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Nailed It Application

Are you a terrible baker? Yet wants to bake? Ohh then this amazing baking show is for you. Nailed It!! is a show where you can showcase your disaster talent of baking. The only online Netflix original series where it doesn’t matter if you are a good baker or terrible one. No doubt you are seeking answers for “Procedure to complete Nailed It Application” for the upcoming season.

So dear bakers, Nailed It is a food making show rather we can call it a baking show to be precise. It is a reality show wherein contestants showcase their disaster talent in baking.

The contestants here are required to bake the confectionary items like sweets, especially cakes. And this baking is not kept simple, rather the contestants are required to bake items at a complicated level.

In this article, the details are mentioned about- the show, application, procedure of the show, winner etc. 

Nailed It Application

The show Nailed It is an original series of an American media application Netflix. It is directed by Paul Starkman. Nailed it was first aired on 9th March 2018 and by now has completed 20 episodes in 3 seasons.

This season the show starred Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres as host and judge for the season 3 respectively.

Nailed It Application

If you want to go for Nailed it application then remember you have to use:

  • Your Selfie
  • Your Cake’s Selfie
  • Social media account to post that selfie.
  • A Hashtag

How is this gonna work? It is explained in further steps. Check it out everything related to Nailed It Application process.


Nailed It Netflix Auditions 2020

If you want to apply for Nailed It Auditions, here we have all the details for that. The audition process for this Netflix show is as fancy as the show is. Following is the process that one has to undergo to audition for Nailed It:

  • You got to take a selfie.

For selfie you are required to bake a cookie using a Nailed It recipe. Also on a cookie, you got to bake your face.

  • Then post a selfie of a cookie, your best-failed cake, and you on Facebook and Instagram.

For this, you are required to use hashtag #bakeyourself and tag the same @NAILEDIT.

The best selfie will get selected and you may be contacted by the makers. So this is how the Nailed It Application process takes place for 2020.

How to Apply For Nailed It Challenge

In the show, the contestants are required to recreate the elaborated confectionary item and most of the times it is a cake that they are required to bake. For this, the show has 2 stages that the contestant has to win from, in order to win the competition.

  • Baker’s Choice- In this stage the contestants are given a choice what they want to bake.
  • After this, in the second stage, the contestants have to face the challenge called, “Nail It or Fail It”.

After the contestants compete in both these challenges the winner is selected on the basis of their performance in both the challenges.

The winner then gets the prize money worth $10,000.

Nailed It 2020 Cast

The show Nailed It castes mainly 2 people as host and judge. So, this time in Season 4 the show starred Nicole Byer as Host and Jacques Torres as Judge.

Nailed It Application

The show gets bakers from different places to compete in the show for making complicated bakery or confectionery items. Not just bake or create but to recreate the confectionary or bakery items.

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Nailed It Season 4 Premiere Date

The show Nailed It has already premiered 3 seasons and a holiday Mexico season till February 2019. Season 3 was premiered on 19th May 2019.

Now it is in the news that the show will premiere its Season 4 in 2020. Though the premiere dates are yet not released it will be updated here as soon as the release date is out. So, you may check here the premiere date of Nailed It Season 4. 

You can watch all the episodes on Netflix Nailed It.

Soon you may be able to apply for Season 4. Remember the details of the application if you want to be a part of the show. Season 3 contestants have been selected through Nailed It Application process. Stay connected to be one of the contestants in season 4.

So Keep reading articles on Voting Boss. We wish you good luck for the same and will update new updates here as and when released.

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