How to Get Cast in CW’s Fight to Survive 2023

Fight to Survive Casting

Hello Guys!! Feeling excited to let you know about the CW’s new show Fight to Survive Casting. CW and Roku collaborate to create this show. Now this reality show is going to debut on 10 August 2023.  The show will continue for 25 days.

CW is the original network. And Kavin Lee is the creator and producer of this series. The finale episode is going to release on 29 September 2023

This series features 17 fit contestants. They are left in isolated areas with no facilities. They have to survive there for 25 days. The interesting fact about this show is that all the contestants are against each other. They turn up against each other to acquire the facility of others.

So, the last one standing will win the show.  Also, the winner will claim the prize money of $ 250,000. This series is going to broadcast 8 episodes. 

Fight to Survive Casting

Now if all this excites you and also you want to participate in this show. Then you have to go through the casting process for this show. If you don’t know about the audition process for the show. Then read the article carefully here you will know everything about the procedure.

Fight to Survive Casting 

The name Fight to Survive indicates that the show is going to be wild. There are contestants who will fight to survive in a remote area. to win a handsome amount of prize money. Therefore we can say that competition is going tough and rough this time. And also the show is going to blast with entertainment and fun. 

Now if you are also wondering how to become a contestant in the show. Then don’t worry we will let you know everything in detail.  The casting process for this show is different in this series. That is one of the factors that make it unique. 

Therefore here is the catch, If you want to participate in the show then you have to audition for other reality survivor show. Yes, you heard it right. The casting team will pick the contestants from other shows like Alone, Survivor, Naked and Afraid, etc. 

Fight to Survive Casting

You just need to audition for these illustrated shows. Then the casting director may pick you up for the show from there. Somehow this process will let you participate in two shows. 

So, let’s move further and know How to apply for the show as a contestant. 

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How to Apply for Fight to Survive Season 2 

Now one can fill out the application to apply for the show. But for that, you just need to follow the process. You will have to follow the rules and apply. 

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of the show.
  • Thereafter, find out about the Fight to Survive Casting Application. 
  • Afterward, know the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible for the show then proceed further. 
  • Now fill out the application form. You need to fill in the right details in the application form. Because the wrong information will reject the form. 
  • Thereafter fill in your contact details. So that the casting team can make a casting call and contact you easily. 
  • Now upload your pictures. Pictures must have a good-quality resolution. 
  • Also, you have to upload an audition video on the application form. 


  • Now check in the terms and conditions box. Read them carefully. Click OK if you agree to all these conditions. 
  • At last. click on the submit button.

Congratulations!! now you have applied for auditions successfully. 

Fight to Survive Cast Season 1

The casting team has selected the contestants for the new reality show. Adventure lovers are already eager to know the list of cast and contestants of season 1. They have waited for long to know the list. 

So, here is the interesting news for them. Officials have released the contestants’ name list for season 1. 


Here is the list

Contestants of Fight to Survive
Stephanie Gonzalez
Keali’i “K” Ka’apana
Jonathan Monroe
Yuda Abitbol
Libby Vincek
Matthew Clarke
Christina McQueen
Makani Nalu
Nathaniel Allenby
Zane Kraetsch
Sarah Danser
Missy Byrd
Afften DeShazer
Dani Beau
Robby Canton
J Ruiz
Amal Alyassiri

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Release Date 

Roku and CW joined together to create this epic reality show. They have picked up the best contestants from other reality shows. So, we can say that the show will have more fun, entertainment, and more challenges. 

The casting process for season 1 is completed now. And the officials already announces the release date of season 1. Therefore the premiere date for Fight to survive season 1 is 10 August 2023. And the show timing is 8:00 pm ET/PT. 

This season will shoot for 25 straight days and then it will release for eight episodes. And the final season will air on  29 September 2023. 

Release Date

One can watch the show on CW networks. And also you can stream it online on CW App and Roku streaming services after 29 September 2023. 

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In conclusion, Fight to Survive casting is very easy. You need to fill out the application and give auditions. The casting process for season 1 is completed now. And it’s time for the casting of season 2. 

So, here we have provided you with all the information about the audition process for the show. Now the show is going to release soon. So, buckle up for the wild ride of fun. Watch the learn from the show and then apply for the next season. 

We wish you the best of Luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on CW Channel, CW App, and Roku.

Who is the winner of season 1?

The winner of season 1 is not announced yet.

Who is the creator of this show?

Kavin Lee is the creator.

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