How to Audition for Cross Country Cake Off: Season 2 Apply Now

Cross Country Cake Off Auditions

Alert! Cake Makers from all across Canada. As CTV the original network comes up with a competition series featuring bakers/ cake makers. For its upcoming series CTV come up with Cross Country Cake Off Auditions. Are you looking for a chance to show off your creative skills, you might now have a chance. The casting team is looking for the best baking talent in Canada for their new show.

So, to feature in Canada’s best cake-making competition and to claim a $50,000 prize, get ready for the auditions. The Audition call is put out by Boat Rocker’s Proper Television for a CTV show. The show is Hosted by Canadian Master chef winner Mary Berg and famous Pastry Chef Andrew Han.

With 40 contestants and 4 holiday-themed episodes to new discover talent. The show features every eight bakers in 5 host cities Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, and Montreal presenting their innovative and creative Cakes to judges.

Thereafter top 4 cake bakers move forward to the main kitchen round in the competition.

Act before it’s tooooo late…!!

Cross Country Cake Off Auditions

In this article, we have come up with the information on audition process, eligibility criteria, casting process, and release date. So, stick to the article till last. So, this holiday season CTV is bringing the nation together in celebration of innovative, talented, and beautiful cake designs through its upcoming series.

Cross country cake off Auditions 2023

Are you wondering to get into the show as a contestant? But don’t know how to appear in auditions. Don’t worry, just relax! Here we bring you the audition process for CTV delicious series. And the good news is that the In-person casting process is back!

The auditions are going to take place in 5 host cities named







To appear in the auditions you have to fill out the online audition form available on CTV’s official website. Right now the application link is not active. Soon it is available by the officials.

Cross Country Cake Off Auditions

Different regions have different specialties and you have to come with innovative and unique skills. So, in the audition process make one thing to keep in mind is to be confident about your cooking and give your best.

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Eligibility Criteria Of Cross Country Cake Off

Can you bake a cake with so many different textures, different flavors, even with spices, and unique in its way?

So, check your eligibility as given below to fill in the application form and thereafter appear in the audition process.

  • The minimum age to enter the show is 21 years.
  • All genders are welcome to part in the show.
  • Applicant must have some trendy and little artistic baking style. Overall one must be a good baker.
  • No criminal background in the name of the applicant should be there.

Since you have checked your eligibility and hopefully qualified for the criteria. An important note for you is being proud of your heritage or where you have come from.

Just show your real self and bake, bake, and bake.

How to be on the Cast of cross country cake off 

Do you know cake makers are also known by a name i.e. Edible Engineers? People need to keep in mind 3 basic things. Those are building Good cakes, Good materials, and Good taste.

And main cooking ingredient is one must have to make things as easy as possible and their dish should have a good taste.

To get into the cast, you have to go through the casting process as follows.


  • Firstly, visit the CTV network’s official website.
  • Secondly, check eligibility thereafter please complete the application form, and don’t forget to upload your recent photograph.
  • The Third but important step Upload an impressive short audition video of you baking a cake and introducing yourself.
  • After submitting the form and uploading the video it will be looked over by a casting team member. 
  • So, if they like your application you will get a casting call to discuss the further steps to get cast in the show.

The Cake brings everyone together and with the show, you get a chance to be on the cast of the show. And this is an exciting opportunity to get cast in the show.

Cross-country cake off-casting call

Once you have submitted the application form. It is reviewed and well-checked by the casting team members. If they like your application you will get a casting call for the show.

You can also Hire an agency that will fill in your application form and arrange an audition for you.

Overall you have to be at your best as there are other applicants in the race too. It is going to be difficult so you have to bake the best cake at every step in the casting process.

CTV Cross Country Cake Off Season 2 Release Date 

Surely you are excited about the show. So, here is an important update, Mark the release date on your Calendar as CTV’s Cross country cake Off is going to release in the year 2024. 

Release Date

40 contestants are going to give mouth-watering recipes, unique Cake designs, and delicious cakes ever. So, are excited to watch the upcoming show? Review the show in the comment section.

We suppose the audition process is clear to you. So, without wasting any more time apply now.

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In final Words, we get to see amazing cake makers from across a wonderful country Canada. The contestants bake an obscene amount of cake which is exciting to watch.

All the contestants are challenged to make a festive cake in a short time. Later viewers and judges get to see the delicious cakes. Also, now you know the Cross Country Cake Off auditions process for the show. So, what are you waiting for!! Apply now and participate in the next season.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prize money for the show?

The Winner gets a chance to win a $50,000 prize.

Who is the current host of the show?

Canadian Master Chef winner Mary Berg and famous Pastry Chef Andrew Han are the current host.

What is the release date of the show?

The show is going to release in 2024.

How many seasons does the show have?

Season 1 is released on May 25, 2023. The next season is going to release soon.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on CTV Network.

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