space with no noise disturbance. There should be no other noise in the background while tapping the video. 
  • Secondly, take your musical instrument with you to make the video more attractive.
  • Thereafter, give the information about the song you are going to sing. 
  • Now sing your song.
  • Keep in mind that video size should not be more than 500 MB
  • The video should be a maximum of 2 minutes long.
  • The last step is to upload the video.

How to give Australian Idol Auditions

After submitting the form the very next step is to wait for the call. If you got lucky and received a call from the team. Then the step is very important. One must know everything about how to give the audition. So, let’s know the audition tips

  • Confidence is the main key to passing the auditions. Aspirants have to keep calm in front of the judges and look confident. 
  • Secondly, Know the lyrics of the song word by word. And deliver the performance. 
  • Now another thing to keep in mind is that don’t feel nervous. 
  • Keep your performance simple don’t exaggerate and jeopardize it.

Australian Idol Judges

Venue and time 

When you receive a casting call from the selector. Then they will provide you with information about the venue and time for the audition. You just have to go to the place on time and give the trial. We can not provide you with the venue and time for the audition for season 8 for now. But soon as the show makes such an announcement. Then we update the info here.

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In final words, Australian Idol is a big reality show. After a long halt, 7 networks decide to revive the show. But the main theme of the show is still the same. This new season brings new talent to the stage of Australian Idol. Also, bring joy to the singing talent. Now they will get the chance to show their talent. And make their career in singing. 

Here in this article, we have provided you with all the information on australian idol auditions. Surely this article informed you about the audition and helps you to get the cast on the show. We wish you the best of luck.


What is the venue for the audition of Australian Idol season 9?

We can not provide you with the information regarding the venue for now.

How to find the application form for Australian Idol Casting 2023?

One can find the form online on the Australian Idol official website.

When are the Australian Idol Auditions 2024 going to happen?

Sorry, we are not able to provide you with this information for now.

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