American Idol 2020 – Know Everything about season 18

American Idol 2020

American Idol : There are so many Reality singing shows in the world. But American Idol is one of the top ranked singing show in USA. This year we will witness American Idol 2020 season 18 on channel ABC. The show is very popular among audience due to its unique format. Because audience listen to best pop songs in the show. And every time many talented artists participate in the show.

Here you will find some excited stuff about American Idol Season 18. I know there must be many questions in your mind about season 18. Like how many contestants will perform? And who will be the host and judges?

Don’t worry just read the full informative and interesting facts about show in this article. And yes do not forgot to Vote for Your favorite Contestants. 

Show FormatSinging Reality Show
Telecast ChannelABC
Details aboutAmerican Idol 2020 Contestants, Judges and Host
Season 18
Show timing8:00 PM on Sunday

Names of American Idol Judges 2020

Here is one of the interesting fact about judges in the show. When the season started 4 judges were to be introduced. But later on 3 judges were the part of the show.

The judges are important part of the show always. Their decisions, comments and judgement decides who will stay in the show. Sometimes judges become emotional like Kety Perry always do. But this shows how deep she is connected to the music. As the season will start on 16th Feb 2020, but auditions are already done for the show. And judges namely: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan selected the participants for the show.

Follow on Twitter:Katy Perry, Lionel Richie , Luke Bryan

Katy Perry , Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan

Judges: Katy Perry , Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan

Who will be Host of Season 18

In the first season there were 2 hosts. Hosts are also important part of the show. Because to make any show entertaining , the host should be skilled. In the 18th season only 1 host will host the show and that is – Ryan Secreast. There are very few people who know that Ryan is a Radio personality. He is also a host and producer too. Really he is a skilled man and that’s why so entertaining too.

You can Check Ryan’s Twitter here.

Ryan Seacrest

American Idol 2020 Contestants

The contestants of  ABC American Idol Season 18  are very talented. We are going to announce their names here. In Previous season, there were also 40 contestants in the beginning of the show. After that Top 20 Contestants were selected. And as the show progressed there were Top 14 and then Finally Top 10 contestants left in the show.

Similarly is going to happen in season 18. Top 20 contestants have been shortlisted. Here is the list of the contestants who made it to top 20.

And names of American Idol top 20 Contestants of seaosn 18 are:

Top 20 Contestants List
Aliana Jester
Cyniah Elise
DeWayne Crocker
Dibesh Pokharel
Dillon James
Francisco Martin
Franklin Boone
Julia Gargano
Jonny West
Jovin Webb
Just Sam
Kimmy Gabriela
Lauren Spencer Smith
Louis Knight
Nick Merico
Olivia Ximines
Sophia Wackerman
Faith Becknel
Arthur Gunn
Grace Leer
Lauren Mascitti

These are 22 contestants. Among these 19 have been selected. Last 2 contetsants are under public voting. You can check voting methods now to vote for these contestants. Only one will make it up to the top 20.

So guys, Till now this was all about from my side about the show. However this is not the end. You just stay connected with this post so that I can provide you all updated information on American Idol 2020 here regularly.

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