How to Apply for Elite Casting : New Season 7 Cast

Elite Casting

Hola!! Cómo estás? Hope you are doing great. Today here we bring you the exciting news about Elite Casting. Yes, the show is now officially renewed for the 7th and 8th seasons. Therefore the casting team is up for selecting the new candidates for the new characters.

This Spanish series make a wonderful and hit debut on 5 October 2018. And now has released 6 seasons so far. And 7th season is going to release on 25 October 2023.

Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona are the creators of this show. Netflix is the original network. This show features teen drama. It represents the three working-class students and their relationships. There are two timelines on this show. So, this seems to be a very interesting fictional Spanish series. 

People love the series and cast very much. Therefore they want to become a part of it. So, they always keep seeking the Elite tv series’ Casting process. Therefore on people’s demand, we are here with the registration process for the show. We will let you know how to apply for the auditions step by step.

Elite Casting

Elite Casting 2023

Elite tv series creates a big hit from the very first season. Now it has aired 6 seasons. And the 7 season is on its way. And the officials already announces the renewal of season 8. So, the show needed some new faces for the new series. 

Therefore if you also want to participate and play a role in the show. Then here is your golden chance to be on this epic series. But for that, you need to give auditions. Then the selectors will decide whether to take you in or out. 

So, they set criteria to filter the best-acting talent or to find perfect candidates for the show. 

  • The first step of the casting process includes knowing the character. One must know the character for which they are going to audition. 
  • Secondly, one must have to read the eligibility criteria set for the character. Because every character in the show has their uniqueness. You should know whether you fit into those conditions perfectly or not. Because if you are not eligible then you can not apply for the show. 
  • The third step is the most crucial and important step. You must have to fill out the application form and submit it online.
  • Thereafter, the selector will make a casting call. If all goes in the right direction then they will ask you for the auditions. 

Elite Casting

  • They will provide you with the audition venue and time. You just need to reach the place on time and give a performance. 
  • At last, if you pass each and every round of the trials. Then they will sign you up for the show. 

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How to apply with an Application for Elite Casting

Now you know the casting process in detail. So, let’s move forward and take it to the next steps. In this step, we are going to know how to apply for an audition with an online application form. 

It is very easy to fill out the application and apply for the auditions. But the applicant must have to fill it out carefully.

  • In the first place, one must have to visit the official casting website of the show. 
  • Then the applicant has to read the eligibility criteria. 
  • Now moving forward, candidates have to open the application form and start filling it. 
  • One must have to fill in all the details asked in the application form. 


  • Now give answers to some subjective questions.
  • Thereafter, upload your recent pictures. 
  • Now read the terms and conditions and check OK in the boxes. 
  • At last click OK on the submit button. 

Elite Cast 

The elite tv series cast has done some amazing work out there. That is why they are able to bring the show to the next level. Also, people love them and appreciate their work. 

Fans and followers always keep seeking to know more about the cast of this show. As the new season 7 of this show is going to release soon. So, the casting team has introduced some new talent. So, fans and followers eagerly want to know the new cast members. 

Therefore here is the list of new members of the cast. 

Real Name
Maribel Verdú
Gleb Abrosimov
Alejandro Albarracín
Mirela Balić
Fernando Líndez
Iván Mendes

Seasons 8 are in the casting phase right now. Therefore we are not able to enlist the cast name for the new series yet. But soon we will update the list. Though the main cast will remain the same.

Release Date 

The officials have announced the release date of season 7. And also on 6 July 2023, they announces the renewal of the series for season 8. Now people are waiting for it impatiently. Surely the show is going rock in the entertainment world.  

Release Date

This series is going to release its new season 7 on 25 October 2023. And most probably season 8 is going to be the final season of this series. And it is expected to release in the year 2024. 

Elite Audition Venue and Time

It is very important for the applicant to know the audition venue and time. Though one can follow the show on social media websites. The show makers post their recent updates there. 

But you can do one another thing. Just keep in touch with this website. Here we bring you the latest update about the show and its auditions. 

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In final words, Elite Casting is going to open its application portal for the new season. And also now you know everything about the casting process for the show. So, go for the audition this time and participate in the show. 

The show is going to release season 7 on 25 October 2023. So, you just need to wait. Till then enjoy watching the previous seasons. 

At last, we wish you the best of luck with the auditions!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Elite Season 7 release date?

Season 7 is going to release on 25 October 2023.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on Netflix.

What is Carla’s real name?

Carla’s real name is Ester Expósito.

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