How to do Academy Awards Voting : Oscar Nominations 2024

Academy Awards Voting

Greetings!! People Always wonder how to do Academy Awards Voting. So, we are here to answer all of your questions about the Academy Awards or Oscar awards vote process.  This is one of the highest achievement Awards in the entertainment world. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science is the creator. The Academy Awards are also known as the Oscars Awards. 

It does not confine to the region or particular country. It is the only award show which broadcasted all over the world. Therefore the members can nominate any of the actors, movies, or actresses from different countries to various categories. So, the competition is pretty much high. 

“Oscar is a Statuette of a Knight covered with gold plating.” 

However apart from the win the title, it is also a great honor to get nominated for the Oscars. The very first Oscar was organized on 16 May 1929. Thereafter this award show is organized every year. This show there first televised in 1953. Thereafter it is aired in different countries on different channels. 

Academy Awards Voting

Now the main question arises who choose the winner? And who will decide the nomination in different categories? 

Relax, you will find out all about it later in the article. So, just read further and know all about it. 

Academy Awards Voting 2024

It is a very popular award in the entertainment world. Those who are joined and pursue their career in entertainment always want to win this award once in their life span. So, the creators set some criteria and processes for this awards show.

Let’s know the process in detail. 

  • Firstly there are nominations for this award show. The AMPAS official members vote for nominations in different categories. AMPAS stands for Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Science. 
  • Secondly, step includes the reviewing the eligibility of the nominations. PricewaterhouseCoopers company tallies the nomination votes and eligibility. 
  • Thereafter, in the final round, there is the Academy Awards voting for the winner. The one who will have a higher number of votes will win the title. 

There are 7000 AMPAS members. Only they have the right to vote for the nominations and winner. 

Academy Awards Voting

Also, there are some terms and conditions for the nominations. Let’s know a few of them. 

  • The first condition includes that the movie should be from the previous year. It means that movies release from 1 Jan midnight to 31 Dec. midnight can only participate. Like Movies of the year 2023 are going to nominate in the event organized in the year 2024. 
  • Secondly, it must have a minimum 40-minute run time. 
  • The movie must have 3 shows every day for at least 7 days. 

These are some terms. You will find the exact terms in detail on the official website. 

How to Vote on Oscar?

The Oscar voting process is very easy. You just need to follow the steps to vote

Here are the steps

  • Firstly one must have to go to the official voting website. i.e.
  • Thereafter you need to go to the member login button and click ok on it. 
  • After that, you have to log in to the website using your unique login credentials. 
  • Afterward, you click on the voting section. 
  • Now select the nominated candidates or movies of various categories. 
  • At last, click on Vote now and submit your votes. 

These are some easy steps you need to follow to select the nominations or to select the winner. 

Academy Awards Voting


Note: The voting portal opens after the nominations. You can vote only after the portal will open. And every year it opens in Mid Feb and March. We will update the exact date soon here. 


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Academy Awards Voting Nominations 2024

Fans always wonder who decides the nominations for the Oscars. Let’s move further and know. There is a group of members in  AMPAS. These members individually vote for the best movies, actors, actresses, etc. 

  • There are so many categories in this award event. So, they vote for the nomination for each and every category.
  • Thereafter PricewaterhouseCoopers reviews and tallie votes.

Oscar Nominations

  • Afterward, they announce the nominations

Note: After the nomination process one can vote for the favorite contestants in their respective categories. 

Oscars Awards winner 2024

The voting process starts right after the nominations announcement. Officials open the voting portal. Members can go there and vote for the contestants. 

Now the one who will have the higher number of votes will win the title. 

And also we know that only AMPAS members can vote.

Oscar Winner

Now the voting portal will open either in February 2024 or March 2024. Then members can vote. And on behalf of these voting results officials will announce the winner. Therefore we have to wait for a while to know the Academy Awards winners of 2024. 


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In conclusion, Academy Awards voting is very simple. One must have an AMPAS membership to vote online for the nominated candidates. 

We really hope that you know the Oscar Voting process in detail. You just have to wait for the new nominations in 2024. Then you can vote. 

We wish you the best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote at the Oscars?

AMPAS members can vote on the Oscars.

Who is the Academy Award Winner of 2024?

The winners’ names are unknown for now.

Does Oscar Winner have prize money?

No, there is no prize money for the winner.

Where can I watch the award show?

The show broadcasted on different channels in different countries. But in the U.S.A you can watch it on ABC Networks.

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