How To Apply for Family Guy : Auditions for 2023

Are you a Family Guy Fan and wish to be a part of this animated Series? You are only one step away to be in the show. If you are Looking for Family Guy Casting then here we are presenting you all the details about the audition and application. Before we discuss the casting process let’s get started with what this show is all about.

The Family Guy is the most loved animated show in the United States. A new era of entertainment begins on Jan 1999. Fox Broadcast Company is the original host of the show. This show has faced many up down in the journey of 20 seasons. But Fox has successfully been able to deliver 400 episodes with 20 seasons so far now. 

Currently, the sitcom is running in its  21st season. This show runs around the family name Griffins. This family consists of 6 members including a dog with it. The name of family members are

Parents:  Peter & Lois 

Children: Meg, Stewie, Chris

Pet: Brian (The Dog)

 Family Guy Casting Process

Every fan thinks about being on this show. Even I Do. The question is what are the various ways to apply for the casting? Here is the great news for the aspirants who want to be on the show. Now you may apply for your favorite sitcom and maybe we can watch you in the series as well. There are 2 easy ways to apply.

  • Online Casting
  • Offline Casting

How To Apply Online For Family Guy?

  • To apply online one must have to find the application online from the official website. 
  • After that, One must have to read the terms and conditions. 
  • Thereafter, agree on the terms and move forward. 
  • Now, fill out the application form with the correct information. 
  • At last check the information and if everything looks good then submit the application.
  • The very last step is to wait for the casting call.

Though there is no online application available for now. But the show makers conduct the audition from time to time and they provide the application form online then. 

Ways To Apply Offline For Family Guy 

There are certainly other ways to apply. Show makers broadcast the ad for the official website. You can find these ads on social network websites. The ad is given with the venue, date, and time. Therefore, one can apply offline. We can not provide the information about the offline venue, date, and time for now. 

Family Guy Casting

This show always looking for an energetic voice artist who can give voice to the character. On this show, there are many artists who played different voice roles for different characters. Therefore, the casting team of the show is always in search of the voice for the new character of the show. Therefore there is always a vacancy for aspirants. 

How to Audition for the Family Guy Next Season?

Now if you have submitted the application form and received a call from the show. Then the next question arises. How to give the audition? For this show, one can give online as well as offline trials. 

For the online method, one can send the video. The other method is live video calling. On the other hand, one can also give the trials offline. Candidates have to look out for the venue. And have to present there physically. 

 An individual aspirant can only be the voice of the character. Therefore, candidate can only audition for the voice on this show. So, to have the information about the dates, Venue, and application form. One must have to log in to the website of Family Guy. You need to subscribe for the notification of the casting of the show.  

The Cast of the Show

There are 6 main characters in the show. Here is the list of actors.

  • Peter Griffin: This character is played by Seth MacFarlane. He is a comedian, filmmaker, singer, and actor. He is also the creator of the show The Family Guy. He also creates some other films which prove successful in Hollywood. He is also an animator. And he filmed many famous animated movies like Ted, Ted2, American Dad, and more.

Family Guy Casting

  • Lois Griffin: Lois is the wife of Peter Griffin. The voice of this character is played by Alex Borstien. She is the voice of Lois since the very first episode of the first season. She makes the character more alive and funny in the show. Alex Borstein is also a writer, producer, and actor.

Family Guy

  • Meg: Mila Kunis is the voice of Meg. She is a famous actress in America. 

Family Guy Casting

  • Chris: This character is played by the American actor Seth Green. He played many supporting roles in Hollywood comedy movies.

Family Guy

  • Stewie and Brian: These characters’ voice is also played by Seth MacFarlane.

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In final words, The family guy entertain fans since 1999. Fox has delivered 20 seasons of this show. And season 21 is going on. 

The actors in this show are able to have a successful acting career. So, there are so many aspirants who want to be on the show. And show their talent to the world. That is why we are here. Now, we have provided you with all the important information about the casting. And we really hope that we have solved all of your queries now. 


How many Family Guy seasons are aired so far?

There are 20 seasons of this completed till now. And season 21 is going on.

What is the Family Guy dog’s name?

The Family Guy dog’s name is Brian.

Who played Peter Griffin?

Seth MacFarlane plays Peter Griffin.

Who plays the role of MEG?

Meg’s character is played by Mila Kunis.

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