Peacock’s Love Island Winner 2023: New Season 5

Love Island Winner

Love Island Winner:  It is an American dating reality show. This show is based on the British series of the same name. The debut season of the show aired on 9 July 2019. Now, the show has successfully aired 4 seasons. And, Season 5 is still running on television. Peacock is the original Network of the show in the USA. In Canada, the series airs on CTV. Season 5 started on 18 July 2023.

So check out who is the Love Island Winner 2023

There are 16 contestants who participated this time. And also, this new season brings a new level of fun to the audience. Now it’s time to know the winner’s name for this season. So, buckle up and be prepared for the new blast of fun. 


Love Island Winner

Love Island USA Season 5 aired on 18 July 2023. The new season is going on now. Soon the officials will announce the name of another winner. Sarah Hyland is hosting the show for Season 5. She also hosted the show last year. And, it is expected that the Love Island season 5 Finale is going to premiere soon.  So You can watch the show now online as well as live and enjoy the grand finale.

In the show, all the contestants are referred to as Islanders. All Islanders are moved to Villa on an Isolated Island. On that island, contestants have to stay with each other inside a big Villa. Moreover, this isolated place is located in Fiji, under camera surveillance.

So In order to survive on the show, Islanders have to couple up with other Islanders. This coupling can be in the form of love, friendship, or just survival. However, the islander failed to couple up and is eliminated from the show. Elimination is also done by voting in the show. In this article, we are going to cover Love Island Winner.

Love Island Winner


USA Love Island Season 5 Grand Finale Finalists

Right now, the show is still running. Moreover, there are still many episodes to air. So This information clearly tells us that there is still time for the finale. And, there are many islanders who will have to compete with others to claim the title. 
So here are the lists of contestants who have survived till now:

Hannah Wright
Marco Donatelli
Leonardo Dionicio
Taylor Smith
Carmen Kocourek
Kenzo Nudo

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Love Island USA Winners’ List

Love Island USA has delivered 4 seasons so far. So, there are 4 contestants who win the show. And season 5 is currently on air. Therefore it is not possible to predict the winner’s name for season 5 yet. But soon officials will announce the winner of season 5. 

However here is the list of winners of Love Island USA of all seasons. 

Love Island SeasonWinner Name
Season 1Elizabeth Weber & Zac Mirabelli
Season 2Justine Ndiba & Caleb Corprew
Season 3Korey Gandy & Olivia Kaiser
Season 4Zeta Morrison & Timmy Pandolfi
Season 5Hannah & Marco

Love Island Winner

Love Island Season 5 Winner

Love Island Season 5 is airing in full swing now. So, that audience and contestants can enjoy the new ride of fun, entertainment, and love. Right now, the show is still running. There are many episodes to air before we have a finale and a winner. The grand finale is going to air soon. And, then officials will announce the winner’s name. So, to know the winner of season 5, you have to wait for the finale episode. 

Love Island Season 5 winners are Hannah & Marco announced on day 32

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So In conclusion, the Love Island Winner of Season 5 is a fantastic show. People love to watch it. They are also eager to know the winner of this season. But they have to wait for the name. Till then you can enjoy it watching on the Peacock network. Moreover, there are so many episodes going to air. And, soon we will have the new winner of the show at the end. 

Good Luck !!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the winner of Love Island Season 1?

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli was the winner of Love Island season 1.

When is the grand finale of Season 5?

The grand finale date is going to announce soon.

What is the original network of the show?

Peacock is the original network of the show.

Can someone from Canada watch Love Island USA?

Yes, definitely. In Canada, the show airs on CTV Network.

What is the winning prize of Love Island USA?

The winning prize of the show in Season 1 was $100,000.

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