Alter Ego Fox Voting Season 1

Alter Ego Voting

Alter Ego is a brand new original singing competition show. Moreover, it is also a form of singing reality TV shows. As the show name suggests Alter Ego, show is somewhat about the same. In this show, artists are going to show their Alter ego side on the stage. This means these artists are going to show their ultra-true side. However, the artist is afraid to show their raw side on stage. This is because they have fear of rejection from their fans in the form of Alter Ego Voting. Let’s find it how.

This is going to be the first season of Alter Ego. This show is going to provide a very different kind of exposure to artists. Moreover, this is a type of exposure we have never seen in traditional TV shows. The rawness and originality of the show are making this show stand out from the rest. In this article, we are going to cover Alter Ego Voting, about format, premiere, judges and some more important details.

Alter Ego Voting 2021

The show is all about singing. However we are assuming that the show is going to have a little bit flavor of the masked singer. So it might be possible that the show will have voting similar to the masked singer voting i.e. by the virtual auidence. Or it might not be that way. Well we will get to know about the exact voting procedure soon.

Alter Ego Voting

Alter Ego Fox

Almost everyone is talking about Alter Ego Fox. Yes, you read this right, this show is going to premiere on the Fox channel. Moreover, this is going to be the first season of this singing reality TV show.  The fans are very excited about the show. And, Rocsi Diaz is going to be the host of this show.

The format of Alter ego is quite different and unique from other reality shows. Moreover, contestant artists are not going to be performing directly on the stage. Instead of directly performing, the artist is going to be singing in the background. And, their animated version of their alter ego will perform on stage. This technology which aspiring singers will be using is called motion picture technology. I think this is a very cool idea.  What do you guys think of this amazing format of alter ego?


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Judges Of Alter Ego Season 1

According to the official reports, there are going to be four judges in Alter Ego. Here is the list of judges of Fox’s Alter Ego Season 1:

  • ( Rapper, singer, and songwriter)
  • Nick Lachey ( Actor, singer)
  • Grimes (Musician, singer, and songwriter)
  • Alanis Morissette (Musician, Actress-singer, and songwriter)

Moreover, the host of the first season is going to be a television personality, model Rocsi Diaz.

When is the show going to be Premiere?

Fox has announced the premiere date of Alter Ego Season 1 on the official website.  Moreover, Alter Ego Season is going to have a special two-night premiere. The first premiere of the show is going to air on the night of 22 September 2021, Wednesday. And, the second premiere is going to be the next day i.e. 23 September.  The fun part is the masked singer is going to air on the same night. This is done in hope that fans of Show will view the premiere of Alter Ego.

Alter Ego Voting

Contestants of Alter Ego Season 1

The contestants of the show has been started to being judged since the very first episode. Infact elimination has also been started. But let us talk about the contestants name first. In total there are 20 contestants which will perform on stage by projecting their alter ego. At present auditioning is going on soon there will be top 10 contestants. We will uodate the names soon.

How to Vote online in Alter Ego Season 1

Season 1 of Alter Ego is going to air on 22rd and 23th September. However, the show has not given any information related to voting in the show. Moreover, the voting lines of the show are not opened yet. We will update you on How to Vote online in Alter Ego Season 1 soon. We are just waiting for the official information. 

Elimination & Eliminated Contestants List

Alter Alter Ego is a singing reality completion show. Where there is completion there is always the procedure of elimination. So, just like any other show, there are going to be elimination rounds. Moreover, through the elimination round the least favorite contestant can be removed. And, the most favorite is going to win the show.

  • The very first elimination has been done. Erny Nunez projecting as Bernie Burns has been evicted.

In conclusion, Season 1 of the original Show Alter Ego will air on 23 September. Moreover, it is also going air the next day. You can watch the show on the Fox network. We will update this article as soon we get the information related to Alter Ego voting. Stay tuned with us.

When is the show going to premiere?

Alter Ego is going to have premiere two nights in a row. The show is going to air on 22 and 23 September 2021.

How to Vote in the show?

Voting lines are closed right now. However, it will be done by a virtual audience. We will update the information soon.

Who is the host of the show?

Rocsi Diaz is going to be the host of the show.

Who are the judges in the show?

Celebrities Grimes,, Nick Lachey, and Alanis Morissette are going to be the judges.

What is the original network of the show?

Fox is the original network of the show.

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