How to Vote for Streamy Awards 2024: See Category Nominations

Streamy Awards Voting

Do you know how the Streamy Awards Voting 2024 will happen? We have great news, Here you will all about the voting process along with the nominations. Recently the 13th edition of the awards show premiered at Hollywood Palladium Theater, California. 

Therefore now it’s time for the 14th event of this award show. This award ceremony first started on 28 March 2009. Recognizing and honoring the excellence in online video and the best creators.

Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter annually produce it. Here on this award show Nominees and winners are chosen through the voting method. So, one needs to understand the Streamy Awards Voting process. The ceremony is live-streamed on YouTube. Also, broadcast live on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Therefore fans can enjoy it live from their place.

Honoring American web series and their creators – “ Internet Biggest Live Show

The winner is determined through an Independent judging body.

Streamy Awards Voting

The judging body includes creators, experts in online videos, and executives. Now, first of all, members prepared the nomination list.

Thereafter, all the creator members poll for the best in various fields. Additionally, the program invites all the members to vote for innovative creations. The results are revealed during the live program.

Therefore poll before lines are close. So, it is interesting to know the Streamy Awards nominees and vote for them.  So, let’s begin with the process and How to vote on this award show. 

Streamy Awards Voting 2024

It brings a new wave of honoring the people. Therefore, join the spectacular program and participate in the poll.

Recently Streamy Awards’ 13th edition aired on 27 August 2023. Therefore now the show move forward towards the 14th edition.  So, here you will have another chance to vote for the nominees and help them to win the title according to their respective category. Now we are ready for the year 2024 to cast the vote for nominees. New nominations and submissions list will be available soon here. 

Streamy Awards Voting

Millions of fans attend the program online on different streaming platforms.  So, one can enjoy the event live from their place. The event is popularly known as the “YouTube Streamy Awards”. Also, it is the first-ever program entirely based on a “web series”.


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 How to Vote on The YouTube Streamy Awards

Now, here we guide you through the whole process of polling. So, read carefully and follow the instructions carefully.

Streamy Awards Voting

  • First of all, visit the Official website i.e.
  • Thereafter, log in to the website using your unique login credentials. (It is mandatory that you are an eligible member of the streamer community to poll.)
  • Now, check the nominees in the respective categories.
  • After you choose your preference. 
  • Thereafter, you can vote for one person per category.

So, that is all about the process. Stay tuned with us for all major updates.

Streamy Awards Nominations 2024

There are more than 30 categories such as Variety streamer, Podcast, Audience Choice prize, VTubers – for streamers using Virtual Avatar, etc.

So, it becomes necessary for the member to know all the nominees as well as their respective categories. 

Streamy Awards nomination list gets revealed way before the show’s airing date. So, that all members can participate in this process. 


Therefore the next Streamy Awards Nominees’ list will revealed soon. Thereafter, we will update the list here on this website. 

Till then you need to keep patience.

Winners and Categories

There are 3 to 6 nominees in every category. And also there are 48 different categories. So, it is definite that the winner is one of these nominees. The question is who will win the title. 

So, the answer is quite simple. The one nominee who will have a higher number of vote count will win. 


Therefore, every single vote is important. The 14th ceremony is going to air in the year 2024. That is why we are not able to update the winners list. 

However, we will let you know about the Streamy Awards Winners 2023 list along with the categories here. 

Show of the yearChallenge Accepted
Social Impact CampaignPlay by the Rules
Creator for Social GoodInvisible People
Branded VideoASMcaR
Visual And special effectsZach King
Branded SeriesLive@4:25
Variety streamerIShowSpeed
Short FormChris Olsen
Kids and familyMs Rachel
TechnologyMarques Brownlee
First PersonRyan Trahan
Breakout CreatorDylan Mulvaney
Influencer CampaignBlasting to the Top
CollaborationSurprised he didn't pick rock every time
Agency of the yearReach Agency
Rolling Stone Sound of the YearMade You Look" - Meghan Trainor
EngineeringI did a thing
Scripted SeriesBRYCE
Health and WellnessDr Julie
Unscripted SeriesSam and Colby
Learning and EducationTierZoo
EditingYes Theory
AnimatedHelluva Boss
Creator productPRIME - Logan Paul x KSI
BeautyMikayla Nogueira
Creator of The yearMrBeast
VtuberGawr Gura
Competitive GamerTenZ
WritingLeo González
DanceEnola Bedard
CrossoverJonas Brothers
Fashion and StyleWisdom Kaye
Brand EngagementInsta360
FoodNick DiGiovanni
Brand of the yearBarbie
Just ChattingQuackity
Steamer Of The YearKai Cenat
PodcastOn Purpose with Jay Shetty
Breakout StreamerFanum


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Final Words

The ceremony features a musical performance. The event is full of lights, fun, and entertainment. As we know the winner is chosen through Streamy Awards Voting.

So, eligible members vote accordingly to the nominees.

Moreover, to join the live event, one can enjoy it on their social media accounts or watch live on the official YouTube channel of the program.

We assume that the whole process is clear to you. Still, any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section given below.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the streamer of the year 2023?

Kai Cenat is the steamer of the year.

Who will host Streamy Awards 2024?

The hostname will be revealed soon. Thereafter, we will update the info here.

Where Can I watch the ceremony?

One can watch this award show on YouTube.

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