How to Cast Vote on Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

Crime Scene Kitchen Voting

Hello folks!! great news for cooking lovers. FOX Network has introduced a new reality cooking show Crime Scene Kitchen. This show has a different name and also has a different format. The first season was aired on 26 May 2021. And now the officials renewed the show for the second season. The second season of this show is going to premiere on 5 June 2023.  Fox is the original network of this show. And Allison Grodner is the executive producer. 

Now let’s talk about the format of this reality competition series. This show has a different name. Ironically the clue is also hidden in the name of this show. In this show, contestants are given a few clues or crumbs of dessert. They have to crack down on the ingredients from the clues or crumbs. Afterward, they are asked to recreate the same dessert on their own. Isn’t it exciting? So, there is more fun on this show than the other cooking shows. 

There are two rounds set in the show. The winner of the first round will get some immunity and get some extra hints in the second round. But in the second round, there is elimination occurs. The one who will not be able to crack the code or perform poorly on this round will have to be evicted from the show. 

Crime Scene Kitchen Voting

So, let’s move further and know more about the show. Also, check out the voting process.

Crime Scene Kitchen Voting 

Now let’s know as this is a reality competition show. Therefore voting is an important part of this show. On the basis of this voting, this show announces the winner and elimination of the contestants. 

Bakers are the contestants in this series. They are competing with each other to win the title of the show. Now as we know that it is a cooking show. Only the judges can tell who is the best at cooking. Because only they can taste the dish.

Contestants have to collect the facts and solve the mystery of the dessert. Also, the show becomes the next level of entertainment when judges asked bakers to recreate the dessert. So, the one who is able to recreate the dish wins the show.

Crime Scene Kitchen Voting

Therefore the judges are the ones who can vote for the contestants. They decided the winner on their mutual votes. Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone are the judges of this show. So, we can say that only they can vote for the contestants or bakers.


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Crime Scene Kitchen Cast and Contestants 

Officials have announced the renewal of season 2 in May 2022. Now they have announced the premiere date of season 2. So, the casting team is up to selecting the new candidates for the show. Therefore anyone can apply for the show. The catch is you must know the cooking skills. 

So, as per the show’s format, there are three sections in the cast of this show. The first section includes the contestants of the show. Now the contestant must have extra skills other than cooking. Because they have to solve the mystery on this show first. And then they have to prepare the same. The show makers haven’t released the contestants’ name list now. So, we are not able to provide you with the names of the bakers for now. But soon we will update the info here. 

Season 2 Cast

On the other hand, the second section includes the host or presenter of the show. So, the casting director selects the best host for this show. They hire a veteran actor and comedian Joel Edward Mchale as host of the show.  

Now moving further let’s talk about the third part of the cast. In this section, there are judges of the show. Judges are also important for this show. Only they can decide the winner or the elimination of the contestants on the basis of their performance. So, Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone are the judges on this show. 

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Release Date 

The creators of the show decided to create another season. They made an announcement in May 2022 for it. Now they have decided on the premiere date for season 2. 

CSK 2 Release Date

Crime Scene Kitchen season 2 release date is 5 June 2023. So, here on this show viewers are not only enjoy the show. But they can also learn how to cook dessert. Therefore this show is not only for entertainment purposes. But also one can learn cooking from this show. 

CSK 2 Vote Results 

Only the winner and elimination are decided on the basis of Crime Scene Kitchen vote results. As per the format of the show. Fans and followers can not vote on this show. Only judges can vote for the contestants. So, on behalf of their voting elimination occurs.  The one who will stand till the last round. That one team will win the show. 


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Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Winner

There are several teams in the show. Each team has two members. So, these groups compete with each other to win the show. But unfortunately, there can be only one winner of the show. The winner of the show announces in the last episode of the season. 

Crime Scene Kitchen Voting

Luis & Natalie are the winners of the first season. Since season 3 is not aired yet. Therefore we are not able to announce the winner of season 2. But soon the show will announce the winning team. Then we will update the info here on this website. Till then enjoy watching the show. 

Where to watch CSK Season 2

Now you know everything about the show. If it leaves you wondering how and where to watch this season, then don’t worry. We are here to guide you through this. 

Fox is the original network of CSK Season 2. So, one can watch the show online on Fox Network. But you also can watch the show on HULU. But you only can stream the show on Hulu after next of its airing date. 


In conclusion, Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 is going to air on 5 June 2023. This season is going to blow your mind with knowledge and fun. Therefore in this article, we have introduced you to the voting process and the cast of the show. Fox is going to broadcast this show. You can also watch the show on Hulu next day after its release. 

So, best of luck, and enjoy watching this new epic season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on FOX and Hulu.

What is the release date of CSK season 2?

CSK 2 premiere date is 5 June 2023.

Who will host the show?

Joel McHale is the host of season 2.

Who are the judges on the show?

Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp are the judges.

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