How to Vote on the Reality Show Big Brother Brasil Season 24

Big Brother Brasil Voting

Olá Tudo bem? We have a piece of exciting news. As we are aware “Big Brother Brasil” reality show is going on right now. So, we bring you Big Brother Brasil Voting Season 24. The show is hosted by Tadeu Schmidt. Also, the show’s Season 23 premiered on TV Globo (original network) on January 16, 2023. The last episode of this season aired on April 25, 2023. Amanda Meirelles is the winner of BBB season 23. 

The first Brazilian version of this show premiered on January 29, 2002. This show was first aired on the Redo Globo network. The show has completed its 23 seasons so far. Now, the show is up for next season. Isn’t it great! This year the prize money is going to be the highest than ever before.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Big Brother Brasil’s start date, voting, winner, and Prize money. So, to know all the details stay tuned with us. So, first of all, let’s talk about the plot of the show. The show is a reality-based show currently filming in Brazil. In this around 20 celebrities from the entertainment industry come to live under one roof for 100 days.

While living in the house they face some challenges and tasks. Also, contestants nominate one another to proceed to the next level in the show. Now, here comes the audience part. To save the nominated contestants, the Big Brother voting process starts. Now, you have a chance to vote for nominated contestants and save them. And after the voting process ends. The one with less number of votes will get eliminated.

Big Brother Brasil Voting

So, if you wish to save your favorite contestant from elimination. We have all the information on the voting process. 

Big Brother Brasil Housemates Season 24

Season 24 will be back with Lots of fun and entertainment nights. The cast of the new season will blow your mind. In the show, housemates shall have no contact with the outside world. Now, you will see the real personality of celebrities in the show.

On April 2023, Season 23 concluded. So, the makers are currently busy in the casting process. Therefore the housemates of the season 24 list are unknown yet. Currently, the official data from the makers is not available. As soon as the casting team announces the contestant’s name. We will update all the information here on the website.

Season 24 Participants

So, till then stay tuned with us.

How to Vote on Big Brother Brasil Season 24

You are here so the higher possibility is YOU ARE A BIG BROTHER Fan. Right! So, if you wish to know how to vote to save your favorite contestant. You are at the right place. 

The voting process is super easy, no more calling from landlines!!

Since day one of the season once the participants are nominated the voting lines are open. However, you can vote both by online and offline methods.

Here, are the Big Brother Brasil Voting methods details.

  • Voting Via Mobile
  • Voting via Official Website
  • Voting Via App

Big Brother Brasil Voting


Mobile Voting Method:  Now, you can vote for the nominated contestant via your mobile phone. Every contestant has a unique contestant code. All you need to write the code and cast a vote for the nominated contestant.

Thereafter you have to send the code to the given number.

BBB Vote via App

  • First of all, download the app the from play store on your mobile phone.
  • Now, Log in to the app.
  • Afterward, go to the voting column and click on it.
  • Thereafter select the contestant logo you want to vote for.

Note- you can vote as many votes to save the nominated contestant.

Vote on the BBB Official website

  • First of all, visit the official website of Big Brother Brasil.
  • Login to the website using the login ID. If you don’t have a login ID then register yourself first.
  • Now, look for the Big Brother Brasil season 24 voting section.
  • Thereafter, select the contestant you wish to vote for.

That is all you need to do. Cast as many votes to save the participants from the elimination round.  Remember only the one with the highest number of votes than the other contestant gets saved. The Contestant with the least number of votes gets eliminated.


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Eligibility for Big Brother Brasil Voting Process

From the very beginning of the show, the celebrities make groups, some play alone, some play mind games. At last, nominate the contestant they want to get eliminated from the show. Now, all fans have a chance to vote for their favorite contestant to save them from elimination. So, for that, you must know voter eligibility criteria. 

voting process

  • Voting is open only open for Brazilian residents.
  • Voters’ age must be 18 years and if the voter’s age is below 18 they must take permission from their guardian.
  • Standard text message rates may apply.

Big Brother Brasil Elimination by Voting

The show is about living under a single roof with people for around 100 days. The contestant once get nominated move to the elimination round. Now, it is up to the makers and fans who are voting to save their favorite celebrity contestant. 

Elimination By BBB 24 Voting

So, don’t miss the chance to vote for contestants and save them. Stay tuned with us to get the latest update and news.


In conclusion, in Big Brother Brasil, voting lines are opening soon. The show will be airing on TV Globo network. Season 23 concluded recently. So, you can enjoy the previous season until the new season comes to television.

Now, we assume you know everything about the process. You need to wait for some time for the official release of season 24. 

We wish you the best of Luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premiere date of Big Brother Brasil season 24?

The official date of the show is not decided yet.

How can I vote for the contestant of season 24?

One can vote for the contestant via online and offline methods.

Where I can watch season 24 of BB Brasil?

You can watch the show on the TV Globo network.

Who is the winner of season 24?

Season 24 is not yet released. Therefore the winner of the season is unknown yet.

Who will host the new season?

Maybe Tadeu Schmidt will host BBB season 24 of this show.

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