How To Vote Online on Stars on Mars: Eliminations 2023

Stars on Mars Voting

Stars on Mars Voting: Hello Guys!! It’s time to save our candidates on Mars. Yes, that’s right. We can save them from the elimination of the planet Mars. As we know that the show made a big debut on 5 June 2023 on FOX. William Shatner is the host of this show. And FOX is the original network.  Several stars take part in the show as contestants. And now they are eliminated from the simulated planet. So, it’s time for us to step up and save them, by giving our precious vote to them. 

Let’s know some more about the show. This series features a Mars-simulated area. Where contestants live and complete their mission. Isn’t it interesting? It is like living a dream. At first, there were 12 contestants who participated in the show. But after that, there was elimination occurred. So, four more contestants enter the show in the 5th episode. 

Stars on Mars Voting

Therefore it’s our chance to participate in the show but in a different way. Now we can vote for our favorite contestants and save them from elimination. 

If you are wondering how to vote on the show. Then relax it is not rocket science. Let’s discuss it in the article. 

Stars on Mars Voting

People love the show and its theme from the very beginning. This series brings a new concept. It is a reality show. Therefore here, contestants have to face some challenges while living in a simulated area. This show is no different than others in terms of elimination. Stars on mars voting process involves a way by which we will have a winner of the season. 

Now the audience not only can enjoy it watching on TV. But they can participate in the show in a different manner. They can give their contribution as voters. Audience votes are very precious for the contestants to survive in this reality game series. 

Therefore let’s move further and know how to do Stars on Mars Voting. 

  • First of all, contestants have to go to the official website of Stars on Mars. 
  • Thereafter you need to search for the show by its name. 
  • Now click on the title and go to the voting section. 

Stars on Mars Voting

  • After that, a list of contestants will appear on your screen. 
  • Thereafter, you have to select your favorite contestants. 
  • At last click ok on the Vote Now Option. 

Congratulations!! your voting process is completed now. 

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Stars on Mars Online Voting Polls

It is basically a reality show. And there is a simulated area that is the exact replica of Planet Mars. And there are contestants who participated in the show to win it. 

So, there are two types of cast in the show. In the first part, there is a host. William Shatner steps up to host this show. He gives the mission to the contestants. 

Stars on Mars Voting

On the other hand, there are celebrity contestants. The show is running for season 1. So, it is exciting, because there is everything new on this show. However, the show is full of surprises. Participate in the following voting polls and let us know whom do you wish to win.

Vote for your favourite star on mars

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Stars on Mars Vote Off/Eliminations

The first episode of season 1 was aired on 5 June 2023. Only 12 contestants entered the show then. After some time a few wild card entries made it 16 contestants in total. So, as the show moved on contestants get eliminated from the show. 


The contestant who has the lesser votes has to leave the show and go home. So, now some of the contestants are eliminated, some of them are at risk, and some are in a safe place. 

Here is the list of contestants who gets voted off. 

  • Christopher
  • Tallulah
  • Richard
  • Tom
  • Natasha
  • Ashley
  • Ronda
  • Andy
  • Lance
  • Ariel
  • Marshawn
  • Paul
  • Cat
  • Porsha
  • Tinashe

Stars on Mars Winner

Stars on Mars Season 1 has been completed on 28th Sug 2023. All contestants tried their best. The last man standing won the show. There were 5 stars in the finale of the show. There was total of 16 stars who competed in the show.

They are all busy completing their mission in the simulated area. All the contestants were strong to be the stars on Mars winner. But only one can have it. So, the winner of the season 1 is Adam.


As the show is aired its first season recently. The winner of the show has been decided. And the winner is announced on behalf of the Vote count. It will be the main spoiler. The contestant who will able to collect more votes will win. Here is the top 5 list:

  • Tinashe
  • Porsha
  • Paul
  • Cat
  • Adam

So, among these 5, Adam won the show.

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On the whole, the Stars on Mars voting process is very easy. Now everyone can vote on the show. The contestants need your help to survive in the show. And also, you can participate. It is very exciting to become a part of it. 

Now we have provided you with every detail about the voting. So, vote now and save your favorite contestants from elimination. On the other hand, the winner will announce on the voting count. The one who will have much higher votes. That contestant will win season 1. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to the official website and cast a vote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the winner of Season 1?

The winner’s name will announce in the last episode of season 1.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on FOX.

What is the winner’s prize for season 1?

The winner’s prize will announce at the end of season 1.

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