How to vote in Temptation Island USA : New Season

Temptation Island Voting

Greetings to all!! If you are a fan of reality dating shows. Then for sure, you want to know about the Temptation Island Voting process. The new season is coming soon and fans want to vote for their favorite contestants. This will save them from elimination. If you are one of them then you are right place today we here will let you know everything about the vote process on the show. 

USA Network is the original network of this show. It is a reality dating show. And Mark L. Whalberg is the presenter of this show. Now this show has aired its 7 seasons successfully so far. The very first season was aired in 2001. And there were 3 seasons aired till 2003. 

Thereafter a long halt. USA Networks aired the show again in 2019. There are 4 seasons after that. So, now it’s time for the 8th edition of this show. 

Temptation Island Voting

Talking about the show, it features singles and couples who live on an island. So, they live on and date different singles. Afterward, the couple decides whether they want to live with their old partner or move on to the next partner. They also can decide if they want to live alone. 

So, this season heat is going up. You will see a lot of romantic dates and fun. Although it is also very interesting to know about  Temptation Island Voting and the eviction process.

Temptation Island Voting Season 8

Temptation Island is an American romantic show. In this show number of people live on an island. The interesting fact is that some islanders are singles and some are couples. They have to live together and find their love. Now how this is going to happen? That is the catch. 

So, they go on dates with the opposite sex. So, this season you are going to witness lots of love and romance. 

Though season 8 is going to air soon. Afterward, the fun begins. On this show, there is no winner as it is a romantic show. Though there are evictions in this series. Yes, the elimination of the contestants is based on voting results. 

Temptation Island Voting

On this show, there are internal votes. The contestants who live island or in the show vote to eliminate the candidate for the show. 

The ones who get voted off have to leave the show and go home.


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How Temptation Island Voting Works

Now we know who can vote on the show. But the process is also very interesting. The housemates vote off the candidate in a secret way.

Though the candidate who will have the higher number of votes from the housemates is evicted from the house. 

Temptation Island Voting

There is no particular time for the evictions. It is going to happen at any time. So, the housemates always feel surprised. And also it surprises the audience too. 

This is a different approach for the voting in this show. Although it makes the show more interesting and full of surprises. 

Evictions Season 8

After the Temptation Island Voting, evictions occur. Now here is something you will find different on this show. Here a couple of men vote off the single girl who they find not a perfect companion for themselves. 

So, the one single girl who will have the higher count has to leave the island. 

On the other hand, a couple of girls do the same with single guys. They voted off one guy at one time. So, the guy also has to leave the house. 

Therefore it is very important for the singles to find a perfect companion in the show to stay longer. 


Who knows whether they tie the knot of love at the end of the series? 

Although season 8 is going to air soon. Therefore for now we are not able to let you know the Temptation Island elimination list.

Temptation Island Vote Off

On this show, the audience can not vote for the candidates on the show. However, as we know that only a couple of housemates have the power to vote. 

It is up to them whether they want the candidate to stay in the house or leave it. The single who will have higher counts will have to leave the show.

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In conclusion, the Temptation Island Voting is very easy. Housemates vote for the singles. As a result, singles have to leave the show. Although the couples also don’t know when they are ordered. So, it is all surprise for them. 

The housemates vote for the candidates in privacy. 

So, this is all very exciting. Though the audience can not vote on the show. But they find it interesting to know which contestants voted off to whom and why.

So, we have to wait for the show to air. Thereafter the fun and entertainment will begin. 

Till then enjoy watching the previous shows on USA Networks

Stay Safe, Stay Happy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of the show?

The officials haven’t revealed the release date yet for season 8

Who will host Temptation Island Season 8?

Mark L. Walberg is going to host Temptation Island season 8.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on USA Network.

Can the audience of the show participate in the voting process?

No audience can not participate in the voting process.

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