How To Apply for The Great British Bake Off: GBBO Online 2023

The Great British Bake Off

There’s always a room for a little more. And that’s when its time for a little sugary, little spongy cake. It’s time to bake a cake in The Great British Bake Off. Bake Off is a British TV reality baking show. Moreover, Love Productions are the production company of the show. The debut season of GBBO aired on 17 August 2010. Till now, the show has successfully aired 13 seasons. And, all those seasons include a total of 124 episodes. Let’s discuss how to be on season 14 of the show. Channel 4 which is the original Network, announced the great British bake-off Casting for season 14 way back. Following we will discuss about the procedure.

In this show, all the contestants are some bunch of amateur bakers. Moreover, these bakers compete against each other in order to impress the Judges. However, the process of elimination is happening each week. This is done to select the best baker in the group. And, in each Season there is a winner and two runner-ups. In this article, we are going to cover The Great British Bake Off.

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off Casting 2023

The Great British Bake Off Casting for season 14 is now open. Season 14 of this baking show will get premiere on 26 September 2023. In order to be on the GBBO season, you must be eligible and should fulfill all the rules of entry. And if you are eligible only then you can apply for Casting.

Bake-off Casting can be done online. You have to submit a form. If you get selected you will get a call before the deadline date. Else you have to apply next year.

In this season, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas are going to host the show together. Moreover, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are going to be the Judges of the show. And, Channel 4 is the original Network of the show.   

How to Fill GBBO Application Online

  • You must fulfill the eligibility criteria first.
  • Then go to the official website of GBBO in order to apply.
  • Enter the age criteria.
    The Great British Bake Off
  • An application form will appear.
  • Fill out the GBBO Application form online.
  • After submitting the video submit your form.
  • If get selected you will be called for shooting.


How to Watch Great British Bake off Episodes Online

Season 14 of Bake-off will premiere on 26 September 2023. Moreover, you can watch this show on your cable TV or on the Internet. On the Internet, viewers can watch it via their TV, cell phones, Laptops, etc. On cable TV you can watch the show at 8 PM on Channel 4 Network.
And, Here is How to Watch British Bake off Episode Online:

The Great British Bake Off

  • The fact is that in many OTT services, the show is unavailable in other geographical locations.
  • For this viewers can simply use Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Use a VPN, and set your location to place in Britain.
  • Also, the show is available on Netflix. You can simply download this app from App Store or Play Store.
  • Moreover, viewers can also your Netflix web through their browsers.
  • You can also channel 4’s official website to stream the show online.

Note: For Netflix, you can purchase a monthly or a yearly subscription. 

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Netflix Great British Bake-off Season 14 

Another way to watch the great British bake off the newest season is to watch it on Netflix. Every week new episode releases on the platform. So fans worry not the easiest way to watch the show online is to watch it online. All you need to have a monthly or yearly subscription of Netflix.


All Time Winners of The GBBO

The GBBO is runner all across Britain for the last decade. Moreover, the show has aired 13 Seasons till now and Season 14 is about to start. So for the last 13 Season, there are a total of 13 winners of the show.
Here are the list winners of each Season:

  1. Edd Kimber (Season 1)
  2. Joanne Wheatley (Season 2)
  3. John Whaite (Season 3)
  4. Frances Quinn (Season 4)
  5. Nancy Birtwhistle (Season 5)
  6. Nadiya Hussain (Season 6)
  7. Candice Brown (Season 7)
  8. Sophie Faldo (Season 8)
  9. Rahul Mandal (Season 9)
  10. David Atherton (Season 10)
  11. Peter Sawkins (Season 11)
  12. Giuseppe Dell’Anno (Season 12)
  13. Syabira Yusoff (Season 13)

Great British Bake off Season 14 winner Name

The Season 14 of this baking show is airing each week on Channel 4. The show just started a few days ago. So, it is going to take some time to find a winner. 
Here is the list of the contestants of GBBO and elimination updates in Season 14:

GBBO contestants

Chantelle & KasiaIn the Show
Nicoletta & GeorginaIn the Show
Mustapha & TracyIn the Show
Annie & SubinIn the Show
Mayank & DharmaIn the Show
Andrew & RafIn the Show
Marco & AllyIn the Show
Mauro & DanielIn the Show
Caroline & MartinIn the Show
Naira & AndreaIn the Show
Martyn & JennyIn the Show

Note: We will update the list as soon as the show kicks start.

In conclusion, the great British Bake-off casting is now open for latest season. And Season 14 will  premiere the first episode on 26 September.  You can watch the show on cable TV on Channel 4. Moreover, you can stream the show online on Netflix or Channel 4 official website. However, you need a VPN for some locations to get online access.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:


When the Season 14 of the great British Bake Off aired?

Episode 1 of Season 14 Bake-off will air on 26 September 2023.

What is the original Network of the show?

Channel 4 is the original Network of the show.

Where can we watch the Bake-off show online? 

You can watch the show on Netflix, also on the official Channel 4 Website.

Who is the host of the show?

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas are the hosts of the show.

Who is the judge of the show?

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are the Judges of the show.

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