Netflix Sing On Vote Out 2023: Season 2 Voting

Sing On Vote

Sing On Vote: Hey singers isn’t it exciting we tell you that you have to perform live on stage like Karaoke and end up with a prize amount of up to $60,000? Yes, Sing on! is a reality competition game show. Netflix is the original network and Richard Riet is the director. 

This series made its debut on Netflix. The first series was aired on 16 September 2020. Tituss Burgess is the host. The first season creates a great hit and is able to create a huge fan base. 

Now it’s time for season 2. So, as it is a reality show. Therefore there is a voting process on this show. Somehow it is very different from other series. Don’t worry we will discuss the Sing on! the voting process later in the article. But first, let’s know the format of the show.

In this series, every episode starts with 5 contestants. These participants sing the lines of the given song. They have to match the pitch and notes as same as the original song. Now interesting fact about the show is there are no judges on this show. 

Sing On Vote

The digital vocal analyzer is the judge on this show. Yes, this vocal analyzer keeps track of the performance. At the end of the performance, it revealed the percentage that matched up with the original song. However, contestants are not able to see the results of the analyzer. 

There are eliminations on this show. Contestants vote out each other to overcome the competition. Every round ends up with the one elimination on behalf of voting results. 

So, let’s proceed further and learn about the voting process and how it works on this show. Also, know who is eligible to vote on this series. 

Sing On Vote Season 2

Now here let’s know more about the voting process of this show. Sing On Vote is a bit different in this series. Yes, the audience and fans can not vote on this show. They only enjoy watching the show. 

However, here is the interesting part. In this series, only contestants can vote out each other.

Sing On Vote

The host of the show announces the name of the contestant with a higher percentage match. So, there is only one contestant who is safe in this round. Now the contestants vote for each other. In this voting process, they get to choose any of the contestants except one with the higher percentage. 

So, the one contestant with the higher vote count has to leave the stage. This process continues till there are 2 participants on the stage. Now vocal analyzer announces the winner with the highest percentage. 

How Sing On! Vote Tonight works

Now proceed further and learn how Sing On vote process works. As we know fans can not vote for their favorite contestants. 

However, fans find the voting on this show very interesting. Here in this sitcom, you don’t have to wait long for the voting results. The host of the show breaks the ice right on the stage. He announces the elimination right after the process completion. 

Sing On Vote

There are 4 rounds in this show and 5 contestants in every episode. Every episode ends up with one winner. 

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Sing On Season 2 Song List

As the singer matches their voice to the original song, then their percentage increases. The money in the jackpot also increases. And it may vary up to $60,000

So, it is very important for the contestants to know the song list. There are 4 rounds in each episode. Therefore there are 4 songs in each episode. As in season 1 there were 8 episodes. Then collectively there are 32 total songs that are sung on the stage. 

Song List

Now season 2 is going to start soon. So, we are not able to deliver the song lists for season 2 for now. But as soon as the show premiered then we will update the Sing On! song list. 

Netflix’s Sing On! Contestants Season 2

Fans and followers like the show very much. Now they are waiting for the next season of this show. But officials haven’t made any announcement about season 2 yet. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the show is discontinued. Surely they are going to come up with new ideas for this show. So, you need to be ready for the next level of fun and entertainment. 


Therefore we are not able to reveal the cast and contestants for season 2. But surely we are going to reveal the Sing On Contestants’ name here on this website. 

Sing On Season 2 Winner

Interestingly this show has various winners in it’s very first season. Because of the theme of this series. 

The show announces one winner at the end of each episode. There were 8 winners in season 1. 

And now this time season 2 is going to air soon. But we don’t know the number of winners for now. But as the show will proceed we will update the Sing On Winner’s list one by one. 


So, you need to keep in touch with the website to know the latest updates about this show. 

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In conclusion, Sing On Vote process is somehow different from other reality shows. Here only contestants can participate in the voting. So, all you need to enjoy watching the show. 

And at the end of the episode, we will have a new winner of Sing On! 

Now it’s time for season 2. However, officials haven’t decided on the release date for the new season. But soon they will announce the premiere date and and contestants’ list. 

So, keep calm and enjoy watching the previous season. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song list of Sing On! Tonight?

The song list for season 2 is not revealed for now.

Who is the host of the show?

Tituss Burgess is the host.

Who are the judges on this show?

There are no judges on this sitcom.

How to Watch Sing On! Season 2?

Season 2 is not aired for now. But you can watch season 1 on Netflix.

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