How to Get on the Kaleidoscope Season 2 Auditions

Kaleidoscope Casting

Hello Readers! Kaleidoscope Season 2 is back with suspense, thriller, and crime drama for you! Yes, you heard it right! Kaleidoscope Casting is here now. Eric Garcia created this show. The very first season concluded recently on 1 January 2023. Netflix is the original network of this show. 

Now let’s take a glance at the storyline of this epic sitcom. It is based on a story of masterful thieves and their attempt to crack a vault. This vault is guarded by the world’s most powerful corporate team.  Interestingly, the show can be watched in any order for every Netflix user. Different viewers will get a different viewing experience depending on the choice of the episode they watch.

 In the story, the thieves got away with the heist of the century which is $7 billion in bonds.

Also, Kaleidoscope Season 2 casting team is looking for a new cast. So, here we provide you with the casting process of Kaleidoscope Casting and auditions details. It is a golden chance for the aspirant acting talent to play a role in this show. 

Kaleidoscope Casting

Kaleidoscope Casting

Kaleidoscope Season 2 is an anthology mystery series. Fans expect to look forward to another season of the show. Currently, there is no update on what story is going to cover next.

But, the casting team is looking for new characters for Kaleidoscope Season 2. Now, you have a chance to be part of this amazing series. So here is your guide for the Casting process and how to apply for the auditions.

Season 2 Casting

  • Firstly, Visit the official website of the show.
  • Then, look out for the Kaleidoscope Season 2 application.
  • Now, you need to fill in your details accurately in the application form.
  • Then, wait for the casting call.
  • Thereafter If you receive a call then go for the auditions and perform well.
  • At last, the selectors will cast you for the show if they like your performance. 

Kaleidoscope Cast and Character

Kaleidoscope Cast and Characters has a great cast and talented actors and fans are blown by their amazing performances. The main characters of the series with their original names are as follows

Real NameCharacter Name
Giancarlo EspositoLeo Pap
Rufus SewellRoger Salas
Paz VegaAva Mercer
Tati GabrielleHannah
Rosaline ElbayJudy Goodwin
Jai CourtneyBob Goodwin
Peter Mark KendallStan Loomis
Jordan MendozaRJ Acosta Jr
Soojeong SonLiz Kim
Hemky MaderaCarlos Sujo
Bubba WeilerSamuel Toby
Niousha NoorNazan Abbasi

Leo Pap – The Mastermind

Leo is the mastermind and the leader of the team in the heist. He is smart, intense, and has a meticulous eye for details. Leo became a thief at a young age. Even though he could get out of the crime. But he likes the way he lives and his criminal life.

Judy Goodwin – The Explosive Expert

Judy is an independent, clever, and headstrong lad. She has a sarcastic edge, clever enough to stay a step ahead of her mistakes.

Ava Mercer – The Weapons Specialist

She is a weapons Specialist and she plays things fast and loose. Ava is a passionate soul, and she can do anything to protect the people she cares about.

Bob Goodwin – The Safe Cracker

He is known for his safecracking skills. Bob is attractive enough to be a threat and smart enough to be dangerous to anyone who gets in his way.

Kaleidoscope Casting

Stan Loomis – The Smuggler

Stan is a small-time smuggler and he got a mouth that never stops running and a romantic heart. He is willing to risk his life for the object he desires in his life.

RJ Acosta Jr. – The Driver

Rj is technical-minded, shaggy, a brilliant mechanic, and a car customizer. He is loyal to Leo Pap and can do anything for him.

The Kaleidoscope Cast and Character also includes The Corporate Security Team with the unbeatable Vault i.e.

  • Roger Salas – The corporate Security titanHannah Kim – The Protégé.
  • Liz Kim – The sister
  • Carlos Sujo – The Henchman

Also, the agents on the case in the Kaleidoscope Cast and Characters are

  • Nazan Abbasi – The Driven Agent in the FBI.
  • Agent Samuel Toby – Scout Boy in the FBI.

Kaleidoscope Season 2 Release Date

Now as season 1 is able to bind up a large fan following. They love this show very much. Therefore they are eagerly waiting for the new season. However, the show is in its casting phase right now. Then filming will start after that. 

Kaleidoscope Release Date

So as of now, there is no update regarding the Kaleidoscope season 2 premiere Date. However, we will update the information as soon as possible.

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Kaleidoscope season 2 the Netflix heist show is full of surprises and fun. This show is like a puzzle where not everything and everyone is what they seem. The show has a unique structure, and episodes can be watched in any order. Overall if you want to enjoy suspense, thriller, or crime drama, this is show is best to watch. 

Therefore if you also want to be on this show. Then you have to apply for the auditions. You may also apply for the open casting call. And also now you know everything about the casting process of this show.

At last, we wish you the best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Kaleidoscope Netflix?

Kaleidoscope is called a Non-linear streaming Experience by Netflix. There are eight episodes in the series and you can watch the episodes in any order you may like.

Is Kaleidoscope worth watching?

Definitely Yes, the series is a lot of fun. No matter the episode order the series has a lot of potential and is worth watching.

Kaleidoscope is based on a true story?

The series is loosely based on the true story that occurred during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Is the Kaleidoscope series like Money Heist?

Overall, the series is more like a money heist plot and is likely to remind you of Money Heist.

Why is it called Kaleidoscope?

Each episode of the series is named after a color instead of being numbered.

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