Superfan CBS Vote 2023: Online Voting For New Game Show

Online Voting

Superfan voting 2023: CBS brings you an ultimate fan-based competition show. Here you get engaged one-on-one with your favorite music star. In this article, we discuss the show and the Superfan Voting method. The new series produced by Raquel Productions is going to produce this series. CBS is the original network of the show. Officials set this show to premiere on June 9, 2023. AlsoKeltie Knight and Nate Burleson are the hosts.

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First of all, let’s know about the show’s format. Here in this series, contestants have to prove who knows the most about their favorite music star. The show features six music superstars and their fans will get a chance to live a dream by personally engaging with them.

So, if you think you know all about your favorite music star, but are you a Superfan?

The show features music superstars Kelsea Ballerini, Gloria Estefan, Little Big Town, LL Cool J, Pitbull, and Shania Twain.

Superfan Voting

The game show features contestants competing in various rounds to prove and win the show. Also, they are their favorite artist and most devoted supporters.

Superfan Voting 2023

The show gives musical artists a chance to honor their fans by engaging with them. Also, the music superstars surprise their fans with special prize packages. Therefore, in every episode, the contestants will get love, fame, and recognition all over the world.

In the show who is going to be a superfan is decided by the music superstars and the viewers.

So, if you wish to vote for your favorite contestant. Then there are 3 ways to participate in voting trends.

  • CBS’s official Website
  • Using App
  • Via text messages

Superfan Vote via Official Website

Here we bring you a step-by-step guide to voting in details

  • Firstly visit the official CBS website.
  • Then search for Superfan Voting 2023.
  • Thereafter, select the Vote Now option.
  • Following that, you will see the list of contestants on the screen.
  • Now, choose the name and vote to save your contestant.

Superfan Voting App

    • The first thing you need to do is to go to the application store.
    • Then Download the official CBC App.
    • Thereafter, login using your sign-in credentials.
    • After that tap on Superfan voting.
    • Now, choose the name of the contestant you want to save.

Superfan CBS Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring contestants must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the officials. Therefore, read the following instructions carefully.

  • First of all the contestant must be 18 years of age.
  • Secondly, the contestant should have legal US citizenship
  • Also one must have a valid passport.
  • Thirdly, as the show is about music superstars, a contestant must know about them.

How to vote in Superfan CBS

The CBS Superfan Season 1 is all set to release. The show’s unique format is attracting a lot of viewers. And it has gained a huge fan base. As we have discussed above the voting is done on the official website of the show.

Also, you can vote by using an app and via text message. We will update all the show-related information here on the website. So stay tuned with us.

If you want to share your thoughts about the show and your favorite music star! Feel free to share in the comments box below.

Superfan Voting

The show was released on 9th Aug 2023. So, after that, the online voting started. We will also update the list of contestants participating in the show

Official statement about contestants is not available so we will update the information after the official statement.

CBS Superfan voting Eliminations

It is a reality competition show. So, as per the rules, there are several contestants who take part to win the show. Therefore, in every episode, we will have one winner, and the rest will be eliminated.

Season 1 of this show is yet to release on the CBS network. So, when the voting starts, we will update the list of contestants. 

Also, we will provide you with the list of eliminated contestants. 

CBS Superfan Game Show Release Date 

People are waiting for the show. They want to know the release date. So, here now on the demands of fans, we bring you insider information about the show. 

Release Date

The musical show Superfan is to release on 9th August 2023. So you get to see CBS Superfan every Wednesday at 9:00 PM. The show is already getting a fan following and viewers are excited to watch CBS’s new series. Get ready to watch the hyped show of the year for the first time on CBS. LEt’s get ready for the new singing reality show Superfan.

How to watch CBS Superfan Game Show

You can watch everyday fans compete for their favorite music stars. You can watch the show on the CBC.

Also, fans can stream live, and watch the show on the CBC app and the streaming platform Paramount Plus.

Till now 3 episodes have been telecasted. Following is the list of episodes of Superfan CBS that you can watch on CBS.

  • LL Cool J on 9th Aug
  • Shania Twain on 16th aug
  • Gloria Estefan on 23rd Aug
  • Little Big Town on 30th Aug
  • Pitbull on 6th Sep

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It is a good show that everyone will enjoy. Also, the fans get the love and recognition that they deserve. The show perfectly captures the energy of competition and concert vibes.  

So, are you a super fan? If yes then what are you waiting for? Become a contestant in the show and let the world know about you, especially your favorite music superstar.

Also if you want to vote on the show and save contestants from elimination. Then here you will have all the information in this article. We really hope that now you have all the answers to your queries. 

Good Luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the official release date of Superfan?

The show is set to release on June 2023.

Where I can watch Superfan Season 1?

You can watch the show on the CBC network, Paramount+ streaming platform.

Who is the winner of Superfan Season 1?

The winner’s name is unknown yet.

When is Superfan season 2 coming?

Superfan season 2 is set to release in 2024.

Who will host season 1 of this show?

Keltie Knight and Nate Burleson will host the show.

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