Know how to cast Big Brother Canada Vote : Polls & Results

Big Brother Canada Voting

Hello guys!! exciting news Big Brother Canada is all set to air on 8 March 2023. John Brunton, Erin Brock, Eric Abboud, and Arisa Cox collaborate to produce this reality competition game show. The winner is announced on the basis of the voting results. Therefore Big Brother Canada vote process makes it more interesting. It includes commoners participating. 

This entertainment league begins on 27 February 2023. This gives a great hit and able to collect more TRP to Slice Global. It is the original network of this show. Since then a new era of entertainment begins. And this legacy continues till now. It has completed 10 seasons so far. And now the producers are up for season 11. 

Arisa Cox is the presenter of season 11. She also became the executive producer since the 9th edition. People are waiting to participate and vote for their favorite contestant. Every season ended up with the announcement of its winner. Moreover, the team selects the winner on the basis of people’s choices. Fans and followers vote and make their choice. Let’s know everything about the BB  Canada voting process. 

Big Brother Canada Voting Process 2023

Big Brother Canada Season 11 has started now. Every season comes up with new contestants. These candidates have to live under one roof together. Moreover, they have to face so many challenges. This theme and challenges make the show more exciting. Because of this, there are heat and friction between the contestants. And also there are nominations, evictions, and Big brother canada vote. So, we can say that it is a full package of entertainment.

As there are nominations. House Guests nominate each other and try to save themselves. Here comes the other important factor which is voting. Now fans and followers come forward in this round. They can vote for contestants and save them from eviction. The one who will get the lesser votes is evicted from the house. 

Big Brother Canada Voting

There is certain process and conditions to vote here for this particular show. This process is very easy and illustrated below. You just need to follow the instructions and vote.

  • First of all, go to the official website.
  • Then look out for the show. 
  • After that click on it and look out for the contestants. 
  • Now click on the contestant you want to vote for. 
  • Afterward, cast the number of votes and continue.
  • At last click OK on the submit button.

Congratulation you have successfully cast vote for the house guest. 

Note: One must have to cast Big Brother Canada Vote at a given time. This time limit will be provided on the official website while the show is running. 

Eligibility Criteria

The First step is to know the eligibility for Big Brother Canada voting. If you can not fit in the criteria then you can not vote. Meanwhile, these conditions are illustrated on the official website. 

Big Brother

  • First of all, voters must have internet access and a mobile or tablet. 
  • Thereafter he or she has to register on the official website. 
  • One must have to provide the details asked in the registration form correctly. Because the wrong info found in the registration form will consider fraud. 
  • Meanwhile, voters must have to cast vote within the provided time. This means that voters have to be available while the portal gets open. 

Revised Conditions for Big Brother Canada Vote

Show makers have revised the conditions on 2 March 2023. There was a loophole in this process. So, the team revised the rules to overcome fake voting. This revision includes eligibility, process, Limits, Right to suspend, etc. clauses. 

You just need to read this revision carefully. Moreover one can find this revision in detail on the official website. 

Voting Results 

After the nominations, there is a voting process. Therefore, the results will decide who will be evicted and who is safe. Moreover, these results give the exact data on how many votes were cast and who has how many votes.

Big Brother cast

Moreover, the one who will have the lesser vote. He or she has to stop the journey and leave Big Brother’s home. Furthermore, those who are able to gather more votes are safe until another nomination. Also, the results decide who will win season 11. Again the one who gets the more votes wins the title. 

Voting Polls 

Polls are another interesting part. So, fans and followers can also take part in polls. After voting it will take some time to announce the results. Meanwhile, you can have the idea from the polls. 

This section also excites the voter more. Also, they are always eager to know who is safe and who is going to evict from the house. 

Note: Important thing that one must keep in mind is that polls are not the exact data. They are merely an idea.

Big Brother Canada season 11 Evictions

There are 16 house guests in Big Brother house in season 11 for now. As the show started on  8 March 2023. Now there will be some nominations. So, that will result in some evictions from the show. 

However, there are no such evictions for now. But soon eviction process will start. Then we will update the info here in this article. 

Big Brother Canada season 11 cast 

There are 16 members who have entered Big Brother’s house in its 1st phase. Here is the list of the cast of season 11 with their names and occupation.

Guest NameOccupation
Renee MiorLaw Student
Santina CarlsonAesthetician
Vanessa MactavishYoga Instructor
Terrell "TY" MCdonaldPersonal Trainer
Zach NielsonSr. Vice President
Anika MyshaInvestment Advisor
Jonathan LeonardFisherman
Hope AgbolosooSkills Coach
Kuzivakwashe "Kuzie" Mujakachi911 Operator
Robreto LopezGym Manager
Amal BashirSuperfan
Claudia CampbellMarketing Coordinator
Daniel ClarkeGraphic Designer
Dan SzaboDJ
John Michael SosaProject Manager

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In conclusion, Big Brother Canada is airing its 11th edition now. Slice Global again airing this season. Producers and casting directors have already selected the new cast. Arisa Cox is selected as a host. This show brings a new ride of entertainment to your doorstep. 

Now in this season commoners or fans can also participate in the show. Moreover, They can participate as voters. Meanwhile, this thing makes the show more interesting for the followers. Here in this article, we have discussed the voting process and how to cast big brother canada vote on the official website. People can also participate in the polls. We really hope that now you have all the answers to your questions regarding the BB Canada voting process. 


Where can I cast Big Brother Canada vote for Season 11 contestants?

One can vote for the Big Brother season 11 contestants on the show’s official website.

Who are the contestants of season 11?

Kuzie Mujakachi
John Micheal

Who is the host of Big Brother Canada season 11?

Arisa Cox is the host of this show.

Where can I watch Big Brother Canada Season 11?

One can watch the show on Slice Global’s official website.

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