How To Apply For The Jeopardy Game Show Online?

Jeopardy Casting

Hi folks! Get ready for the longest-running game show of all time i.e. Jeopardy. You heard it right. Jeopardy Casting is in progress. This is a popular TV reality game show in the US. The show has been airing since 1964 with some cancellations and revivals. Moreover, Merv Griffin is the creator of this game show. Till now, the show has aired 39 seasons with 8,000 episodes. Currently, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are the hosts of this game show. And, Syndication is the original network of the show. So if you are applying for the Jeopardy then it means you will be applying for season 40.

In this show, three contestants are selected and compete in three rounds. These three rounds include the Jeopardy round, the double jeopardy, and the final Jeopardy round. In each round contestants are given clue phrases as answers. However, the contestants must present their answers in a question format with phrases. I know it appears a little complicated, but it is not. You guys should check the show out. you all are going to love it. In this article, we are going to cover various steps for Jeopardy Game casting.

Jeopardy Casting

Jeopardy is one of the longest-running shows. If you wish to be on jeopardy then you must be eligible. You must be 18 years old and have to clear online test. Apart from that Jeopardy Casting involves 4 main steps. If you pass out all the 4 steps of casting then you can be a contestant of the Jeopardy next season. Here are they:

  • Jeopardy Test
  • Anytime Test
  • After the Test
  • Auditions

Let’s discuss how you can apply and clear each of the above-mentioned casting phases and reach out to the final auditions.

Jeopardy Casting

Jeopardy Auditions

At the current moment, Jeopardy auditions is available online. All of you guys have watched and enjoyed the show. Some of you even wanted to be a contestant on the show. Moreover, anyone interested can easily for the show. Here are the steps:

  • Interested candidates can visit the official website of the Jeopardy game show.
  • Once you are on the website, you can click on the option “Be on J”. And, there are 4 options present there.
  • You can either give Jeopardy! Anytime test or prepare for the test. Moreover, you can use the third option of taking a practice test.
  • The last option consists of candidates’ FAQS to solve doubts and queries.

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Zoom Audition for Jeopardy

Zoom Audition for Jeopardy takes place after the first round of the test. Moreover, there are different types of tests a candidate can take. However, the format of the test for the first round is the same. According to a Reddit user, they had given the first round in January and got the Zoom invite in October. So, the process of Zoom audition invitation may take some time.

Jeopardy Anytime Test

The good news for you is that you can apply for Jeopardy at any time. There is no restriction. The schedule is the same as the regular Jeopardy Test. However, the format for both the test are same. But here is the relaxation in Jeopardy Anytime test there is no time foundation. Whenever you are free you need to register and start giving any time test.

  • If you wish to be on Jeopardy you have to go through a Jeopardy Anytime Test. Well yeah, you heard it right, there is a test that you have to pass to be on the show. And the good news is this test is now available for you. It is a part of your audition.
  • You will have a total of 15 minutes to give an audition or you can say to go through this “anytime test”. 15 seconds each for 50 questions.
  • But before applying for the casting of Jeopardy you must be 18 years old. If you are wondering what is the procedure to reach this test, so we are going to mention the complete casting procedure below. Go through it.

Note: Do not close the window in between the anytime test because it will lead to backout. Then you will have to re-register again for another test.

Jeopardy Test Online

It is the primary entry point for every contestant to be on the show. It comes once in a year and is pre scheduled. You will be given a date on which you have to participate in Jeopardy Test online. Before one hour of the test you need to register yourself and then and the 50 questions in a row.  This is quite similar to anytime test. But the only difference is you have participate during the scheduled time.

  • You must be eligible to apply.
  • You should have an Jeopardy account.
  • And log in to account before giving online jeopardy test.

Jeopardy After the Test

After giving the test on Jeopardy you will not know about your scores. All that will be disclosed is that whether you have passed the test or not. The officials will contact you through your email by telling if you have passed the test.

Jeopardy Masters Cast & Contestants

The Jeopardy Show cast includes the presenter, announcer, clue crew, and the three contestants. However, in the upcoming season of the show, there will be 6 former contestants who once won Jeopardy. They will play the game and ultimately only one will be the ultimate champion. Following is the complete cast of the Jaopardy Masters.

  • Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are the hosts of the show.
  • Moreover, Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire are the clue crew.
  • And, Johnny Gilbert is the voice of Jeopardy.
James Holzhauer$2,962,216
Amy Schneider$1,632,800
Matt Amodio$1,518,601
Mattea Roach$570,983
Andrew He$257,365
Sam Buttrey$150,000

Now let’s see who will win the Jeopardy masters and adds more prize money to their total winnings.

Ken Jennings: Host of The Jeopardy

The Jeopardy game has been airing for a long long time. In that long time, the show has witnessed only 5 hosts. Currently, the show is hosted by Ken Jennings. The Big Bang Theory famed Mayim Bialik was also the host of the show for Season 37 for 2 weeks. Later, she joined the show officially. And, the late Alex Trebek was the most popular face as a host.  

In conclusion, you guys can easily apply for Jeopardy Casting by following these methods. All you have to do is visit the website and log in with your Gmail. Moreover, you must pass the first-round test to move further. However, the invitation for the Zoom audition may take time. Currently, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are serving as the hosts of the show. And, we will update the article as soon as we get some more information.

FAQ’s related to Jeopardy Game Audition

Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What is the age eligibility to be a contestant in Jeopardy?

The candidate should be above the age of 18. However, if it is for teen tournament age should be between 13 and 17. 

How to apply for jeopardy as a contestant?

You can visit the official website of jeopardy. And, then apply for the Anytime test.

what is the “Jeopardy anytime test”?

Normally, the tests are scheduled for a particular date. However, in any time test, a candidate can apply at any time. 

How to get a zoom audition to invite?

For that candidate must qualify for the first-round test. And, then wait for their invitation. It is a relatively long process.

How many times a candidate can give Jeopardy any time test?

Candidates can give any time test one time in 365 days. After 365 days, the candidate can appear for the test again.

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