How To Vote in Come Dance with me Season 2 & check Voting Result

Come Dance with me is a new dancing reality show in the US. Moreover, the show premiered on 15 April 2022.  Here you will find Come dance with ne vote process. However, we do not have knowledge of when season 2 is going to air yet. Reinout Oerlemans, LL Cool J, and Chris O’Donnell are the creators of the show. Philip Lawrence is the host of the show. And, CBS is the original network of this dancing reality show. 

In this show, the dancing contestant is paired up with a family member. Moreover, the paired-up family member is the one, who has supported the contestant’s training. The pair has to perform a dance in front of the judges. And, Kennedy Rae Thompson and his father were the winners of the first season. In this article, we are going to cover voting.

Come Dance With Me Voting 2023

Usually, in reality, shows, viewers’ vote plays a vital role in contestants’ survival. However, there are no voting methods available till now. Moreover, the power lies in the hands of judges. More specifically the vote and score of each judge make all the difference. Every week teams perform in front of judges. And the two with the lowest scores fight in a face-off dance. The one with the lowest score again gets evicted.

Come Dance with Voting

Come Dance with Me Eligibility criteria 

The finale episode of come dance with me Season 1 aired on 24 June 2022. However, CBS has not confirmed season 2 yet. Let’s hope CBS will confirm season 2. There are no such eligibility criteria related to age. Moreover, it’s always a teenager performing a dance with their mom or dad. For more information, you can check the official website of the CBS network.

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How to vote in Come dance with me online

The only type of vote in come dance with me online is voting for each episode. Moreover, it is called rating each episode. The judges hold the power of saving and eliminating a contestant by giving them a score. In Season 1, there were three judges. Each judge gives a score out of 10. That adds up to form a final score out of 30. And, the contestant with the lowest score is close to facing elimination.

Come Dance With Me Voting


Come Dance with Me Season 2 Voting Result 

CBS has not confirmed that come dance with me season 2 yet. So, it is pointless to talk about it at this point. It was not the voting result in season 1. However, it was the scores given by the judges which led to the winner of Season 1. Kennedy Rae Thompson paired up with her dad and was the winner of the show. And, Avery Khoundara paired up with her dad was the runner-up. Here is the result table for Season 1. You can take a look at it.

PositionCoupleTotal points
WinnerKennedy & Justin317
Runner UPAvery & Jack314.5
3rdEmily & Anna305.5
4thMia & Crysta250.5

In conclusion, there is nothing like Come Dance With me vote. Moreover, scores are given by the judges based on their performance. Contestant’s individual Scores decide their survival on the show. CBS has not confirmed season 2 of the show yet. We are going to update the article as soon we get the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:


When is the come dance with me season 2 going to air?

CBS has not confirmed Season 2 yet.

Who is the host of this dancing show?

Philip Lawrence is the host of the show.

what is the original network of the show?

CBS is the original network of the show.

Who are the judges of the show?

Jenna Dewan, Dexter Mayfield, and Tricia Miranda were the judges in Season 1.

How to vote in Come dance with me?

There is no such thing as voting in this dancing show. Survival of the contestant is all dependent on the score of the Judges.

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