Introducing New Ways for The Amazing Race 2023 Casting

The Amazing Race Auditions

If you like to solve clues to move to the next destination and so on then this is your chance The Amazing Race is ready to find people for its 36th edition. Yes we are talking about The amazing Race Auditions 2023. Since the filming for 35th season has already been finished. It’s time to cast new faces for 36th Season. 

The show is all about contestants participating in this reality competition in a pair of two. Then all the contestants are given some clues that they have to find these clues and solve to move forward to reach their final destination. However, the last pair behind is eliminated from the show.

Basically, the contestants in the show have to travel across the globe to complete their run. The winner of this competition is awarded with a grand prize of $1 million. But the journey is not that simple as it looks like.

Contestants should be well prepared for both mental and physical pressure. The show demands the contestants to compete in various challenges that require both physical and mental strength. 

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The Amazing Race Auditions 2023

If you think you possess a good amount of physical strength and you are smart enough to solve clues in a small amount of time then you should try out the auditions of the show.

ShowThe Amazing Race
Auditions ForSeason 36
Types of Audition2
How To ApplyOnline
Open Call
Audition Video Time2 min max
SizeUpto 50 MB
Formatmpg, Mpeg, Flv, avi,mp4, mov, 3gp, Wmv, mv4.
Audition DateTBD

Every year amazing Race auditions for the upcoming season and based on eligibility criteria, your online form, and your uploaded video, team of the show selects some of the deserving candidates for the season. 

Therefore before applying for the show, you must be aware of some facts.

  • You must be a candidate who is fulfilling complete eligibility criteria.
  • Your form must be attractive and desired enough that makers select you.
  • The audition video that you will make must be as amazing as the race.
  • That video must be created following and fulfilling desired instructions.

You can scroll down to know about the upcoming auditions and casting process of the show.

The Amazing Race Auditions

The Amazing Race Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the auditions of the 36th edition of the show you have to be eligible as per the requirements of the authority of the show.

The eligibility requirement of the audition states that-

  1. Contestants must be US citizens having a valid US passport and driving license.
  2. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older. Having the exception with the following states-  
  • Alabama: 19 years or older
  • DC: 21 years or older 
  • Mississippi: 21 years or older
  • Nebraska: 19 years or older
  1. One should not be a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
  2. You should not have any other contractual arrangement otherwise you are not eligible for the casting of the show.
  3. You and any of your family members should be affiliated with CBS and its other affiliated companies.
  4. One must take off work in order to be a part of the show.

If you are fulfilling the requirements as per the guidance of the authority of the show then you are eligible to apply in the auditions of the show.

Apply for The Amazing Race Season 36 Online

If you are sure that you can compete in the show and you are fully eligible for the auditions then you can follow these steps to apply for the auditions.

The Amazing Race Auditions

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official CBS casting webpage of the show.
  2. Another step is to choose whether to apply as team or single
  3. Now you have to click on the apply button to start the application process.
  4. In the first and second part of the application form, you have to fill out your personal information like name, address, schooling etc.
  5. In the third part of the application form you have to upload your pictures.
  6. The last part of the form is to upload your video where you have to introduce yourself and some other stuff.
  7. You can take a hint from the Video Tips column in the application form.

How to Make Amazing Race Audition Video

Follow these instructions for making and uploading an audition video. Because your fate of getting selected might depend on it. It is important to make the video by following the particular guidelines.

  1. Guidelines on Lightning

    *Your face should be visible if shooting indoors. Make sure the proper lightning is present there.
    *Don’t shoot in front of the window.
    *If you choose to shoot outside then avoid your back to the sun as it will make your face looks dark in the video.
    *Avoid Shooting at Night.

  2. Guidelines on Sound

    *You must be audible i.e. speak loudly and clearly.
    *If using microphones then you have to make sure that it will work properly.
    * Make sure there is no extra sound apart from yours.

  3. Guidelines on Visual

    *Must be clearly visible.
    * Shoot video in landscape mode i.e horizontally.
    *Remember that your video might be a part of television so shoot it properly.

  4. Format

    You can only upload your video in the following formats mpg, Mpeg, Flv, avi,mp4, mov, 3gp, Wmv, mv4.

  5. Size

    Your video must be below 50 MB ie. up to a maximum 3 minutes.

Amazing Race 2023 Open Call Casting Process

If you don’t want to apply online for the auditions there is another way for your casting process. There are open casting calls in the various CBS-affiliated locals. You just have to visit the open casting location and try out your luck.

The casting process consists of various interviews where the authority checks various things about the contestants. If you pass out these casting interviews then my friend you will be called for the shooting of the show.

Addresses and date for season 36 open call casting will be updated here soon

The Amazing Race Season 35 Premiere Date

5 times Emmy Awards Nominee- The Amazing Race is all time favorite reality show of the Audience. No doubt it has completed 34 seasons till now. The 35th season is on its way. And the good news is the premiere date has been disclosed. You can now watch the show’s 35th season on 27th September 2023. the cast of the show has not been released yet. Soon it will be updated here. 

Conclusion: This was all about The Amazing Race Auditions, about auditioning process and selection process. As mentioned in this article you just have to follow the guidelines properly. If makers like your form you might be in season 36. We wish you very good luck for your participation and selection in the show. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazing Race coming Back in 2023?

The amazing is one of the longest-running game shows. It has completed 35 seasons successfully. Auditions for the 36th Season is going on. As soon as CBS renews the series for the next season we will update it here.

How many types of casting is there in the amazing race?

You can apply for the show either online or offline. Online you have to go through a certain process of filling form. And in Open call casting, you will be given a venue where the audition will happen.

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