How to Apply for MTV’s Catfish Casting: New Season 9

Catfish Casting

MTV’s Catfish Casting: Hello Guys!!  MTV again brings you another season of reality documentary shows. Yes, the Catfish show is back with a new level of entertainment and blast. Ariel Schulman, Nev Schulman, and  Max Joseph are the presenters of this show. And MTV is the original network. Now, this show has aired its 8 seasons so far. And now it’s time for season 9. 

Let’s take look at the theme and plot of this series. It is an American reality TV Show to check the truths, lies, and authenticity of people who have met and fallen in love. This show tests relationships, friendships, and business partners who have never met in person.

Here comes CATFISH TV Show helping people who are emotionally engaged with someone online. These people had never met in real life. Therefore they want a reality check about their partner with the help of this show.

In each episode, there is an investigation into whether the other partner in the online relationship is legitimate or a “Catfish” i.e. fake person. So, if you are also one of them and want to check on him or her. 

Catfish Casting

Therefore we bring you the process that will lead you to be on the show. And give you the opportunity to know your online partner better.

MTV’s Catfish Casting Call

Deceivers are going to get caught soon as Catfish casting has come back. The TV show is now casting worldwide for MTV, and they are currently looking for new stories.

 Here’s the right platform to test the authenticity of your online partner through this show.

So, are you interested to cast in the show?

If your answer is yes. Then you need to apply for the show. For that, you need to go through a process. This process includes many steps. If you don’t know the casting call process then don’t worry. We are here to guide you. 

catfish season 9

  • First of all, you need to fill up the application form. You can find the application on the official website of the show. 
  • Thereafter you have to submit it online and wait for the casting call from the selectors. 
  • Then they will ask you some questions to identify your case deeply. They will know if your case is genuine or fake. 
  • Afterward, If all seems OK then they will take your case and proceed further.

Catfish Casting Application Form 2023-24

The Casting process of the show starts with the application form.

You can follow the given steps to fill out the application form –

  • Firstly visit the official website of the show.
  • Thereafter the application form asks questions about your relationship and basic details like your name, city, and state. 
  • Afterward, you have to provide your contact details like contact number and email id, etc. 
  • Then provide your age. You have passed the age gate to apply for the show. So, enter your correct age in the application form.

Catfish Application form

  • Also, provide the information on the other partner like, is he or she 18 years or older?
  • Thereafter provide the name of the person you are in an online relationship with.
  • Also, give the contact details of your partner
  • They also ask you 10-15 questions about your relationship. But, you need to fill out those questions that are applied to your story. So, you need to give all the answers correctly and truthfully. 
  • At last, you need to attach any photos you may have of yourself or your partner. If you wish to upload multiple photos you can do so.
  • Now Do a final submission of the application form.


So, make sure you fill application to make an impact on the casting team to shortlist you for further rounds.

If you get a call from the Casting team then you have to be virtually available for the other given instructions by the casting team. All interviews and casting will be held remotely via Skype or Zoom for the show.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Catfish casting you need to fulfill the eligibility of the show. The eligibility requirements set by the authority of the show 

  • The contestants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • They must have legal citizenship in the USA.
  • Their story must be based on their online meeting on any social media platform.
  • The couple has to sign a waiver to make sure that everyone agrees to be filmed in the show.

Also, the Producer holds the right to change the eligibility at any time in the show. So, make sure you fulfill all the eligibility criteria of the show.


There are two parts to the Catfish cast. The first part of the cast contains contestants. These contestants change throughout the season. As the one case got solved then the show moves on to the next story. And with the new story, the contestants also change. 

But here comes the second part of the cast. This part of the cast includes the host of the show. 

Catfish’s first seven seasons were co-hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. In 2018 Max Joseph served his last episode and left Show. Then, for the next season i.e. In the eighth season Kamie Crawford who is a beauty pageant winner and former Miss Teen USA, is the new official catfish Co-host.

Therefore now, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are co-hosting Catfish TV Show.

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In final words, this show sounds like a good idea, as the people who appear on the show get answers to their questions. They get a reality check of their virtual relationship. In each episode the hosts help different people with different love stories, traveling to their residences and also using background checks they uncover the truth.

So, here is your chance to remove your doubt about your online partner. For that, you need to apply first. And now you already know the Catfish casting process in details. 

We wish you the best of Luck!!


Are Nev and Max still friends?

Yes, they are pretty good friends. Their friendship is the same as when they were co-hosts.

Do Catfish cast get paid?

Yes, the show paid the participants. They receive payment from the production company. The amount is not publicly disclosed.

Is Catfish a Scripted show?

No, the show is based on real stories of people who met online and get into a virtual relationship.

Did Max rejoin Catfish?

No, Max would not return to the new Season 8.

Who is the CEO of Catfish?

Danny Walker is the CEO of the show.

How much do Catfish hosts get paid?

The show pays around $100,000 an episode. However, as the show has grown in popularity. This figure may well have increased over time for the hosts.

Where Can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on MTV.

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