How To Apply for Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Application form

Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle is a reality show. It is basically a reality game show where beautiful young singles meet each other. Fremantle production company Talkback is the producer of the show. Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett is the creator of this reality show. Debut Season came out in 2020. And till now the series has completed 5 seasons successfully. Netflix is the original network. Makers renewed it for season 6 in 2023. Get ready to have some fun as you are not gonna handle some hotness. The launch of the 6th season will be updated here soon.

In January 2023 the official notification is out that the show will have season 5 which will be premiere in 2023 itself.

Too hot to handle Casting

It is a dating reality show. In which contestants have to find their love without getting intimate with any of the contestants. To be a part you need to apply for too hot to handle casting.  Some secrets regarding the audition have been spilled out by previous contestants. The process of an audition is tough and hectic.

Too hot to handle

The contestant has to pass through a lot of screenings. To make the show more challenging contestant shares true details of their intimate relationship. This makes the show interesting for the viewers. But, it also makes the show more challenging for other contestants.

Too hot to handle Netflix Show

The show has a unique format. Moreover, there is a virtual assistant, her name is Lana. It is the job of Lana to give instructions to the contestants. In this dating show, beautiful young singles meet and mingle. The location of the show is some exotic place. However, there is a condition to that retreat. Contestants are not allowed to make out or make love.

Some money is deducted if a contestant doesn’t follow the rules. And, the prize money is $100,000. So, basically, they have to spend all weeks in celibacy. The point of the show is to develop a real emotional human connection. Nowadays in fast pacing life, people are ignoring emotions and choosing regular flings.

Too hot to Handle season 6 Online Auditions

If you want to be part of the show then apply for season 6 now. The application portal is now open.

  • Go to the official page of auditions of Too Hot to handle.
  • You will see a declaration form online.
    Too hot to handle
  • Choose to apply.
  • A form will appear in front of you.
  • The form will consist of 5 pages i.e. Welcome, Profile, declaration, video and finish.
  • Fill the form upload the video and submit it.
  • If you get selected you will be called for open call audition.


How to watch Too Hot To handle

The original network of this dating reality show Too Hot to handle is Netflix. So you can stream all episodes of the show on Netflix. All you need to have is a subscription of Netflix. If any new season airs, it is going to air on Netflix.

You can watch the episodes on your Smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, or iPhones. You can install the Netflix application from Google Play Store and App Store.  And if you are using Laptops and computers you can just use a browser.  

Trailer of the Next season

Just like the name of the reality show trailer is also too hot to handle. The release date has been announced i.e. 7th Dec but the trailer is yet to be launched. Most importantly, it is being kept a top secret for now.  In the trailer, you will see that there are some young people with beautiful bodies. Just stay tuned for more updates about the trailer.

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Some of the basic Rules of too Got to Handle are:

  • The prize money for the show is $100,000.
  • You are allowed to make friends and have a relationship.
  • But, you are not allowed to make out or kiss.
  • You are not even allowed to make love or have sex of any kind.
  • Physical intimacy is going to result in a deduction of prize money.
  • Folks are advised to have an emotional connection over a sexual one.

Note: These rules are needed to be followed in order to win the contest.



In conclusion, too hot to handle is an interesting show with some tough rules. Contestants have to give up their sex life in order to win the prize money. Moreover, this show focuses on making real emotional human connections.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

Where can I stream this show?

You can watch this reality show on Netflix.

What is the prize money for the show? 

Prize money is $100,000.

What this show is about?

This is a dating game reality show where young beautiful people meet and date.

What are some tough rules on the show?

Contestants are not allowed to kiss or have sex of any kind. Basically contestants have to spend a few weeks in celibacy.

Who is Lana?

Lana is virtual assistance just like Alexa and Siri. She provides instructions on the show.

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