Various Ways To Vote in Ink Master Season 15: Vote Now

Ink Master Voting

Exclusive: Ink Master Voting is back with its new season 15. Yes, it is a piece of great news for the show tattoos lover.  Not just only that, but they are auditioning for another season as well. Paramount+ brings you reality competition series featuring tattoo artists. The series first premiered on January 17, 201. and now it has aired a total of 14 seasons for now. The prize money is $250,000 along with the title of Ink Master.

 Not only this the winner is also featured in Inked Magazine.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Show and Ink Master Voting methods for season 15.

First of all, let’s know about the format of the show. The show is about Art and artists. The show revolves around many tattoo artists competing with each other to become the ultimate Tattoo Artists.

Ink Master Voting

At first, they are evaluated based on their skills. Then, there are elimination rounds. Each contestant is given four to six hours to tattoo their design the next day.

Ink Master Voting

This is a reality competition show. So, there are new contestants who participate to win the title. So, as per the format of reality shows. There are eliminations and voting processes. Artists compete in various challenges related to their artistic skills and tattooing.

The contestants are judged by renowned tattoo artists and the audience vote for the contestants. And with each episode, one or more contestant is eliminated based on voting.

Current judges of the show are renowned Tattoo artists –

Dave Navarro

Chris Nunez

Oliver Peck

Ryan Ashley

Nikko Hurtado

Ami James

In Ink Master Season 15, we are going to see talented artists with their unique skills. So, it is not going to be easy to judge who is going to be the ultimate winner. At the end of each episode, one or more contestant is going to eliminate so if you wish to save your favorite Tattoo artist. You need to participate in Ink Master voting and save them.

Eligibility Criteria for Ink Master Voting

It is important to know the eligibility criteria to vote. Only those who fulfill the eligibility can vote for the contestants in the show.

Ink Master Voting

  • Firstly, one must be 18 years of age or above.
  • Secondly, the voter must have US legal citizenship.
  • Thirdly, they can vote for one contestant at a time.

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Various ways of Ink Master voting

Now, if you wish to vote for your favorite tattoo artist there are three ways to participate in the voting trends. There are 3 main ways to vote in the show. Following are the important ways

  • Paramount+ website.
  • Using Paramount App
  • Via text messages.

Ink Master Online Vote via Paramount+ Website

So, here is the step-by-step guide for you and a detailed description of voting.

  • Go to the official website of Paramount+ Ink Master.
  • Then, select the Vote Now tab.
  • You will now see the list of contestants on the screen.
  • Choose, select, and tap on the Vote button of the tattoo artist to save.

Voting App

Ink Master voting 2023 via App
  • Download the official Paramount+ App using the app store.
  • Thereafter log in using your login credentials.
  • Now look out for the show. 
  • Thereafter select OK on the show and go to the voting section. 
  • Now, tap on the Vote Now button and save your favorite Tattoo Artist.
Voting via Text Messages

 This is a very simple and easy way to vote for your favorite contestant.

All you need is to Enter the name of the tattoo artist and send it to a number. The number is not official yet and the season is not premiered yet. However, the audience has started to look for its next season. They are eagerly looking for contestants who are going to take part in the new season. Woeey not soon some details will be released.

Ink Master Season 15 Eliminated contestants

This show is about Tattoo artists and their unique skills. Therefore, in every season Tattoo artists come and perform the challenges to become the ultimate Ink Master.

In the last season, several contestants participated in the show. But season 15 is not aired yet and officials haven’t announced the contestants’ list yet. Therefore, the Ink Master Season 15 Cast is unknown yet. 

Ink Master Voting

As soon as officials release the new season date we will update contestant names here. So stay tuned and we will update the information here.

So, who are your Favorite Tattoo Artists? And what type of Tattoo do you like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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In conclusion, the Ink Master is a reality show based on real talent and a unique art form. It is not like other shows where we sometimes see fights, dramas, and annoying things. So, The show has a huge fan base. Also, that is the main reason the show has a total of 14 seasons. And now Paramount is releasing a new season.

Overall you will love the show and enjoy different styles of tattooing. The voting process is now clear to you. So, what are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite Tattoo artist now. And make them the ultimate Tattoo artist.

Also, we will update all the information-related details here. So, keep in touch with this website and all the latest updates.

At last, we wish you the best of Luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can watch Ink Master Season 15?

 You can watch the show on FuboTV, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV.

What is the Ink Master season 15 release date?

Currently, there is no official statement made by Paramount+ on the season 15 release date.

Who is the winner of Ink Master season 14?

DJ Tambe is the winner of season 14.

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