How to Apply for Heartland Auditions: New Season Release Date

Hello Guys!! are you looking for Heartland Casting. Here we are with all the details regarding the casting process of Heartland series. It is a drama show. This show was developed and aired in 2007. Now there are 16 seasons of this show so far. And people are waiting for season 17 of this sitcom. Murray Shostak developed this show and CBC is the original network of this show. 

Aspirants can apply for the show. But one must have to keep in mind that you need to follow the casting process of Heartland casting. You have to fill in the application for the auditions. If all this confuses you then don’t worry we will let you know each and every step in detail. 

You just need to read the article and follow the steps. 

Heartland Casting 2023

Now the casting team is all set up for selecting the new candidate for the new characters. If you have acting talent and also you want to play a role in the show. Then here is your chance to participate in this epic sitcom. 

Here is the casting process for Heartland actors. 

  • First of all, you need to select the character you want to play in the show. There are so many new characters introduced in the new season. 
  • Secondly, you have to read the eligibility criteria for that particular role. Because each role has different qualities. And casting director sets up the criteria according to the role. Therefore it is a must to read the eligibility criteria before applying for the show. 
  • Thirdly if you fit into the eligibility criteria perfectly. Then in the next step, you have to fill out the application form. Fill in the details correctly.

Heartland Auditions

  • Thereafter selectors will make a casting call for the auditions. They will call you and ask some questions according to your application. 
  • Afterward, if all goes well then they will ask you for the live auditions. You just have to go to the venue on time and give auditions for the role. You may have to face different rounds of trials. 
  • Then in the last step, the team will do some background checks. If all goes well then they will cast you and sign you for the show. 

Eligibility Conditions for Heartland Casting

It is very important for the applicant to know the eligibility conditions for the character. It differs character-wise. But there are some general criteria that everyone must have to follow. 

It becomes very necessary that you must fit into the eligibility criteria.

  • First of all, Candidate must have a valid passport for foreign shooting.
  • Secondly, the Applicant must not have a criminal record. He or she should not involve in any kind of felony. 
  • Candidate must be medically fit. 
  • Applicant must be available for the shooting timing. 
  • Aspirants must have to provide the personal information that is asked in the application form. 
  • The contestant must have legal residence proof.

One must have to keep in mind that these are only general conditions. But the exact eligibility criteria come with the application form. So, just read them carefully before filling them out. 

How to Apply for Heartland Casting

Now the important thing to know is how can I apply for the auditions. Here are different methods to apply for the show. 

Online applications

Open Casting Calls

Hire a talent acquisition agency

How to Apply with Online Application form

Now one can apply for the show online. You just need to fill out the application form for the auditions. 


  • Firstly, go to the official website of the series. 
  • Secondly, select the show Heartland and look out for the application form. 
  • Thirdly click on the apply button. 
  • Thereafter an application form will appear on your device screen. 
  • Then fill in the personal details. Like: Name, address, etc.
  • Afterward, fill out your contact information. Kindly fill correct information in the form. The wrong info in the form will reject the application. 
  • Thereafter give answers to some subjective questions. These answers will portray your personality. 
  • Then upload your recent photographs to the application.
  • At last, do the initials on the form and submit it online. 

Heartland Open Casting Call

One can also apply for the open casting calls for the show. You just need to know when and where the auditions are going on. 

Also one can find the details on the official website as well as on social media sites. Every show has its own page on social media. The account handler or page handler uploads all the information about the show on that page. 

You just need to follow the page to get the details. After receiving the venue and time detail you need to reach the place right on time and give auditions.

Hiring an agency

One can also hire an agency that will work for the candidate. They will do all the work and arrange the auditions for you. Thereafter they will let you know the details of the audition 

The only thing you need to do is to give your best out of the best performance. Also, this service is on a paid basis. So, you have to pay them for their work.

Heartland Cast

The main reason behind the show’s success is the effort and tireless work of the Heartland cast. The casting team has done some magnificent work in cast selection. Each and every cast member give more than a hundred percent to make the show more realistic and alive. 

Heartland Cast

Also, people appreciate their work. They love the cast very much. Also, they want to be a part of this cast. Therefore this show has run for a long time. And still, it is one of the most famous shows today. 

Heartland Release Date

Heartland’s new season is going to renew its new season. People are waiting for it Impatiently. Now the officials haven’t made any announcement on the Heartland Premiere. Therefore we are not able to tell you the release date for now. 

Heartland Release Date

But soon they will announce the premiere date of the next season. Then we will update the info here on this website

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In conclusion, Heartland is one of the famous shows. People love this show very much. And also they want to become a part of this show. They want to play role in this sitcom.

So, on audience demand, we bring you the auditions and casting details of Heartland. We really hope that now you know everything about the casting process for this show. And how to fill out the application and apply for the show. 

At last, we wish you the best of luck with the auditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the application form?

One can find the application form on the official website of the show.

How to watch Heartland online?

One can watch the show on Crackle or the official website.

What is the release date of the new season?

The official hasn’t decided on the release date for the new season of this sitcom.

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