How To Vote in AGT 2023: Various Ways to vote

Hello pals! do you got any talent or wish to watch various talent holders? Well your very favorite AGT is going to start with the 18th season. Wondering what is your role apart from watching. You got to be the judge of the season. You heard it right. Now there are a few ways that make you the judge of the show i.e. America’s got talent voting.

And now in this article, we are going to mention some voting steps. America’s Got Talent is getting ready for its 18th season of the show. It is a show which hosts thousands of people to show their unique talent to entertain the world.

You can enjoy this show and even more, you can become a judge in the show. Yes! While relaxing on your bed you can also judge via voting them and make the best performer continue its journey in the show.

The show brings thousands of contestants who are waiting to show their talent on the national stage. The one who gets the maximum score from both judges and voters move along to the next stage of the show.

So, here we are to tell you all about AGT’s voting procedure just scroll down to read all about the voting procedures of the show.

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America’s Got Talent Voting

Contestants have to clear AGT audition round and judges’ audition round to be on the top contestants’ list. Only top contestants are eligible for voting.

Sometimes the viewers feel like the judges have not scored correctly or that the best performer was someone else from their perspective. So, to encounter these issues the authority of the show backs up the voting process of the show.

America's Got Talent Voting

With the help of voting in America’s got talent you could vote for the best performer. As the show is almost live so voting becomes more significant for both viewers and participants. These votes can help the contestant to continue performing in the various stages of the show and maybe reach the finale.

AGT voting can be done in 2 ways:

  • Studio Audience Live Voting
  • Viewers Voting

As Studio Audience has been suspended due to Coronavirus, so all we are left with is viewers voting. Let’s discuss how you can vote and save the contestant.



Votes help to enhance the viewer’s experience of the show. Moreover, you can even play amazing games while you vote for your favorite contestant in the agt 2023. 

AGT provides various methods for you to vote in the show. So let us check various methods you could use to vote in the show’s season 18.

  • AGT App vote
  • NBC Voting

It is going to quite a special season. Because there are few changes in the show. So its obvious AGT voting will also have a few changes. Let us explore these voting methods of season 18 in detail.

America's Got Talent Voting

America’s Got Talent Voting App

For this method of voting, you have to use the AGT app. If you are not having this app on your phone then you can download it for your phone from the official app downloading platform of your phone. Then you can follow these steps to vote-

  1. Open the app and register yourself (if you are using it for the first time).
  2. Now click on the voting button on your screen.
    America's Got Talent Voting
  3. You will find a list of contestants for whom you can vote.
  4. Choose the heart or cross whatever you wish to choose.
  5. If you choose heart it means you give him a green signal to move forward else you disliked.
  6. Just vote for the various contestants and submit your vote.

You can cast 10 votes per act per email address using app.

AGT Online Voting using Website

Another very easy way to vote in the talent hunt show is online voting. Here you can save the performer. It is also known as Dunkin Save. The following are the requisites.


  • Go to the Official Website of NBC.
  • Check the names of the contestants shown for the Dunkin Save.
  • Vote for the one you want.
  • You will have 10 votes per login.
  • You can also vote from Eastern and Central time zones as well as on twitter if you are from any other time zone.
  • On the very next day, the result of Dunkin save will be declared.



AGT Voting Polls 2023

For you to make your vote count in the voting poll you have to make sure you vote in the described time of voting. The show allows a period of time for viewers to vote so afterward they can prepare for the qualified contestants.

However, the vote of the viewers does not equal the vote of a judge but it matters, and when thousands of these votes can make a bigger difference.

However, these are previous season polls. We will update the latest voting polls as soon as the show kicks off.

AGT 2023 Eliminated Contestants

Voting plays a vital role in the elimination of contestants of a show. On the basis of these voting stats, one artist will get eliminated every week from the show. And in the end, only one will be crowned as the winner of the season.

Following is the list of contestants of the previous season but we will keep updating you with season 18 eliminated contestants.


Updates of AGT

  • Season 18 is returning in May or June 2023. Soon exact premiere date will be released.

Conclusion: So now you are going to judge the contestants of AGT 2023. So be ready. Judging is not a piece of cake. You must remember the ways of America’s Got Talent Voting. Because you can only vote in AGT from your home. Choose any of the preferred ways. Although you have a lot of ways to vote for your favorite contestants and make him/her win the season 18.

AGT Frequently Asked Questions

How To Vote in AGT 2023?

America’s Got Talent is going to start its 18th season. And in this season you can vote using either of the 2 methods of voting. The easiest method is to vote using AGT app. Apart from this, you may use the website to vote.

When will AGT Voting start?

Every year the show used to start in May. So it is predictable the show will kick start with the new season in May 2023. The auditions for 18th season is going on.

Will there be Live Voting?

Well as there is a pandemic situation in the world so there will not be a live audience. Only viewers can vote.

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