How to get Cast on Netflix Outlast Season 2: Audition Now

Outlast Casting

Hello Guys!! Are you excited about the Outlast Casting? Yup, The American reality survival competition show is going to film again. This show debuted on 10 March 2023. There are 8 episodes in this season. Netflix is the original network of this sitcom. The show is filmed in Alaska. 

Talking about the theme of this new survival show. There are 16 contestants on this show. They all are divided into four groups of four contestants. They left in the wilderness of Alaska in packs or groups. The thing is they have to survive in Alaska for some days with limited amounts of food and supplies.

The condition is contestants have to work and survive in a group. No one can operate alone on their own. If someone wants to leave the show they can fire a flare gun and exit the show. The team which able to survive in the last. That team will win the show and a handsome amount of prize money. The prize money is $1000000. 


Only a team can win in the show. There will be no last date. Only the contestants will decide on the last date by surviving. They will either self-eliminate or get evicted due to health reasons. If you have what it takes to win the show. Then you can participate in this series. But for that, you have to go through some quality tests or auditions. Don’t here we will guide you through this reality show’s casting process. 

Outlast Casting 2023

The series recently have finished its first season. And in May 2023, officials have been announced that there will be a second season. The casting team is all lined up for selecting the new candidates for the new season. Here we will talk about the Outlast casting call 2023. 

Now everyone can apply for the show. But after applying for season 2 one must have to give the auditions and pass some rounds of trials. So, if all this excites and inspired you to get on the show. Then read this paragraph carefully and apply for the show.  

This process includes the steps

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of the show. 
  • Then read the eligibility criteria for the show. 
  • Thereafter you need to fill in the application form. 
  • Afterward, wait for the Outlast casting call. They will call you for the auditions if they like your application. 
  • Then you have to go for the auditions and give trials on different levels. 
  • At last, they will hire you for the show. If they like your personality and you pass the auditions.

Eligibility Criteria for Outlast Season 2

Now it is very important to know the eligibility conditions. Because it is a must that applicants fully fit into these conditions. The creator and casting directors of the show set these conditions. 

Outlast Casting

These conditions are applied to select the perfect candidates for the series. 

Therefore the eligibility conditions are given below. 

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the candidate must have legal residency proof from The United States. 
  • Then the candidates must have a medical fitness certificate. Because this show you will need to have physical strength as well as mental strength. 
  • Now the most important thing is that candidate must not involved in any kind of felony.
  • There is also an age limit applied to the applicants. A minimum of 18 years is the required age for the contestant. 
  • The contestant should have a valid passport.

How to Fill out the Outlast Application and Apply for Auditions

Now you know the process. But somehow applicants wonder how to fill in the Application for auditions. So, in this paragraph, you will how to fill in the form step by step.

Season 2 Application

  • Firstly go to the official website of the series. 
  • Secondly, look out for the show and click OK on it. 
  • Thirdly, click OK on the apply button. 
  • Now an application form will appear on your gadget screen. 
  • Thereafter fill in the personal detail in the form. 
  • Afterward, fill in your contact details on the application. 
  • Now give answers to some subjective questions asked in the Outlast application. 
  • Thereafter upload your recent photograph on the form. Kindly keep in mind the picture must have good resolution and size as mentioned in the form. 
  • At last, do your signatures and submit the form online. 

Note: The application portal for Outlast Season 2 hasn’t opened yet. But soon they will open it. Then you can follow the process and fill in the form. 

Outlast Season 2 Cast & Survivalists

Outlast first season concluded recently. And the show is all set for the new season. Therefore season 2 is in the casting phase for now. So, we are not able to give you the list of survivalists or cast names for now. But soon as they cast the survivalists then we will let you know the list. 

Season 2 CAST

For now, you can enjoy season 1 of this show. And prepare for the auditions. 

But here now we can give you a list of Outlast season 1 cast.

Outlast season 1 cast

Season 2 cast will be updated here soon.

Outlast Season 2 Release Date

As the producers are not filming for season 2 right now. Though the team is all geared up for the next season. But officials haven’t made any announcement regarding the Outlast Premiere date for season 2 yet. 

Release date

Therefore we are not able to tell you about the release date for now. But soon we will update here on this website. So, keep in touch with the site to have the latest updates about the show. 


In final words. Outlast casting portal is closed for now. But soon the producer will open the application portal. Then you can apply for the show. We hope that now you know everything about the casting process for the show. 

So, pull up your socks and apply for the auditions. Also now you know how to fill out the application form. So, don’t miss the chance and participate and win $1000000. 

At last, we wish you the best of luck with the auditions!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Outlast?

One can watch the show on Netflix.

Where can I find the application form?

One can find the form on the official website of the show.

What is the filming location for Outlast?

Season 2 will film in Alaska.

Who won season 1 of this show?

Seth, Nick, and Paul win season 1.

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