Various Ways of Australian Masked Singer 2023 Voting: Network 10

The Masked Singer Australia

The Masked Singer Australia is an Australian version of the famous reality show with the same name. Moreover, this show is a singing competition. The Masked Singer is based on the South Korean show King of Mask Singer. Osher Günsberg is the host of the show. The debut season of the show premiered in 2019 and in last year show launched season 4. Now its turn for the masked singer 5. Are you ready for the unlimited fun? The Masked singer Australia Vote is similar to its sister show the Masked singer USA. Let’s find out more about the show.

This show airs on Network 10. In this show, celebrity singers take part as contestants. Moreover, all of the celebrity contestants have to cover their faces with a mask. With the covered face, contestants have to sing songs. However, the contestant with the least votes is eliminated and has to reveal the face. And, the contestant who stays till the end is the winner. The format of the masked singer is very fascinating.

The Masked Singer Australia Vote

The Masked Singer Australia 2023 is going to be season 5 of the show. Season 5 of the show was renewed in February 2023. Moreover, the Masked Singer Australia season 5 premiere date has also been announced i.e. Fall 2023. The show has already shot 2 months ago. The good part is Osher Günsberg is again hosting season 3 of the show as well.  Tim Chappel is the costume creator and designer on the show. Tim is famous for his work on Queen of the Desert with Lizzy Gardiner.

If you want to participate in the Masked singer vote, then here are the methods to vote.

  • Vote via app
  • Online Vote
  • Jury Vote

Watch the show and participate in voting on every Monday at 7:30 pm. Let’s get started in detail.

Australia’s Masked Singer Panelists and Host

In season 5, Osher Günsberg is again the host of the show. He was the host in previous seasons as well.

Here is the list of  Host and Panelist of the show:

  • Mel B (British songwriter) as Judge
  • Abbie Chatfield (TV personality) as Judge
  • Dave Hughes (Comedian) as Judge
  • Chrissie Swan  (Radio Personality) as Judge
  • Osher Günsberg as Host


The Masked Singer Australia Season 5 Voting App

There is no such thing as the masked Singer season 3 voting app.  In a show, Voting and votes play a significant role in the survival of the contestant.


However, contestants in the show are already celebrities. And, they already have carrier irrespective of the show.

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So, this is a singing competition show which should be seen from an entertainment angle. But, there is a virtual audience in the show. Moreover, there are some selected super fans. These super fans along with Judges vote for their favorite singers.

Masked Contestants Clues

In the masked singer Australia Season 5 there are a total of 12 celebrity singer contestants. All the contestants must cover their faces with a mask. However, the unmasking of the contestant is going to happen only when he/she is eliminated.

The Masked Singer Australia

Here is the list of contestants’ clues And Unmasked:

BouncerTBDIn The Show
CowgirlTBDIn The Show
Crash Test DummyBrian Austin GreenOut
Grim ReaperTBDIn The Show
Snow FoxTBDIn the Show
Space FairyTBDIn the Show
Bad AvocadoTBDIn the show
BluebottleTBDIn the show
Burger GalTBDIn the show
FawnTBDIn the show
OrcaTBDIn the show
The CaptainTBDIn the show
TinyTBDIn the show

These are the stage names of the celebrity singer contestants. The real name is going to be revealed after elimination. But some clues are already revealed. These are:

  • A reality TV Star
  • A sports person singer with a record of 1 million songs
  • International singer with a Grammy award
  • Hollywood Heartthrob

Register for The Masked Singer Australia Audience Ticket

Now You can be a part of the audience and vote for the singer from there as well. In order to be a part of the audience you need to register first and be on the location on the day of shooting.

Following is the location

DISNEY STUDIOS (FORMERLY FOX STUDIOS) – Entrance via The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park NSW

Unmasked & Eliminated The Masked Australia Contestants

  • On 11th Sep 2023, series started. And 5 singer particiapted. Crash Test Dummy was the first one to get evict.


In conclusion, the masked Singer Australia vote will start as soon as season 5 kicks start. On Network 10 you will have immense joy of swatching the season with new contestants. This time also there will be the virtual audience. I am very excited about the show. And, I hope you are excited about the show as well.

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