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The Masked Singer Vote

Can you recognize someone singing behind a wall, whom you can’t see? Well, The Masked Singer is about hiding the contestants’ identities. In this show, all the contestants perform while hiding their faces. And all you need to to is to register and participate in The Masked Singer Vote process. You may also guess the contestant to get a free ticket to vote online.

This makes all the viewers enjoy the singer without knowing who it is. You can only guess the contestant if you follow them quite closely and figure out their voice. Otherwise, you can’t find out their identity as they are covered by costumes from head to toe. Well, some hints will be there from the show that will lead you towards the identity of the singer.

The 10th installment of the series finished back in 20 December 2023. Now it’s time for 11th series which will be out on 7th March 2024. Before proceeding further let’s have a look at some important details.

Show NameThe Masked Singer
Country of OriginUSA
Upcoming Season11th
Premiere Date7th March 2024
Finale Date22nd May 2024
No. Of Contestants15-25
Telecasting DayEvery Wednesday
Grand FinaleTBD
Looking forMasked Singer Vote

The poster for Season 11 was released in February itself. This time it is a bit different. 

The Masked Singer Vote 

The show is based on the South Korean reality singing show ‘King of Mask Singers’. Craig Plestis the developer of the show stated that when he watched this show for the first time he forgot about his dinner and was just watching towards the screen.

The Masked Singer Vote

There will also be live vote by on camera studio audience in the show. Which will be done by the live audience present on the sets. And you just have to be a part of that live audience in order to vote. That means while watching the show on tv from home you can not vote. Via Electronic Voting Pads, the show audience cast their votes, live in the show. That is how you participate in the masked singer vote.

Voting can be done from home also. How? Let’s get started with that.

You can figure out how interesting the show is as you want to know about the identity of the singer from the start.

The only way to know their identity is by guessing their voices. I’m not good at guessing the voices but you can try it. So watch the show online and vote for the contestants by following these methods.

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Play Along And Get To Vote in The Masked Singer: MASK VERSE Loyalty Pass

Finally, the good news is here. Now you can play along with the episode and also get a chance to vote for your favorite artist. This is announced as “The Mask Verse”. 

  • On the official platform, you will see The mask verse option.
  • On the very left corner, you will find an option to claim the free Loyalty pass.
    The Masked Singer loyalty pass

  • This loyalty pass will let you vote in the masked singer weekly.
  • Apart from voting you may also get some exciting rewards.
  • Get a chance to experience some exclusive access with this loyalty pass and a chance to participate in voting polls.
  • Just click on the Claim now button.
  • Then you will be taken to the loyalty pass home page i.e. mask verse, where you will be asked to participate and guess the masked singer in advance.
  • All you need to do is to join and claim your pass, after claiming the pass will be shown in your profile.
    Loyalty pass join and claim
  • After logging in as you were asked, you will be taken to the main profile page where the pass will be added to your profile.
  • Now you can vote and also share your vote on Facebook or Twitter.

The masked Singer voting Polls

If You are searching for the voting polls, then indeed you are a superfan and you wish to participate in the masked singer voting. Now with the help of polls, you may find out who is the most popular and the least popular among all the contestants. If you are voting then definitely you have won a loyalty pass to vote in mask verse. Here you go. These are the next performing artist. Vote Now!!

Voting polls will be updated soon.

Voting reopens every Wednesday 9:00 AM ET.


How To Become the Audience of The Masked Singer


Register To Vote For The Masked Singer Via App

The show is calling out all the super fans of the show in order to vote for the contestants of the season from home. Instead of a Live studio audience, this time there will be the home audience for season 11.

This voting registration will be done using the Zoom app. The following are the requisites to complete the registration to vote.

The Masked Singer Vote

  • First of all, you must fulfill the rules for this voting method.
  • If you are a resident of the USA and fall under pacific standard time then you may proceed to register.
  • You have to register yourself using a confidential email and choose the date you wish to attend as the live-home audience.
  • Then you will be redirected to Zoom app registration. 
  • Register yourself.
  • After registration, you will receive a complete agreement form that you have to agree upon in order to participate in voting and revert back by agreeing to all conditions.
  • Then after receiving your documents you will receive a confirmation.
  • On the day of your pre-select voting event, you will receive a password-protect link along with a password.
  • You have to log in the link using that password and there you go.
  • In this way, your registration for the masked singer vote is complete.

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Format of the show

The theme of the show is casting a group of celebrities who faces each other in the competition. These celebrities are masked and have to face each other in a singing duel. They have to perform a song of their choice in their real voice. After each of their performance, they are scored by panelists and the live audiences.


The winner of the duels is safe while the loser has to go to the eliminations. Then, from all the losers, the panelist decides who will not continue this journey and must reveal their identity. 

All of this continues until the winner is selected and reveals their identity. Well, you will be having hints from their pre-record interviews. You can guess it from there or watch this show where you can enjoy these singers without knowing who they are. The format of the show is just taking a U-turn this time. This time 3 contestants will perform together and only one will be declared as the winner. That artist will move forward.

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The Masked Singer 11 Online Voting

From the last few seasons, the public voting was off. But now you have a chance to vote via winning a loyalty pass. Win the pass and get a chance of online voting and guess the artist. You may also win some exciting prizes if you guess it correctly.

Also, there is another way to vote.

The Masked Singer Vote

Now audience may cast vote from home this time. Follow the process and Participate to online voting from home.

You can apply for the live audience by following these steps-

  1. Go to the official fox website.
  2. Click on the ‘Live audience tickets’ button.
  3. The new webpage will load on your screen.
  4. Then click on the ‘submit info’ button.
  5. A dialog box will appear in which you have to fill out the asked information.
  6. Then just click on the submit button.



This is the way of online voting in the Masked Singer 11. Well, the show’s premiere date is 7th March 2024. You Can watch it every  Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.

The name of the episode Themes will be:

  • Rita We Love Your Ora
  • The Wizard of Oz Night

Masked Singer 11 Eliminated Contestants: Voting Result

Every week the one who loses the challenge will be in the danger zone. And on the basis of votes, they may get evicted one by one every week. In the end, only one will be the Masked Singer winner. Here we will keep updating all the details about the vote-out contestants’ list.

This time contestants are divided in 3 groups i.e. Group A- 5 contestants and 4 contestants each in Group B & C. When B & C group will perform, 1 wild card entry each will be done. Every week some contestants will perform. On the basis of vote, only one with the highest votes will move forward whereas others will have to leave the show by unmasking themselves. check the masked singer voting result now.

The Masked Singer Vote

Masked singer Vote Off Tonight

Every week some artists will perform and only one will win and move forward. The format says 3 will perform each week, one or two will get evicted by the public, and the jury will vote off. You can be now part of the virtual audience. Buck up for your favorite Masked contestant on the show and save him by your votes. Let’s see who is going to vote off tonight.

Eliminated contestants will be displayed here soon.

At Home Viewers of the Show

On 6th March 2023, The Masked Singer’s season 11 started. And that season was one of the best seasons of all till the end. In the previous season, season 10 had gained a quite good number of viewers. In previous seasons the viewers were around 3 to 4 million. Can you guess?  What will be the no. of viewers in the upcoming season?

The number of viewers for season 4 of The Masked has increased to 281 million. Such a huge growth. It means the sow is gaining popularity day by day. Seasons 5,6,7,8,9  and 10 rocked too. And this time again you will see Season 11 is going to be the best season ever.

Masked Singer Vote app Download

As of now, we have found out that one may cast their vote using the fox website where they can easily earn a free loyalty pass. Apart from that there was a way introduced in 2020 that you may vote using a Zoom app.

At present, there is no confirmation about the app. But cast your vote using your free loyalty pass.


So guys season 11 will make the same impact as season 10 or may be even more. A new season with the same passion, same format, and same judges but with new contestants. We have witnessed the voting in season 2. And after season 4 there was virtual audience voting. A similar is going to happen in season 11. In the above article, we have mentioned the details of how you may participate in Masked singer voting for the performer. Thank you for being with us, and stay connected for more latest updates.

FAQ’s on The Masked Season 11

Will there be The Masked Singer season 11?

Yes, there will be a season 11. The official premiere date is 7th March 2024. It will get conclude on 22nd May 2024.

Can you vote in The Masked Singer?

The audience in the show has the chance to vote for their favorite performance. And they can do it on the show only via vote pads in their hands.

Is there any app to vote for the contestants?

No-till now there is no app to vote. However, show audiences have the vote in their hands. They can give their vote via electronic voting pads for the best performance.

Will there be a Virtual audience in Season 11?

We know the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. However, the shooting of the shows has started, but there are some changes that have been made to the show one of them being a virtual audience. Since There was no virtual audience in previous seasons of The masked singer. There are chances that it will have a few audiences with some protocols.

How can I do masked singer voting at home?

This feature is for the home audience who watches this show. They can vote for the contestant via the app from their home only.

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