How To Vote in Love Island UK 2023 via App

Love Island UK Voting

The British dating show Love Island has completed its 9 seasons so far. And show makers are up for season 10.  The production of the debut season of this British dating show franchise began in early 2015. And now it has reached its 10th edition. In this article, we will tell you about Love Island UK Voting methods and how to carry forward those methods. Because viewers’ votes matter to the aspirants.

The idea of the show was to host people from various parts of the country to live under the same roof. It was all meant to check what will happen when some strangers try to live together for some period of time.

This idea was winning thousands of viewers to connect them to their television screens to enjoy the show. Now the show has completed 9 seasons successfully so far. In 2023 there will be the 10th season and the voting process will be the same.

One of the major factors for the success of the show was voting. Viewers liked to vote for their contestants in the show. You could be a little help to lead the right contestant for the crown of the winner as well as for 50,000 pounds.

Now you can scroll down to read all about the show and its voting.

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Love Island UK Voting

Before we talk about the voting in the show let me tell you all about the format of the show. The format of the show is quite simple as the contestants have to live under the same roof and have to form an alliance.

love island Uk Voting

In 2023 also, they can choose their partner and above all, they can also change their partner throughout the show. They could form their alliance with the motive of winning the price or it can be sheer love. The one who could not find any partner in the show is eliminated.

For the elimination part of the show, voting plays a major role. The viewers have the right in the show to make the elimination of any contestants happen. That is the reason that the show depends on its viewers to choose the right contestants in the show. Here is the type of voting include in the show.

  • Voting by Love Island App
  • Contestants’ voting

Love Island UK Season 10 Voting Process

The voting process of the show is similar to any other voting process of the show. However, the major thing about this process is that there are no judges who have some more authority in the show at the time of scoring or voting.

  • Voting plays a major role in the show as you all have equal power of each vote and can lead the worst contestants in the show back to their homes.
  • Even with this power one this you have to make sure that you vote on the time period in which your vote will be counted otherwise your vote will have no value.

You only have a single vote per device.  So make sure you vote correctly.

Love Island UK App Vote 2023

People find it hard to search for the right platform or website to vote in the show. To solve this issue the authority of the show came up with the idea of creating a voting app for the viewers. You can download this app from the play store or the app store.

To vote using this app you have to download this app on your phone and have to create your account. After this, you can follow these steps to vote-

  • In the app look for the voting menu button and click on it.
  • Now, you will find a list of contestants.
  • From the last episode of the show, you have to choose the contestant according to the question asked for voting.
    Love Island UK Voting
  • Finally, click on the submit button.
  • You can also be asked for the couple’s voting. 
  • all you need to do is to choose the couple and submit the vote.
    Love Island UK Voting

That is all you have to do to vote in the show.

Love Island Season 10 Eliminated Contestants

The elimination process occurs in every reality show. It is up to the audience of the show if they want to vote for the nominated contestant and save them. Love Island UK is going to air its season 10 in the summer of 2023. So, there is no elimination for now. But soon as the show will air its 10th edition. We will update the elimination info here. 

The winner who will win the 50,000 Pounds is to be decided by you. Meanwhile, we will update this part as soon as the contestants will be going home because of elimination.

At last, you are the factor that can make any elimination possible in the show for this you have to participate in Love Island UK Voting. 


In final words, Love Island UK is going to air its 10th season now. ITV2 represents this series. Series 9 premiered on 16 January 2023. And the show is concluded on 13 March 2023. The 10th edition will air soon. But there is no official date for the premiere. So, we just have to wait for the official announcement. Then we will update all the info here. 

We have shared all the details on the voting process for this show. Now you can vote for the contestant and let your favorite contestant win the show title. We really hope that this above-given info lets you vote easily. The voting process will be the same for the next season also. Yes, this show is going to air its summer version soon. Just stay connected and have all the updates on the show. 

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the voting for Love Island UK start for season 10?

The show is all set to launch season 10. It was decided to start the show in the summer of 2023. So the voting will also start after the show is on air.

What are the ways of voting in UK Love Island?

Love Island is a show in which inter-show voting is done. But it also includes viewers voting. And the viewers being the judges, judge them and decide their fate using the voting app.

What is the Voting app for Love Island?

The official voting app for love island is by the same name. You can easily download it from the play store or ios store.

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