Who Is Going To Win America’s Got Talent 2023?

America's Got Talent Winner

American’s Got Talent is an American television talent competition show. It is very popular in the whole of the United States. Simon Cowell is the creator of the show. Currently, Terry Crews is the host of the show. The debut season of the show aired on 21 June 2006. Till now, the show has successfully completed 17 Seasons and 18th is running. And, those seasons contain a total of 434 Episodes. Season 18 has reached to almost end. Soon you will see America’s Got Talent Winner with a trophy in his/her/their hand.

America’s Got Talent Winner 2023

Now the question is among the leftover performers who will win Season 18. Well, the competition is tough for both contestants and judges. Because they also have to vote for the best. NBC is the original network of the show. In the show, the contestants that take part come from all across the United States. And only one will be the America’s got Talent Winner 2023.

America's Got Talent Winner


The participation of the contestants in the show is usually of different varieties. Contestants range from singing, acting, comedy, acting, stunt, magi, etc. Each of the contestants is extremely talented in their genres. And, To win the show contestants have to impress all 4 Judges.

AGT Finalists 2023 List

America’s Got Talent Winners List

There has been a total of 17 Seasons for America’s Got Talent. Moreover, Season 18 is still going on. And, remaining 17 Seasons are complete with results.

So here is America’s Got Talent Winners List of all the 17 winners:

1Bianca Ryan
2Terry Fator
3Neal E. Boyd
4Kevin Skinner
5Michael Grimm
6Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
7Olate Dogs
8Kenichi Ebina
9Mat Franco
10Paul Zerdin
11Grace VanderWaal
12Darci Lynne
13Shin Lim
14Kodi Lee
15Brandon Leake
16Dustin Tavella

Note: Season 18 is still going on.

AGT 2023 Winner Name

AGT 2023 winner has not been announced yet. This is because there are so many episodes left to air. And, there are so many contestants who are competing against each other. Moreover, AGT Season 18 premiered on 30th May 2023. Terry Crews is the host of the show for the 2023 edition as well. And, there are 6 Judges this time which includes 2 guests.

America's Got Talent Winner


AGT Season 18 Finals Results

The competition show is still going on. So, talking about AGT Final results in 2023 is a bit early. But there are 10 finalists now. One among them will be the winner. And, results are going to be announced in the final episode. It is expected that the finale episode is going to air on 26th & 27th September. So, the results of AGT season 18 are going to be announced on 27th Sep 2023.  You have to wait for some time for results.

AGT Winner 2023

America’s Got Talent gives a big stage or platform to the new talent every season. So, if one has what it takes to participate or win the show. Then it is a life-changing platform for those people. 

America's Got Talent Winner

Although the fans and followers are also blessed to watch this extraordinary talent on this show.  

However, there are many talented candidates or groups on this show. But there is only one AGT winner in every season. And the finale is airing on 26 September 2023. 

So, The AGT Winner 2023 is going to be announced on 27 September 2023. 

Therefore we need to wait till then to know about the winner of season 18. However, 8 finalists have been shortlisted 2 more to go via Qualifiers Round.

In conclusion, there is a lot of time left for the results of the America’s Got Talent Winner to be announced. It is expected that the finale of the show is going to air around mid-September. So, all the fans have to keep little patience and enjoy the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the results of AGT 2023 coming out?

The results of AGT 2023 will come out at end of the finale episode i.e. on 27th Sep 2023.

When is the grand finale of America’s Got Talent Season 18?

It is expected that the grand finale episode is going to air on 26th and 27th Sep.

How many candidates make it to the finale each year?

Each year 10 candidates are selected as finalists.

What are the main standings in the finale after results?

So the winner gets the 1st Rank, the runner-up is 2nd and then 2nd is getting rank 3. 2 candidates to get the rank of Grand-finalist, who is in top 5. And, rests of the 5 candidates are declared as finalists.

What is the prize money for the show?

The prize money depends on each season. The winners and runner up get some perks with some good prize money.

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