How to vote on 59th ACM Awards 2024: New Nominations

AMC Awards Voting

Hello Readers!! Do you ever wonder how to cast a vote on the Academy of Country Music Awards? If yes, then we here bring you the ACM Awards voting process for you. Now the 59th ceremony of this awards distribution event is going to air in the year 2024. So, it’s time to know the process in detail. 

The very first event was organized on April 1966. Thereafter the new legacy begins. And with time this award becomes one of the coveted awards. 58TH ceremony was aired on 11 May 2023. Now it’s time for the next ceremony. As Prime Video is the original network of this show. Now one can watch it online on Amazon prime video. 

Dick Clark Production Company produces this even since the very beginning. The trophy of this award is a “Hat“. Now who can vote for the nominated contestants? and how to vote on the 59th ceremony. We will discuss all in detail in the following article. 

This award show presents the Country Music of the Year. This sounds very confusing, right? So, let’s know it better first. In simple layman’s terms, we can say that the best out of the best music of the year in the country will win the title. 

AMC Awards Voting


There are so many categories in the show. And also every category has a number of nominations. However, there will be only one winner in each category. So, the board members decide the winner on behalf of voting results.  

Therefore it is very important for you to know how to cast ACM Awards Voting. To know the process in detail just read the article carefully. 

ACM Awards Voting 2024

Now we know how important is voting on this award show. Therefore it becomes very necessary for the voter to know the ACM Awards Voting process in detail. 

  • There are three rounds in this process. In the very first round, the voter can choose only one nomination in each category. The officials decide on the nominations. So, voters can only choose from the nominated candidate. 
  • Thereafter the second round begins. In this round voters can choose 2 nominations in each category. Thereafter the officials will review the list. They will check if all the nominations will pass the eligibility criteria. The official set these criteria to improve the quality check. If all the nominations seem ok and pass the criteria then the third and final round begins. 
  • The third round is the final round. Now you will know the voting portal opening time on the official website. Thereafter, you can vote for the candidates. 

AMC Awards Voting

Now the second important thing to know that who can cast ACM Awards Voting. So, the answer is as simple as the question. Only ACM official Members can vote on this award show. These members are professionals. They are music experts.

How to Cast ACM Awards Vote

Voting is the one of main and essential parts of this award show. Now moving forward and let’s know about the steps to cast an online vote. 

  • First one must know the eligibility criteria. Because only eligible ACM Members can vote here. 
  • Thereafter, you need to go to the official voting website. 
  • After that, log in to the website using unique login credentials. 
  • Now go to the voting section. 

AMC Awards Voting

  • Thereafter you need to select the nominated contestants in each category. 
  • After selecting all the nominations you need to click on the submit vote button. 

Congratulations!! you have voted for the contestant successfully. 


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ACM Nominations and Winner 2024

Now one must know the nominations before the vote. There are several nominations in various categories. So, it becomes very confusing for the voter to know the nominations and their respective categories. 


So, we are here with a solution. We here let you know the nominated candidates’ names along with their categories. Therefore it becomes very easy for the voter. 

Now the nomination process will begin for the 59th ceremony soon. So, we are not able to reveal the category and nominations list for now. But soon we will update the names here in this article. 

And also the winner’s name is going to announce on the premiere date of the show. Only after that, we can announce the winners’ names here. 

ACM Awards Ticket

The very next and important question arises to the fans is that How to Book an ACM Awards Ticket. Now one must have to book a ticket to go and enjoy a live show. So, now you can get this ticket easily. 

  • Firstly you have to go to the official ticketing website i.e.
  • Thereafter you can select the date.
  • Now go to the next section and select the location
  • At last, select the venue and confirm the booking.


How to watch 

Now let’s move further and know how to watch ACM Awards 2024. Amazon Prime Video is the original network of this award now. 

So, now one can watch it online on Prime Video

Release Date

The first event was aired on tv in 1972. Then it was aired on ABC Network. Thereafter, this award ceremony is celebrated every year. However, there are different channels for the show. These channels change with time. 

Now from 2022, you can watch it online on Prime Video. As the 58th ceremony releases on Prime Vidoe on 11 May 2023. 

Release Date

Therefore it’s time for the next event. But the officials haven’t revealed the premiere date for the 59th ceremony yet. But soon they will decide on the dates then we will update the info here. 


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In conclusion, AMC Awards Voting is very simple. You have to go to the official voting website and vote for the nominated candidate. 

But here is the catch. Only the ACM Membership holders can vote on these awards. We really hope that you know the voting process in detail now. So, just wait up for the opening of the voting portal. 

Till then enjoy watching the show online on Prime Video. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Watch AMC Awards 2024?

One can watch it online on Prime Video.

What is the 2024 AMC Awards Nominations List?

The nominations list is not revealed for now.

Who will host the 59TH Ceremony of ACM Awards?

The hostname is not revealed yet.

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