How To Vote in Peacock TV Love Island Games 2023

One of the most famous dating reality show franchises in the USA “Love Island” is ready to go for its next edition in 2023.  In Feb 2023, the series was renewed for the 4th and 5th seasons. Season 4th was launched on 19th July 2022. And now it’s time for Season 5 to come along with the islanders who will come in the search of love. The show is just similar to the other franchise. It involves lots of drama, love angles, nomination, and vote-out. So in this article, we are going to cover all the love island voting methods for season 5. So that you can also judge and vote for the islander who you wish to stay.

Similar to the British version, the show is all about winning the prize money of $100,000. Here a group of contestants generally in the show called ‘islanders’ have to make a pair to survive in the show.  These islanders are always under video surveillance. So to win the show islanders have to find a suitable partner to pair with either for love or just to win the prize money. The one who left single is dumped out of the show. And the one with the partner will win the show.

Love Island Season 5 

So the show is based on the British Television show of the same name. In 2019, the first edition of the US version premiered. The viewers like the concept of the show. Soon after in August 2019, the show got a renewal for the second and third edition which was launched in 2020 & 2021 respectively. In 2022 they renewed it again for the 4th and 5th seasons. 4th Season has already been completed. It’s high time for season 5 which will be on your tv screens in 2023 summers. 

No. of Seasons4
Season 19th July 2019
Season 224th August 2020
Season 37th July 2021
Season 419th July 2022
Season 5July 2023
Presented ByArielle Vandenberg
Voiceover NarrationMatthew Hoffman
Production PlaceTBD
No. Of Islander12
Prize Money$100,000
Telecasting TimeTue- Sun
8:00 PM
ChannelPeacock TV

Love Island Vote 2023

What will be fun if viewers are not included in voting! Well, the one good thing about the show is that the viewers can also participate in the show through voting. In all previous seasons voting was the factor in winning the season. Similarly, in 2023, there will be voting by viewers for their favorite pair. So it means only your votes can decide the winner of the show.

Couples who receive the least vote in the show get on the verge of elimination. However, you may find a twist when the islanders must eliminate each other from the show.


Love Island Voting

How to vote for Love Island 

Voting will be the same as voting in Love island UK seasons. So you can vote using 2 methods in Love island 2023:

  • Vote by Viewers
  • Vote by Islanders

You can read all the information you need to know to start voting for your least favorite couple. All the viewers really participate excitingly to cast their vote to their favorite contestant. There is internal and external voting ways in the show. The contestants also do it on the show and use their power to eliminate the contestants. 

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How to vote for Love Island Games Cast?

Well, Love Island is about to take the world by storm. As it is going to come as a spinoff i.e. love Island games. this spinoff will have islanders from USA UK and Australia. They will play love games. some of them will lose, and some of them will win love. Ultimately there will be only one couple who will win the challenge. The winner of the Love island games will be determined by voting. The voting will be done in the same manner as the basic seasons. 

Let’s discuss the voting details.

Love Island USA Eliminated Cast

This show is about love. Where the name of love has come, it is natural for couples to be there. Every year some islanders come to this show. And make connections according to your own nature. In the last season, there were 34 islanders in total including wild card entries. The cast of Love Island season 5 is unknown yet. As soon as officials announce the news we will update the islanders’ names here. Apart from that when the vote out start, there will be some islanders who will get evict. We will update their names here.

Following is the list of this season’s islanders and their status in the show:

IslanderStatus in the Show

Love Island Season 5 Islanders’ Vote

You won’t even know and the twist will come. Even Islanders have the power to cast a vote out. They can even eliminate any islander from the show. However, the person who will remain single will automatically get dumped. This voting will be occasional. As the show kicked off, the dumping process also started. Here is a list of dumped islanders.

Love Island Voting

Voting via app 

As of now every one of us is using a smartphone. Also, sometimes people find it hard to vote using websites as they can’t find the official website and cast their vote on some random websites. To reduce all these problems the authority of the show came up with the idea of making an app just for the show.

People may find it quite easy to cast their votes. The love Island Voting app is available for both Android and IOS users.

  • Just go to your play store/ app store
  • Search for theLove Island App.
  • Just download it. The app is free of cost so make sure you don’t pay for the fake app.

Note: You will have one vote per user per topic per voting device.

So After installing the USA Love Island Voting app just follow the given guidelines to cast your vote.

  • Log in with your user id and password or you can create a new profile.
  • Then hit on the voting button.
  • You will find a list of all the couples in the show and select the one with whom you want to cast your vote.
  • So Finally, click on the submit button.

That’s it! Your vote is successfully cast. So, viewers, this was the way of voting which can be done using the Love Island app.

Note: One must have voting app on their smartphone before casting their valuable vote.

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Love Island Online Vote Method

Well if you don’t like the idea of voting using an app. Or you don’t want to install any app on your device then no problem we have another method for you to cast your vote. You can always use the official CBS website to cast your vote.

So Follow these simple guidelines to cast your vote using the online voting method.

  1. First of all, visit the official website.
  2. The search for the show.
  3. You will find a voting button on our screen. Click on that button.
  4. A list of couples will emerge on your screen.
  5. Select the contestant couple whom you want to vote.
  6. So At last, click on the submit button.

Your vote is successfully cast. Please make sure, you cast your vote in the period time described by the show. Otherwise, your vote will not be counted.

When to Vote in Love Island?

After the show telecasts, you can cast your vote for your favorite islanders. Every Sunday voting will start and on Monday voting gets closed. Voting will be done using the above-mentioned methods online. 


Therefore, Stay connected with us we will update all the latest information about the show.

So this was all about Love Island Voting 2023. In this article, you came to know about the ways of voting. This is no different from the voting in the past years. Arielle Vandenberg will announce for the public voting. While islanders will also vote in the show. If you doubt how to vote, how you can complete voting, or who gets eliminate and who survived, you can stick with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Season of Love Island Is Coming?

Season 5 is going to premiere somewhere in 2023. The theme is similar to British Love Island

How will be the voting done in Love Island Season 5?

Similar to Seasons 1,2,3 & 4, Voting will be done by the public. Viewers will vote using the voting app designed for Love Island. Also, islanders will also participate in voting.

When Will voting begin on Love Island?

Voting will start as soon as Season 5 of the show starts.

Can You vote for Love Island US in the UK?

No, you can only vote in the USA. In fact, you have to make sure while downloading the app, that you will download the USA Version of the app and not the UK version.

Where Can you watch the Show?

You can watch the show on Peacock Tv. You must have a subscription to Peacock Tv.