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Stranger Things Season 4

Every Ending is a new beginning, This is what the new season is all About. Hi folks We are here again to discuss all about your favourite series Stranger Series. It is an American web Sci-fi cum horror Series. Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are the creators of this Science fiction series. Moreover, the debut season of the show premiered on 15 July 2016. Till now, the show has successfully released 4 seasons. And, those 4 seasons contain a total of 34 episodes. The series is renewed for next season as well. Viewers can stream the Stranger Things Season 5 online on Netflix.

This Science fiction horror series also come under period Drama. This is because; the Series is set in the 1980s year of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, USA. In that town Supernatural events take place. Behind these bizarre events, there is the Soviet Union. Moreover, the series is inspired by the theme of Steven Spielberg, anime, and Video games.

Good News is that the series is all set to start its shooting for season 5. 

Stranger Things Season 5

Right now, the release date of the next season of Stranger Things is not even confirmed.  So, it would be a little early to talk about Netflix Stranger Things season 5. However, the creators of the show gave a little hint regarding Season 5. An official statement has been released that the series will have its last season now. They have also released the official post for season 5 episode 1 i.e. “The Crawl”. It has also been disclosed that the final season will have 8 episodes. 

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Stranger Things Season 4 Recap

Season 4 part 1 was released with 7 episodes on 27th May 2022 and Part 2 with the remaining 2 episodes on 1st July 2022. The season started with a huge twist where we saw Jim Hopper dead. But in actuality, he was alive and was kept prisoner for years in Russia. On the other hand in Hawkins, the team is now in the Teenage stage. All of them Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Max, Will, and Dustin are dealing with their own teenage difficulties. 

Finally, in this season, we saw the history of Hawkins Lab. And how Eleven went there. Once again the team fought the Vecna and Demogorgon. It has also been revealed that the Vecna is none other than the experimented child of Hawkins Lab 001. 

Stranger Things Season 5 spoilers

Season 4 ended with the end of Vecna. Well, is it so? Is Vecna dead or new danger is rising up to make Hawkins fall again? Well, the final season is the answer to all of your questions. There are chances that this time the show will include time travel as well as a parallel universe. There are chances that the Vecna is alive or there will be a new Vecna. As we have always seen that since Will Byers comes from the parallel universe he has some fears about Vecna or he is somehow linked to it. There are chances that he can be new Vecna. Wait a little more to find the answers to your questions.


Release Date of season 5

Season 4 was released in 2022. Now it has been revealed that the shooting for the new season starts May 2023. So we will see the season 5 in 2024. And, the Duffer brother gave a hint that Season 5 is going be the last Season. But there are chances to have some spin-off to this series.

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How to watch the series online?

You can watch the series on Netflix. Netflix is the website, which provides streaming services. Viewers can either watch series on their phone, Laptop, Tablet, or Television. Moreover, you can download the Netflix application from Google Play Store or App Store. And, you can also stream the show online through Netflix’s official website.


In conclusion, Stranger Thing Season 4 was not last season. So, it clears it up that there is going be a Season 5. However, the premiere date of Stanger Things Season 5 has not been announced yet.  And, it is expected to be announced soon. Till then, viewers and fans can binge watch the rest of the seasons of Stranger things again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:


When is Stranger Things Season 5 going to premiere?

The premiere date of the Stranger Things Season 5 is not decided yet. But it is final that we will see it in 2024. There are chances that the season will again split into 2 halves.

Who is the creator of Stranger Things?

Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are the creators of the show. And, they are popular with the name of Duffer Brothers.

Is Stranger Things returning for Season 5?

The creators of the show revealed that Season 4 is not going to be the final Season. This statement tells a lot about the Season 5 release.

Where can viewers stream the Stranger Things series?

You can stream the show online on Netflix.

Is Jim Hopper coming back in Season 4?

Yes, Jim Hopper is expected to return in Season 4. This is a hot spoiler spilled out by the show creators.  

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