Various Ways to Apply for World Of Dance Casting

World Of Dance Auditions

One of the greatest dancing reality shows of the world, the World of Dancing is looking for the rightful contestants. Yes, you are reading it all correct there will be World of Dance Auditions for season 5. The show is going to conduct auditions for selecting contestants in 2023.

It’s time to dance as your dreams might come true. As of being a dancer, you all want to show your dancing skills to the audience. All artists are the same as they just want to be appreciated for their art. One of the forms of art is dance.

People dance with happiness and watching people perform dancing skits is surely a form of happiness. What will happen if you are a good dance performer who gets a stage to make thousands of people happy by just dancing? Well, this is the stage which can lead you all the way to millions of people at the same time.

Many of you want to become a professional dancer. You dreamt all the time to just get an opportunity to show your talent. My dear reader, this is the opportunity you were waiting for. This could be a way that can lead you to your ultimate goal of becoming a pro dancer.

What are you waiting for you can read all the about the show and its casting process before you go and apply for the show.

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World of Dance Auditions 2023

As you know that the competition in the show is divided by mixing age and a total number of participants in a group. Similarly, the auditions of the show are also divided into these categories. With this, you just have to face the opponents of the same category in the auditions.

World Of Dance Auditions

Here are the various auditioning categories-

  • Juniors: The first category only allows age groups of minorities. The minimum age of the contestants should be 9 years and the maximum should be only 17 years. Moreover, you can only have 1-4 members in the group.
  • Junior Team: The age limit of the contestants is same as of juniors’ category. However, in this category, the team has to consist of 5-11 members.

    Juniors9-17 years
    1-4 Dancers
    Junior Teams9-17 years
    5-11 dancers
    Upper18+ Age
    1-4 Dancers
    Upper Teams18+ age
    5-11 Dancers

  • Uppers: In this category the minimum age each contestant should be above 18 years. However, as the show suggests few members can also be above 16 years of age. In this, a group can only have 1-4 members.
  • Upper Teams: The age is similar to the Upper category and it allows a few group members above 16 years of age. But this category must have a group of 5-11 members.

NOTE- any number of males and females can form a team in each of the above-mentioned categories.

World of Dance Show Format

 In this part of the article, we are going to elaborate on the show and its format. So let us just start with the history of the show.

The development of the show began with the idea of Jennifer Lopez who is of the producers of the show. As Jennifer has stated that ‘Dance is my first artistic expression’ we can conclude that she is passionate about dance. As far as we know that Jennifer Lopez has got her success in her initial days with her dancing skills only. She was one of the members of the In Living Colour’s dance crew.

On the 30th of May 2017, the show got his debut season telecasted. Later on, with all the support from the viewers, the show got a quick renewal. Now the show is getting ready for the 4th season.

The format of the show is a bit different as the show is divided into four parts competition. Let us explain all the four competitive parts of the show.

  • The Qualifier: In this round, the contestants have to qualify the minimum score they need to reach the next round. In the last season, the minimum score to qualify was 85.
  • The Duel: From the qualifier rounds the contestants who got the highest score have to choose their contestants from the rest of the pool. If there are odd numbers of the total group then the last three have to compete altogether.
  • The Cut: In this, the top three performers will move to the next round.
  • Divisional Final: Top performance will be crowned as division champion and will move to the World Final.

World Of Dance Auditions

World Of Dance Season 5 Casting Online

Before you go and apply for season 5 make sure you select one of the categories to participate in according to the eligibility. If you have already selected your auditioning category and have all the members ready then you can follow these steps to fill out your casting form online.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official casting website of the show. 
  2. To start filling your form click on the ‘Casting Now’ button.
  3. You will see the auditioning categories. Select any category you want and you are eligible for.
  4. Now, you have to fill your details and of your team members if there any.
  5. If there is any member in the group below 18 years of age then parental guidance is important.
  6. You have to mention the team leader of your group.
  7. Then you have to upload your photographs and performance video.
  8. At last, you just have to click on the submit button to complete your casting process.
  9. So this is how World Of Dance Auditions took place.

NOTE- You have to make your performance video as per the guidelines of the show given in the application form.

Here is a tip you make your performance video beforehand you start filling the application form.

World Of Dance Auditions

World of Dance Open Call Auditions 2023

For the live call back auditions too you have to fill the application form and submit your performance video. Just consider your application form as the first step of your audition. We are saying that the application form as the first step because you will be getting a chance to any open call after your application gets selected.

If you received a call from the casting team of the show for a live call audition in 2023 then you must have to get prepared for it. These are the essential things you must know before you go the live audition-

  • You have to bring your completed application.
  • Make sure you prepare two dances with your unique style and should be of length 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Your dancing skits should be your own creativity.
  • You have to bring your own music cd, iPod or any other device for your music.
  • Most importantly you have to plan your trip by carrying your all necessary items like water, food on the call back auditions.

Selection Process for World of Dance  Season 5

  • As we have told you earlier that your first step of the selection process is your application form and more importantly your dance performance video.
  • So you have to put more emphasis on your video. Make sure you are audible and perfectly visible in the video.
  • On the dancing part you know better than us but as a note try to be more attractive and unique.
  • In addition, the casting team will check for your showmanship.
  • So be sure you video should exactly feel like you have the charisma to perform on the biggest stage.
  • The next step is your live auditions. You have to be well prepared for that. Make sure you perform your own style and choreography. The best thing the casting team will be looking for your unique style that can attract lot of viewers for the show.
  • You have to be confident on the stage and have to make an impression that the casting team should always consider you.

If you qualify for this round too then you will be getting further information from the show.

You can check some of the audition videos of the show to get some ideas of what will you face. It would make you mentally prepared to face the casting team in the live auditions.

Conclusion: At last, we just want to conclude that you should only try to apply for World Of Dance Auditions if you think you have the potential to perform on the biggest stage. However, you will only get to know about your potential when you will apply for the show and check where your talent can lead you.

We wish you very good luck for your auditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the auditions for Season 5 start?

Recently auditions for season 4 have finished. Now you can apply for season 5. However, you need to wait for the official notification. Which we will update here soon.

How To Apply for world of Dance?

If you want to apply for the world of dance’s next season then don’t waste time and go to the official website. Register yourself and fill the form. If makers like you, then you will be called for open call auditions. and that’s how you can apply for auditions.

Do the contestants of World of Dance get paid?

Well it is not clear whether the contestants get paid or not. But there is a prize amount of $1,000,000 which a winner recive.

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