Apply for Holey Moley Auditions 2023: New Season Casting

Holey Moley Casting

Hey guys!! Exciting news Holey Moley show is up for renewal next season 5. There are four successful seasons aired now. This serial debuted on 20 June 2019.  And after that, it has aired its 4 seasons so far. Now the team is going to create season 5. Chris Culvenor created this show. This is a sports reality competition serial.

Talking about the show’s plot there are 12 candidates in every episode who participate to win it. They have to play mini-golf. But the interesting thing is that besides the mini golf, they also have to go through some games to show their physical strength. Just because of the theme it became very famous from the very first season. As the level rises up so as the difficulties in the competition. 

There are three rounds in this serial. In the first round, there are 12 candidates. Thereafter, in the second round, there are 6 contestants who play to win. But in the final level, there are only 3 players. At last, there is only one winner who will win the gold golf stick and prize money.

Holey Moley Casting

Now if you want to play on this show. Then you need to apply for it. So, we are here to give you each and every detail of the casting process step by step. You just need to stick to the article and follow these easy steps. 

Holey Moley Casting 2023

Holey Moley casting portal has opened now. Surely this new season is going to air soon. Therefore the casting team is up to selecting new candidates for the show. So, aspirants can apply with the online application form. Here are certain steps to apply online for the Holey Moley season 5. 

  • Online Application Fill out: The very first step is to fill out the application form online. As the application form is out now you can find it on the official website.
  • Video Submission: You need to upload the audition video while filling out the application form. 
  • Casting Call: Now after submitting the application form online you will receive a call from the casting team. They will ask you some questions. You need to answer them carefully. 

Holey Moley Casting

  • In-Person audition: Now in this step, you will need to give the live audition in front of the selectors. They will provide you with everything you should have on the set of auditions. You just need to relax and perform well. 
  • Background Check and Casting: In the last step the selectors will do some background checks and then they will cast you after that. 

Eligibility Criteria

Now you know the casting process the very next step is to know the criteria. You should know whether you are eligible for the show or not. For that, you need to read the criteria and conditions. If you fit into all the conditions then you can apply for the show. 

  • Age: The minimum of 18 years old age is required.
  • Residency: The Candidate has legal residency in the United States. 
  • Valid Passport: One must have a valid passport with validity up to September 2023. 
  • Availability: Candidate must be available for 14 days of shooting. 
  • Relationships Bars: The applicant must not be related to any of the employees of the production company. 
  • Clean Criminal Record: One must not have committed any felony or been involved in from past 10 years. 
  • At last, one Must not have a signed contract with another production company at the time of applying. 

How to fill up the application form

Now let’s know how to fill up the application form. What are the steps you need to go through to fill out the form? 

  • First of all, one must have to visit the official casting website of the show. ie.

Holey Moley Application

  • Now an instructional page will open in front of you. Here you will find the eligibility criteria and steps to fill up the application form. 
  • Thereafter Click OK on the “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button. 
  • Afterward another page will open. This is the age gate. You need to fill up your date of birth here and click on the submit button. 
  • Then you need to fill up your name, address, contact info, and social media handle account.

Holey Moley 2023

  • Now by clicking ok on the Next you will get another page that you will have to fill up. So, there are different stages in the application form. You will need to fill up each and every detail in the form. 
  • Now also upload your recent photograph. 
  • At last, do your initials and submit the application form online.

Holey Moley Audition Video Requirements

Now you should know how to make the audition video for Holey Moley Casting. As the show is all about sports skills. And in this series contestants have to play mini-golf. So, the candidate has to present the golf skills in the video. Here are the conditions which contestants have to full fill while taping the audition video.

One must have to put the ball in the hole with the conditions given below

  • A golf swing down the line, from behind.
  • 5 putts from 5 ft. 
  • Golf swing face on. 
  • Putt a ball in the hole using an obstacle. 
  • 5 putts from the 30 feet in the real green area. 

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In final words, Holey Moley is an exciting sports game show. In which contestants play and win the prize money. The show has aired 4 seasons so far now. So, there are 4 winners of this show. Now the production team decides to launch another season of it. 

Therefore the casting portal is open now. So, now you can apply for the holey Moley casting online with an application form. Here we have provided you with each and every minute detail about the audition process. Just follow the steps and have a chance to be on the show. 

We wish you the best of luck. 


Some Frequently asked questions are:

How to upload a video for Holey Moley Casting?

One can make a video and email it to you can upload it on youtube, Vimeo, google drive, or dropbox and give the link in the email.

Who are the winners of Holey Moley so far?

Kathy Valyo: Season 4 Winner
Rachel Lentsch: Season 3 Winner
Tanner Beard: Season 2 Winner
Steve Kristof: Season 1 Winner

Who is the creator of Holey Moley?

Chris Culvenor is the creator of this show.

Where can I watch Holey Moley Season 5?

One can watch the show on ABC.

Who is the casting director of Holey Moley?

Katy Wallin is the casting director of this series.

Who is the host of Holey Moley?

Rob Riggle, Joe Tessitore, Jeannie Mai Jenkins, and Steph Curry are the host of the show.

What is the prize money for the winner of the show?

 The winner will get the prize money of $250,000.

Where is Holey Moley season 5 will film?

 it is filmed at Sable Ranch.

What is the release date of Holey Moley season 5?

There is no exact premiere date for season 5 for now.

What is the official casting website of Holey Moley 2023? is the official website of the show.

Who is the Executive producer of Holey Moley?

Steph Curry is the producer of Holey Moley.

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