Who Are the Contestants of The Masked Singer Season 8?

The Masked Singer Cast

Well, the most favorite costumed show ever is back with another season. The Masked Singer is back with some newness, some changes, and a lot of fun. By the sneak peek of season 5, it is clear that this season is going on at the next level. In this article, we will discuss The masked Singer cast but will not reveal them until they get officially unmasked. Well like every other season there will be 22 masked contestants.

After the grand entry in the season, they have to perform every week in this competition. They have to participate in the face-off every week and have to survive that face-off if they don’t want to get unmask so soon. If by any means the lose the face-off then they will be at the bottom. Before that let’s have a look at this season’s complete masked cast.

The Masked Singer Cast

The cast of the masked singer Season 8 has not been revealed. But, we know that all the contestants are some kind of Celebrities who can sing. every contestant will perform with a costume. Believe me, it is more like a Halloween costume. Just Kidding. But you can surely opt these costumes for the upcoming Halloween. these costumes are the one that hides the contestants and the main reason behind all the fun. Recently the masked singer team won the best costumes Emmy awards. 

Here is the list of all the cast with their Stage names:

Fortune Teller
Robo Girl
Sir Bug a Boo[
Venus Fly Trap
HedgehogEric Idle
KnightWilliam Shatner

Note: The real names of the candidates are going to be unmasked after their elimination. So we will update the names as soon as they are unmasked. 

The Masked Singer Cast


Season 8 Unmasked Cast

Every week there will be unmasking of a contestant. It will be based on the performance and the voting of superfans and judges. Every time 3 artist will perform and only one will move forward. The one with the lowest votes will be unmasked and have to leave the show. Only then we will find out the details about the unmasked celebrity. 

The Masked Singer Season 8 has been started. The show started on 21st September 2022 on Fox. So, talking about the unmasked cast is a little pointless now. To get at least one contestant unmasked, it is going to take one week. So we have to wait for a while for the show to premiere. 

Stay tuned for the latest details about the masked and the unmasked singers.

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