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American Song Contest Voting

American Song contest is a new music reality TV show. It is a highly competitive music reality show. Moreover, the show is based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is very popular all across Europe and covers almost all European countries. However, The American of the show is going to cover all 50 states of the United States. Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg are going to be the presenter on the show. And, NBC is the original network of the show.

What is American Song Contest?

In this show, candidates from all 50 States, 5 territories, and D.C will take part. Moreover, all these contestants are going to represent their states. They are going to compete against candidates of other states to win the show. The contestants are going to move to the next round with the help of public votes. In this article, we are going to cover American Song Contest Voting.

American Song Contest Voting

ASC or American song contest is competitive music reality series. It is based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Moreover, European Broadcasting Union is also the creator of the show. Candidates from all the US regions will compete for the title of Best Original Song. The debut season of the show premiered on 21 March 2022. And, the show is going to air till 9 May 2022. You guys can follow the show on NBC.

American Song Contest Voting

The show is based on Publich and Jury Voting. Every Week the result will be announced on the basis of these votes. Qualifiers will move forward and some will be disqualified. The Voting is quite similar to other nbc’s shows like The Voice.

How to vote in American Song Contest season 1

Here we will tell you how to vote in American Song Contest Season 1. But, before we get into Voting, let’s talk about its rounds and fixtures. There are going to 5 Qualifying rounds with 11 contestants in each episode. After that, there are going to be 2 semi-final rounds. In semis, there are going to be 10 candidates in each episode. In the end, there is going to be a grand finale with the top 10 contestants performing.

Now, let’s know how to vote in American Song Contest Season 1. You can cast your vote in three different ways. You can vote via the NBC application, NBC official website, and TikTok. The voting lines will remain open during and after the show airs. Voting lines will close two days after episodes have aired. Episode 1 aired on 21 March and the voting lines closed on Wednesday at 7 am ET.

Here is the list of candidates you can vote for:

  1. Alabama: Ni/Co 
  2. Alaska: Jewel 
  3. American Samoa: Tenelle
  4. Arizona: Las Marias
  5. Arkansas: Kelsey Lamb
  6. California: Sweet Taboo
  7. Colorado: Riker Lynch
  8. Connecticut: Michael Bolton
  9. Delaware: Nitro Nitra
  10. Florida: Ale Zabala
  11. Georgia: Stela Cole
  12. Guam: Jason J.
  13. Hawaii: Bronson Varde
  14. Idaho: Andrew Sheppard
  15. Illinois: Justin Jesso
  16. Indiana: UG skywalkin
  17. Iowa: Alisabeth Von Presley
  18. Kansas: Broderick Jones
  19. Kentucky: Jordan Smith
  20. Louisiana: Brittany Pfantz
  21. Maine: King Kyote
  22. Maryland: Sisqó
  23. Massachusetts: Jared Lee
  24. Michigan: Ada LeAnn
  25. Minnesota: Yam Haus
  26. Mississippi: Keyone Starr
  27. Missouri: Brett Seper
  28. Montana: Jonah Prill
  29. Nebraska: Jocelyn 
  30. Nevada: The Crystal Method
  31. New Hampshire: MARi
  32. Pennsylvania: Bri Steves
  33. New Mexico: Khalisol
  34. Ohio: Macy Gray
  35. North Carolina: John Morgan
  36. North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks
  37. Northern Mariana Islands: Sabyu
  38. New York: ENISA
  39. Oklahoma: AleXa
  40. Oregon: courtship.
  41. New Jersey: Brooke Alexx
  42. Puerto Rico: Christian Pagán 
  43. Rhode Island: Hueston – (Qualified to semis on jury vote)
  44. South Carolina: Jesse LeProtti
  45. South Dakota: Judd Hoos
  46. Tennessee: Tyler Braden
  47. Texas: Grant Knoche
  48. U.S. Virgin Islands: Cruz Rock
  49. Utah: Savannah Keyes
  50. Vermont: Josh Panda
  51. Virginia: Almira Zaky
  52. Washington: Allen Stone
  53. Washington, D.C.: NËITHER
  54. West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham
  55. Wisconsin: Jake’O
  56. Wyoming: Ryan Charles

American Song Contest Voting

American Song Contest Online voting

In American Song Contest all types of voting are online. In the above heading, there is this list of all the candidates. However, you can only vote for the candidates who took part in that episode. Here are 3 different ways you can cast your vote for your favourite contestant.

App voting

  • To vote with the Application You need to install the NBC application from the Google play store or Apple AppStore.
  • Also, you can simply go to the official NBC website and vote for your favourite contestant. Here is the link to NBC’s official website.

Tik tok Vote

You can install TikTok from Google Play or Apple AppStore. These days everyone has TikTok installed on their devices. You can simply visit the official TikTok handle of the American Song Contest. And, there you can cast your TIkTok vote for your favorite contestant.

Eliminated contestants

The Show almost has come to end. Within few days we will have the winning state and artist. And, out of all 55, only 10 artists are going to make it for the finals. 8 will be from public voting and 2 from Jury votes. 

In conclusion, American Song Contest Episode 1 aired on 21 March 2022. Moreover, there are 4 more episodes yet to air before the semi-finals. You can vote for your favorite candidate via NBC Application, NBC’s official website, or TikTok. I hope you are having a great time watching the show.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:


When is the show going to air?

The debut episode of the show aired on 21 March 2022. And, the finale is going to air in the month of May.

What is the original Network of the show?

NBC is the original network of the show.

What is American Song Contest?

American Song Contest is a competitive American reality TV Show. It is based on Eurovision.

How to vote in the American Song contest?

You can cast via NBC App, the official website, or TikTok.

Who is the presenter of the show?

Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg are the presenters of the show.

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