How to Get Cast on Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 Auditions

Farmer Wants A Wife Casting

Howdy Fellas!! If you are here then you must be looking for the audition of a farmer wants a wife. And the Exciting news is  Farmer Wants A Wife Casting here now for season 2. A new version of this show is airing now. The very first season of this series was aired in 2008 on CW. Then after a long halt, this show renewed again and debuted on 8 March 2023. It’s time for another season. Officials have renewed it for season 2 which will be released on 1st Feb 2024. Now FOX is the new original network of this show. 

Now let’s know the theme of this show. It is a reality dating show. But there is something different about it. Here in this series, farmers are looking for a wife. There are 10 girls contestants in this show. And farmers have to choose out of these contestants. And female candidates try to get chosen by the farmer. 

Jennifer Nettles is the host of this show.

So, the love is in the air now. Therefore here is your chance to find your love and live on a farm out from the city. If you are young single and also want to participate in this show. Then you need to fill up the application form and apply for the auditions. Here we will talk all about the casting process and how to fill out the application form. 

Farmer Wants a Wife Casting 

Now the show makers are all up for finding the perfect candidates for season 2. If you are also ready to find your life partner. Then this show will give you a chance to meet your better half. But you need to apply for the auditions first. 

Season 1 has just winded up and is also renewed for season 2. So interested farmers as well as partners may apply for season 2.

Farmer Wants A Wife Casting

Therefore let’s know the process in detail then we will proceed further. 

  • First of all, one must need to read the eligibility criteria. Creators set these criteria to find the perfect candidates.
  • Secondly, go to the official website and fill out the application form after that submit it online. 
  • Thereafter, wait for the casting call from the selector’s team. They will take a telephone interview and ask some questions related to your application form. 
  • Then they will ask you for the live audition and provide you the information about the venue, date, and time for the trials.
  • Thereafter, you have to give auditions. 
  • At last, they will cast you for the show if they like your personality and your audition performance. 

Eligibility criteria for Farmer Want a Wife Season 2

Now let’s know the eligibility criteria. This criterion is very important to know. Because if you do not fall under these conditions then you can not fill out the application form. So, Here are the conditions. 

  • The first thing to know is that the candidate must have legal residency in the United States. 
  • Secondly, the candidate must have a relationship status single. 
  • The minimum age required for the applicants is 21 years. 
  • Thereafter the next important condition is that the candidate must not be involved in any kind of felony. 
  • Candidate must have all doses of COVID-19 vaccination. 
  • Thereafter another important thing to note down that the candidate must not be related to or an ex-employee of the production company. 
  • At last, the candidate must be available for the filming. 

There will be 2 application form to apply. The one applicant will be the farmer. And the other one will be the partner who is looking for love in a farmer.

How to fill up the Farmer Wants a wife USA Application Form

Now let’s move forward to the next step. Now one must know How to fill up the application for before casting. 

There are two kinds of application forms. One form is for the Farmars and another one is for ladies who want to meet the farmers. 

Therefore one must fill out the application respectively. 

2024 application USA

Farmer Application Form 2024 USA

The farmer who is looking for true love can apply for the auditions. 

  • Firstly applicants have to go to the official website of the show. 
  • Then click ok on the FARMERS INTERESTED IN APPLYING button. 
  • Thereafter next page will open. On this page, you will find a form. You just need to read the conditions. 
  • Afterward, fill in the email ID, your first name, and your last name.
  • Thereafter click OK on the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

That is all you need to do for now. After the subscription show makers will contact you soon.  

Partners Interested in Farmer Application 2024 USA

  • Firstly the single ladies who are also looking for a true partner. Then they will have to go to the show’s official website. 
  • Then they have to click OK on the Partner INTERESTED IN MEETING A FARMER button. 
  • Afterward, an application will appear on your desktop screen. 
  • But first, you need to read the eligibility conditions. 
  • Now fill in the email ID and your first and last name.
  • Following that you need to click ok on the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

Note:  The application portal for Farmer Wants A Wife casting season 2 is open. Apply for the casting. The portal will soon get close. Also, enjoy watching the first season of this show. We will update the information on how to fill in the application as soon as possible. 

The Farmer Wants a Wife Cast 

It is a reality-based show. So, the cast of this show changes with every new season. This show has a different theme. So, there are three sections of cast in this show. 

The first section consists of the Host of the show. Hosting is a very important part of reality shows. It is the host who makes the show more interesting and funny. Therefore, Jennifer Nettles is a presenter of this show.


Now let’s talk about the 2nd section. This section consists of the Farmer candidates who are looking for a better half. 

Brandon Rogers29ColoradoPotato & Barley
Mitchell Kolinsky27TennesseeFirst Generation
Nathan Smothers23FloridaCitrus & Cattle
Ty Ferrell42MissouriTeam roper

Afterward, let’s move toward the 3rd section. It consists of the ladies contestants who want to participate and try to get selected. The ladies list will be updated here soon.

Farmer wants a wife Season 2 Release Date

The series got a hit start. so the makers renewed the series for next season. Farmer’s Season 2 is going to be released on 1st Feb 2024. On the very first day, we will meet the farmers. All the details related to them will be disclosed on the day of the premiere. You can watch the show on fox tv and the next day on hulu.

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In final words, the show is ready for season 2 premiere. but still if anybody wants to apply for the next season they may apply. As you know the Farmer Wants A Wife casting process. The casting procedure will be the same as the previous season. So participate and proceed.

So, pull up your socks and be ready to find your love in the next coming season. 

At last, we wish you the best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on the FOX network.

Where can I find the application form?

One can find the application form on the official website of the show.

What is the release date of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2?

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with the premiere date of season 2 for now.

Who is the host of this show?

Jennifer Nettles is the host of this show.

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