How to vote on the Claim to Fame Season 2

Claim To Fame Voting

One of the most famous American reality shows is back. Here, we bring you ABC’s hit series Claim To Fame Voting process. The series first premiered on the ABC network in July 2022. Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas hosted this show. After the success of the first season, now the creators are up for the season 2. Therefore, season 2  of this show is set to release on June 26, 2023. The prize money for the winner is $100,000.

Isn’t it exciting? So, in this article, we are going to cover the Claim To fame voting methods for season 2.

First of all, let’s know about the plotline of the show. The series is known for its unique and engaging format. Where relatives of celebrities live together under one roof and conceal their identities. The game is all about guessing. Guess the right name and move forward. Contestants have to vote between them and the lowest one will move to the guesser round. He/she has to guess the name of the celebrity that is linked to the contestant he/she selects.

A Total of 12 contestants are participating in the competition. Each episode winner is granted immunity for the round and got a bonus clue about other contestant’s real identity.

Claim to Fame Voting 2023

In season 2 viewers can expect more secrets. So, it will not be an easy task to find clues and figure out the real identity of fellow cast members.

According to the show’s format, at the end of each episode, the participants vote between the two lowest-ranked performers of the week to be the round’s guesser”.

Claim To Fame Voting

The guesser will then choose any other non–immune participant. Then he will tell to which celebrity the other participant is related. And if the guesser is correct, the other participant will be eliminated. But, if the guesser is wrong, the guesser is eliminated from the show.

If you wish to vote for your favorite contestant there are 3 ways to participate in the voting trends

ABC’s website
Using App
Via text messages.

Claim To Fame Online Vote 

Now here is the step-by-step guide for you and a detailed description.

  • Go to the official website of ABC’s Claim to Fame.
  • Then select the Vote Now tab.
  • Thereafter, you will now see the list of low-ranked performers on the screen.
  • At last, select the contestant and tap on the Vote button.

Claim to Fame App voting 2023

One can also vote for the contestant via the mobile application. So, let’s Know the process step by step.

  • Firstly Download the official ABC App.  You can find the application on the app store.
  • Thereafter you need to sign into the app.
  • Now log in to the app.
  • Then tap on Vote Now button.
  • At last, select the candidate and cast a vote.

Claim To Fame Vote

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is a must for the aspiring contestants. Therefore it is very important to know the details. And find out if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the show or not. 

  • Firstly, one must be 18 years of age. 
  • Secondly, the applicant must have legal US citizenship and a valid passport.
  • Also, the contestants must be relatives of celebrities.
  • And the Medical fitness of the contestant is important.

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The Cast of Claim to Fame Season 2

Everyone is hiding the same secret in the show. And whoever can keep their celebrity relatives secret for the longest time will win $100,000 prize money.

Talking about the Cast of Claim to Fame season 2. Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas are the hosts of season 2. And the new Season 2 is releasing on June 26, 2023.

Season 2 Cast

So, the cast of the upcoming season is unknown yet. We will update the cast members as soon as the season is released.

Want to share your thoughts? Comment in the comment section below.

How to vote in Claim to Fame?

As we know, by the end of the episode there is a close round.

Also, viewers can vote for the contestants online on the official voting website. You can even vote using the Claim to Fame application too.

On the other hand, one can also vote for the contestant via mobile text message. You just need to select the nominated contestant and cast a vote. 


Claim To Fame Eliminated Contestants 

This show is about deception, secrecy and most importantly hiding the real identity. In every season some contestants with a celebrity connection come to this show. And perform the tasks along with concealing their real identities.

In the last season, twelve contestants participated in the show. The Cast of Claim to Fame season 2 is unknown yet.

As soon as officials premiere the new season we will update their names here. Apart from that when the voting starts there will be elimination of each contestant.

Claim To Fame Voting

Thereafter we will update the information here.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Release Date 

Claim to Fame season 1 is gathered quite a big fan base in 2022. The ratings are good so the makers decided to renew the show for next season.

So, here is good news for all the fans Claim To Fame season release date is June 26, 2023.

Are you excited? Share your views in the comment section.

Season 2 Winner

The show is going to air in June 2023. twelve candidates are going to enter the house at the same time. They have to live together and compete with each other.

There are several rounds in the show. Every episode will end with the elimination of the candidates. The one who will able to remain in the house till the last and will have higher votes will win the show. 

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In conclusion, The show is about the art of deception. Here contestants try to uncover the truth, get in love, and fight. The New season comes with new Twists and Suspense. And this time it is going to be more exciting.

Now this time viewers can also participate in the show. Yes, they can become the voter on this show. Therefore here in this article, we have discussed all the voting processes and eligibility for the voter. 

Now you just need to wait for season 2. And then you can vote for the contestants. Till then enjoy watching season 1. 

Therefore stay connected with us for more details we will update all the latest information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Claim to Fame season 2 Release Date?

ABC’s Claim to Fame season 2 is Releasing on June 26, 2023.

Where I can watch Claim to Fame Season 2?

You can watch the series on the ABC network.

What is the IMBD Ratings of Claim to Fame Season 1?

The show has got 8.1/10 ratings on IMBD which is quite impressive.

Who is the final Claim to Fame winner?

Lovreal Chanel Palmer, sister of Keke Palmer is the winner of Claim to Fame season 1.

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