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Press Your Luck Casting

Press Your Luck is back for the 2020 season. As the title of the show, you just not need your luck to work out to play this game. Moreover, you have to fast as well as smart to win prizes form the show. Currently, Press Your Luck casting 2020 is going on and  is looking for the contestants though their casting for the show.

The show features three contestants in every episode. One of them is usually a returning champion and other two are new challengers. If the winner is retired than there will be all three new players in the show.

The contestants have to spin the game board. However, the contestants have to give the correct answers to the question asked. If any of the contestants cannot give the correct answer then a new question is asked. From spinning the game board and continuing the players wins the prizes and other prize money.

If you have watched the show and want to take part then this is your chance. The casting is open with some eligibility.

You can scroll down and read all you need to know before you apply for the show.

Press Your Luck Casting 2020

The casting process of the show begins with the application form you submitted. There are many columns in the application form that ask you about your personality. Make sure you fill that column to make an impact on the casting team to shortlist you for further auditioning rounds.

If you get a call from the casting team then you will have to physically available for the other given instructions. Usually you will have to go through personal interview. If you get selected then you will be receiving a chance to appear in the show.

Press Your Luck Eligibility Requirement

Before you apply for the auditions of the show, you need to fulfil the eligibility requirements of the show. The eligibility requirements set by the authority of the show states that-

  • Contestant must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Contestant must be a legal citizen of US.
  • Contestant or any of its household members should not be an employee of the show or any other company associated with the show.
  • The producer holds the right to change the eligibility any time of the show.

You can read all other eligibility criteria and terms and condition of the show given in the application form. If you find it suitable then you can fill the application form for the auditions.

Press Your Luck Application Form 2020

Without wasting much time let us get started with filling the application form. You can follow the given steps to fill the application form.

  1. Visit the official casting website of the show. Or you can follow this given link to the application form here.
  2. Now, you have to fill the application form will all the necessary details.
  3. Then upload you latest photograph in the form.
  4. Upload your video in the column given in the application form.
  5. Finally, accept all the terms and condition of the show and fill the submit button.

Press Your Luck Casting

NOTE- Make your video as per the guidelines given in the application form.

If you get selected for the show you will be contacted from the casting team of the show.

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How To make Audition Video

It is important for contestants to make an audition video. As it is mentioned in mandatory section. There are some points to remember before making and uploading your casting video.

  • Video must be of 3 minutes maximum.
  • You have option to record video from your phone or online from press your luck’s recorder.
  • In video you have to mention your name, age occupation and also why you are best for the show.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to watch the show?

You can always watch the show in the official abc website.

  • What is the last date to fill the form?

As in particular the application form has not mentioned about the last date so you need to fill the form as soon as possible.

  • Anybody from other nationality than US can take part in the show?

If you have a legal permit to work in US, than you may be eligible to take part in the show.

  • Is there are any other versions of the show?

Yes, there are many other international versions of the show.

  • Is there any other way to take part in the show?

Yes, there are many other official apps and games of the show where you can win the prizes. So this was all about Press Your Luck Casting. In case of query you can ask us.

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