The Voice Vote 2020

The Voice Voting

“The article dictates various ways to vote in The Voice season 19, How To participate in the voting of The season, How can you be a coach? How Can you participate in The Voice voting “.

They are back! Ohh yeah the second installment of the year is back. The voice kick starts. The American singing reality show “The Voice” has been started to disperse its love all over the world again. The fans were waiting for the next season to start.

Check the Voting Polls & Results Below in this post

Lots of changes have been made this season. Well apart from that let’s discuss methods to vote? Are they same or changed too? Well in this article you will clearly sense out the difference in this season along with Voting in the voice.

ShowThe Voice
Season 19
Starting Date19th Oct 2020
DayEvery Monday & Tuesday
TeamTeam Gwen
Team Kelly
Team John
Team Blake
Voting startsNovember 2020
Voting ways4 ways

The 19th season of the voice will start on 19th October 2020. The first big change in this season is Gwen coming back and replacing Nick Jonas. Well, this change will be good or not we will see soon enough. There will be no change in the voting process of The Voice it will be the same again. You must vote for the contestants and the methods to vote is what you should go through in this article.

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The Voice Voting  Online 2020

As of now, the blind auditions have been started. The Voice Vote process will take time to ring on. All you need to do is to wait until November 2020. After that voting lines will get open every week. and you can vote for the contestants of the voice 19.

Now the digital world made it easy to show your love and preferences by casting your vote. You can vote now at your fingertips. There are various ways to vote for contestants in The Voice season 19. These are:

  • The Voice App Voting
  • Voting on the official website (Online)
  • Twitter Voting
  • The Voice Apple iTunes vote
  • Xfinity X1 Voting

So by any of these means, you can participate in the voice voting and can save the performer from being eliminated. Let’s depict these voting methods for season 19 wordily one by one.

The Voice Voting


The Voice Vote App 

It is clear that if you wish to use this method of voting, you must have The voice application installed on your device. Let’s know how you will make the best out of this app.

The Voice Voting

  • Download The Voice app From your store.
  • Register yourself.
  • You will see the contestants’ list.
  • You will have 10 votes, vote for them.
  • Remember you can have 10 votes per email address.
  • Submit your votes at the end.

The Voice 19 Xfinity X1 Vote

This is a new method that has introduced last year itself. Xfinity X1 voting will be done using the Xfinity Set-top box. One must have that set-top box if you want to vote using this method.

  • You can use this voting during the show going on using your remote.
  • Just click on the Xfinity X1 icon.
  • Then choose the vote option.
  • After seeing contestants, choose the contestant you wish to vote using remote again.
  • Submit your votes.

NBC The Voice Online Voting 

Online voting will be referred to vote on the official website. NBC has an official website to vote in the voice. Here we are going to mention the details to vote online.

The voice Voting

  • Logon to the official website of the Voice NBC
  • After landing on the page you will see login information that you must log in before voting
  • Type your username and password.
  • Then you will see contestants to vote.
  • Use your 10 votes per id for these contestants.
  • And submit your vote.

The Voice Season 19 Voting Polls

Season 19 started on 19th October 2020.  Since then it streams every Monday at 8/7c on NBC. Support your favorite coach and his/her team via voting online. And results can also be seen on Voting polls Online. For instance, let’s participate in following voting polls.

Write the name of the contestant whom do you support in comment section.

Now after every week voting, you can check the voting result percentage here by clicking on getting results. Well, you can easily find out the highest percentage getter here.

These are non-official voting polls. Soon we will update voting polls of the voice season 19 contestants. As soon as voting lines will open we will publish here polls. So you will be able to cast your vote for your favorite contestants sooner. After auditions, Top contestants will be selected by the judges for performing. 

The voice Apple iTunes voting

Another method to vote for your favorite contestant is to vote using the apple iTunes method. If you are an apple customer then you can vote for your favorite contestant in a way different form. 

  • After each episode, when the voting starts you can purchase your favorite contestant’s iTunes from the apple music store.
  • There will be a top Chart that will have a top downloaded tunes list.
  • If your contestant’s tune gets maximum downloads or if his/her tune is in the top 10 chart list then his/her votes will be multiplied by 5.
  • Moreover, if you play their song on Apple music then it will get 10 streams as well as 1 vote.

So stick to the voice iTunes voting chart every week to check which tune is on the top. Is it your favorite one? If not then buddy you need to buckle up.

Twitter Voting In The Voice

Now you can also vote on Twitter. You must have a Twitter account. This method of voting will be useful only when you are saving contestants instantly or while they are performing in duet challenge round. Except for Twitter, all other methods can be used by the citizen of the USA only.

The game is on! So these were the voting details of The Voice. Without your vote and support, a contestant cannot go further. Although, there is some power in coaches’ hands also. But the audience is the one who played an important role in the eviction of a contestant. Although it is pretty much clear how to do The Voice Voting, still you have any query then you can put it on. 

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Voice

When will the Voting of the Voice start?

Voting Will start in Between November 2020.

How Many types of Voting are there?

You have 5 ways to vote. You can use any of them.

How much it cost to vote for a contestant?

No, it cost nothing. The app is free of cost and you can vote on the official website of NBC totally free.

Is Elimination is based on Voting?

Yes, the elimination of contestants is based on voting. Although coaches have the power to save the deserving one too. But voting is very important in the voice.

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