How To Apply For Family Feud Game Show 2023?

Family feud is an extremely popular American reality game show. Moreover, Steve Harvey is the host as well as executive producer of the show. Till now the show has successfully aired 23 seasons with 2,311 episodes. The show has been airing for the last 4 decades. However, in that long time, the original network of the show changed thrice. ABC and CBS were the original networks for some time. Presently, syndicated is the original network. If you are here you must be a reality game show worm. And if you wish to be a part of the reality game show along with the family, then this is your time. Check for Family Feud Auditions now. This is a game show in which you can participate and win along with your family. But first, you must apply for the show’s next season. 

Family Feud Auditions

Interested people who want to take part can give Auditions for the show. Normally, the auditions were at the venue. However, due to the pandemic, the auditions started happening online. Moreover, the forms are out online. If you want your family to be in the show fill out the application. In the article, we have explained how you can do that.

In this show, two teams compete against each other. These family teams are asked a question and they have to answer it. Here there is no one specific answer to the question. Moreover, the answer which is surveyed as the most popular one wins. The winner gets the prize and money. And there are different rounds in the game. The show is very fun to watch. In this article, we are going to cover Family feud casting. So, Stay tuned.

Family Feud Auditions

Host and Format Of the Family Feud

There is a lot we can talk about family feuds. The show has been airing since 1976. Moreover, Mark Goodson was the creator of the show. Currently, Steve Harvey is the presenter and Executive producer of this game show. He is one of the most popular faces of the masses. Everyone loves Steve. Oh, I was so carried away that we started talking about him. We know we have discussed the show. In this show, there is a feud between two families. The feud is not in the literal sense. The two teams compete against each other to give the best answer to the question. Moreover, the best answer is the most popular answer by the audience. And the winning family gets exciting gifts and prize money.

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Family Feud Game Eligibility criteria

Here is the list of the eligibility criteria for this game show:

  • The candidate must have 5 family members. And, those are related by blood, marriage, or legal.
  • The candidate must have U.S. Citizenship, legal residence, or permission to work in the States.
  • Age is no bar. However, it is advised that they should be 15 or older. Because sometimes the questions are explicit.
  • The candidate should not be related to production or anyone in the show.
  • You cannot be part of the show if your family has been part before. You are only eligible after 10 years

Family Feud Auditions

Family Feud Online Game Casting 

For the Casting, you can fill out the online application form. How? Here are the requisites.

  • Firstly, fill up your date of birth and click on apply. After that, the form will open up. You have to write details about you and your family.
  • Secondly, you have to write your name, email, address, and family information. Moreover, the family information cannot exceed more than 1,000 words.
  • Thirdly, you have to paste the video link of your family. The link can be on google drive, YouTube, or any other public platform.
  • Fourth, you have to upload 5 photographs of your family.
  • Lastly, tick on the terms and conditions to agree. And, then click on the apply button.

Note: There is no age requirement as such to be in the show. However, you should be at least more than a year old. And you can submit the form only if you are more than 18 years of age. If you are less than 18 you need parietal consent.

In conclusion, the Family feud auditions for 2023 applications are out. We have already pasted the link above. Moreover, interested candidates can apply for it online. Before applying, please look at the eligibility criteria as well. And we are sure Steve is going to be very happy to have your family there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How can we apply for Family feud casting 2023?

You can visit the official website and fill out the online application.

Who is the presenter of the show?

Steve Harvey is the presenter of the show. He is also the executive producer.

How to send an audition video?

While filling out the form you can paste the link to your video. The link can be from any online platform such as twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

What is the original network of the show?

Syndicated is the original network of the show.

Is there a hotline or contact number to get information?

Yes, you can call them at 18-451-4281.

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