How To Vote in The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Voting

 Can you recognize someone singing behind a wall, whom you can’t see? Well, The Masked Singer is all about hiding the identity of the contestants. In this show, all the contestants perform while hiding their faces. And there will be The Masked Singer voting process which you have to follow while they are under the mask itself.

This makes all the viewers enjoy the singer without knowing who it is. You can only guess the contestant if you follow them quite closely and figure out their voice. Otherwise, you can’t find out their identity as they are covered by costumes from head to toe. Well, some hints will be there from the show that will lead you towards the identity of the singer.

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Get ready for a special sing-along episode. the officials have been announced that there will be a sing-along epsiode of the Masked Singer. It will be telecast on Fox itself at 8/7c on Wednesday. 

The Masked Singer Voting

The Masked Singer Vote Process

The show is based on the South Korean reality singing show ‘King of Mask Singer’. Craig Plestis the developer of the show stated that when he watched this show for the first time he forgot about his dinner and was just watching towards the screen.

There will only be live voting in the show. Which will be done by the live audience present in the show. And you just have to be a part of that live audience in order to vote. That means while watching the show on tv from home you can not vote. Via Electronic Voting Pads, the show audience cast their votes live in the show. That is how the voting is done in the masked singer. 

It would have much better if the audience may have the option for The Masked Singer voting from home.  

You can figure out how interesting the show is as you want to know about the identity of the singer from the start.

The only way to know their identity is by guessing their voices. I’m not good at guessing the voices but you can give it a try.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Top Contestants

Till now top 9 contestants of the masked singer have been selected. And their names are :

The Rhino

Rhino is in Group C and he has performed well. 

The Rhino

The Night Angel

The Night Angel is also among the top 9 contestants. And she is also in Group C. 

The Night Angel

The Kitty

The Kitty is in Group B and she has made it to the top 9 in the show. 

The Kitty

The Astronaut

He is in Group C and also in the top contestant’s list. He sang “You Say” song in the kick-off round.

The Astronaut

The Kangaroo

He made his presence in “Dancing On my Own” in the kick off round. And The Kangaroo is in Group A.

The Kangaroo

The Frog

He sang “In the club” in the playoff and represent Group B. 

The Frog

The Turtle

He is a Group B performer and among the top participants of the show. 

The Turtle

The Banana

Banana is also in Group B. 

The banana

The White Tiger

He performed “Ice Ice Baby” in the kickoff round. And he is group A performer.

The White Tiger

Format of The Masked Singer Season 3

The theme of the show is casting a group of celebrities who faces each other in the competition. These celebrities are masked and have to face each other in a singing duel. They have to perform a song of their choice in their real voice. After each of their performance, they are scored by panelists and the live audiences.

The winner of the duels is safe while the loser has to go the eliminations. Then from all of the losers, the panelist decides who will not continue this journey and have to reveal their identity. 

All of this continues until the winner is selected and reveals its identity. Well, you will be having hints from their pre-recorded interviews. You can guess it from there or you can watch this show where you can enjoy these singers without knowing who they are.

The brand new show is going to launch on Fox just after every new episode of the masked singer i.e. The Masked Singer: After the Mask. Watch it out for more fun and entertainment.

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The Masked Singer Vote Online

In the first edition of the show, the audience can vote in the show for their favorite masked contestant. However, from the last edition of the show audience voting is being held off as the show is pre-recorded.

For this season also the show is not having any audience voting. But you can actively live guess in the social media you just have to follow this show and guess who are those masked singers.

The only live voting in the show is that you have to be in the studio during the performance of these masked contestants. 

The Masked Singer Voting

You can apply for the live audience by following these steps-

  1. Go to the official fox website. Or you can check here to vote.
  2. Click on the ‘Live audience tickets’ button.
  3. The new webpage will load on your screen.
  4. Then click on the ‘submit info’ button.
  5. A dialog box will appear in which you have to fill out the asked information.
  6. Then just click on the submit button.

The Masked Singer Voted Off Contestants

Every week the one who loses the challenge will be counted in danger zone. And voted off one by one every week. In the end, only one will be declared as the Masked Singer winner. Here we will keep updating all the details about the vote out contestants list.

  • Lil Wayne as Robot
  • Drew Carey as Llama
  • Chaka Khan as Miss Monster
  • Tony hawk as Elephant
  • Dionne Warwick as mouse
  • Tom Bergeron as Taco
  • Sarah Palin as Bear
  • Bella throne as Swan
  • Rob Gronkowski as White Tiger
  • Jordyn Woods as Kangaroo

From 2nd February 2020 the masked singer’s season 3 started. By far this season is the best season among all 3. As it has gained the maximum number of viewers. In previous seasons the viewers were around 8 to 9 million. But in Season 3 it is huge. Can you guess? 

The number of viewers for season 3 the masked is increased to 23 million. Such a huge growth. It means the sow is gaining popularity day by day. 

It has been announced that the show is going on a tour after Season 3 finished. The show will stop in a total of 45 cities. The starting of the show will be from Detroit, Michigan. The starting date will be 28th May 2020. 2 celebrity hosts will host the show. and at the end of every show, they will unveil the local celebrity.

Currently, tickets are not available, you will be informed when the tickets are available and you can buy these from the official website.

FAQ’s on The Masked Season 3

What will happen after Season 3 ends?

After the finale of The Masked singer 3, the show will move forward to 45 cities for doing the tour shows, starting from 28th May 2020.

Will there be The Masked Singer season 4?

Till now there is no notification regarding season 4. But it can be assumed that it might be a possible season 4 will come. But a Spinoff is coming for sure i.e. The Masked Dancer.

What is this The Masked Singer: after the Mask?

It is a new show Fox is launching on 22nd April 2020. You can watch it every Wednesday night on Fox at 9/8c. Yes just after the new episode and one unmasked singer. It will feature the latest unmasked singer on the virtual platform along with host Nick Cannon. Get ready for Some gossips, some entertainment, and fun

Can you vote in The Masked Singer ?

Audience in the show have the chance to vote for their favorite performance. And they can do it on the show only via vote pads in their hands.

Is there any app to vote for the contestants?

No till not there is not any app to vote. However show audience have the vote in their hands. They can give their vote via electronic voting pads to the best performance.

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