All About CBS’ Lingo Game Show New Series 2023

Great news!! CBS has revived a reality competition show named Lingo Game Show. This series started on 11 January 2023.  This is a word-guessing game show. The one team who guesses the more correct letters in a word wins a handsome amount of money.

This show has a long and great historical journey. The first series of this game show was aired in 1987. In 2002 this show was aired again. And this time show came up with 6 consecutive seasons till 2007. In the year 2011, this show was aired again on GSN with the 7th season.

And recently CBS started its new series on 11th January 2023. And again new series of this show has come with a new entertainment blast and new rules. Here in this article, we are going to talk all about the Lingo Game Show’s new series. 

Lingo Game Show 2023

Lingo Game show has come up with its new season. In this new season, there are new rules and attractive prize money. So, let’s talk all about the new gaming series. There are several rounds in this game show. There are teams in this show. Each team has 2 number of contestants.

  • First Round– In this round teams are given the three five-letter words. If the contestants of a team guess the right word on the first attempt then that team wins the $5,000 amount. Each team will have 5 attempts. But after 5 wrong attempts lingo card has automatically passed to another rival team.

Lingo Game Show

Note- After subsequent wrong guess prize money will decrease respectively.

  • Second RoundIn the second round, Each team plays a 10-letter puzzle word. After each right guess of a letter prize money decreases. Because some of the letters of the words are revealed. The prize money for the first guess of the first letter starts at $5,000. But before the 2nd round starts each team has to select the Lucky ball from the hopper. There are 2 balls in the hopper Golden Ball and the White Ball. The golden ball adds up the bonus in the winning amount. And the white ball gives the number 1 and 10 which reveals the corresponding letter before the money starts decreasing. This round is called Super Lingo.

  • Third Round- The third round is called the Lingo Battle. In this round money starts at $10,000. Each member of the team has to solve the 5 and 6-letter words. If the team has placed the letter in the correct place then it shows on the board with green light. Otherwise it chance goes to the other team.

  • If there is a tie between the teams then there is one more extra round (Super Lingo) of the lingo. 
  • The last round is called Lingo Showdown. In this round teams has to solve the puzzle words in two minutes. The one team who is able to win the more point will win the show. This round is worth $50,000.

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Who is the Host of the Lingo Game?

There are different hosts for the different seasons of this show. But for the recent season of this show, the host is RuPaul. His full name is RuPaul Andre Charles. He is a veteran actor, model, and musician. His wicked sense of humor makes this show more entertaining. 

Lingo Game Show

CBS Lingo Casting

The Lingo Game show has come back. There are different contestants for every different episode of this show. To know all about the casting of this show you just need to read the paragraph carefully. 

  • First things first, make a video and self-picture. This picture has to attach to the application form.
  • Now, read all the terms and conditions. One must have to agree with all terms and conditions.
  • Lingo Game Show
  • After that, go to the official website of CBS. 
  • Thereafter, complete the application. Fill up the correct detail.
  • Now, submit the application by pressing the submit button.
  • At last, you have done all the work here. Now relax and wait for the call from the casting team.

How to Watch Lingo?

  • One can watch the new series of the Lingo game show on CBS.
  • One can also watch the show on the CBS application.
  • For that, you just need to download the app.
  • So after downloading one must have to register for the application.
  • Activate the channel and enjoy the show. 

Lingo Game Show


In final words, we can say that this show is a full package deal of entertainment. Now, the new series of Lingo Game Show has started. In this article, we have provided you with all the details of this new series. We hope that now have the answers to your queries about this prime-time show.

We are here to give you the latest updates on this show. Here on this website, we bring you the latest updates on the show.


Where can I watch the Lingo Game Show’s new series 2023?

Now one can watch the show on CBS’s official website or application.

Who is the host of the Lingo Game Show?

RuPaul is the host of new series of game shows Lingo.

What is the running time of this show for one episode?

One episode of this show runs for 60 minutes.

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