The One with the Friends Casting: How To Apply

Friends Casting

Friends casting is one of the most searched categories on Google. Because the audience loves this show and wants to be part of the show. Friends is a popular comedy show all over the world. The new era of entertainment and fun begins with this show. Marta Kauffman and David Crane obliged the world by creating this show. The very first episode of the first season was aired on 22 September 1994. And after that, this show produces 10 seasons consecutively. And the last episode of the last season was aired on 6 May 2004. This show was aired on NBC. And this show gathered a great success.

This show is a comedy genre show. In this show, there are 6 main characters. And every episode and every season of the show runs around these 6 characters. These characters are friends with each other and they live in New York City. Apart from these 6 main characters, there are also other cast members. These cast members also play a vital role in the show. 

The fabulous and consistent performance of the cast makes the show alive. Audiences not only enjoy the show but want to be part of the show. So, here in this article, we will discuss everything on auditions, applications, and eligibility criteria. 

How to apply for the Friends Casting

How to get cast in the show is the main question. So, let’s discuss all of it. So, as we know, this show is popular in Hollywood. And also, we all know that if someone wants to play a role in a series or movie then one must have to give audition for the role. 

And to give an audition one must also have to fill up the application first. Let’s discuss the Friends casting process in detail first and then we will proceed further. 

First of all, aspirants have to read the eligibility criteria. If the aspirant fit in the criteria then proceed to the next step. Secondly, one must have to fill up the application form for the auditions. Now, wait for the call from the casting team. After receiving a casting call from the casting team go for the audition.

Now we know the casting process. By keeping in mind the casting process let’s talk about the eligibility criteria first.

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain points that one must have to keep in mind before giving the audition.

  • One must know if he or she is eligible for the role. There are different eligibility criteria for different roles. So, firstly make sure about what you are applying for.
  • Read the terms and conditions. And then be clear if you agree with these conditions. If you agree then proceed further. 
  • One must be medically fit (physically fit as well as mentally).

Friends Casting

How to fill Application for the Friends Audition

Here are the things one should keep in mind while filling up the application form.

  • Fill in the correct information in the application form. Anything finds suspicious in the application form will reject your application.
  • Give your personal detail in the application form correctly. Like your address, and contact number.
  • Provide your photograph with the application form. 
  • Describe yourself in the application form completely. But keep in mind that your description must be short but clear.
  • Make your portfolio and attach it to the application form.

Audition Venue, Date, and Time for Friends Casting

The other important thing to keep in mind is that one should know the venue, date, and time for the audition. Because the Friends show produced its last season in 2004. Thereafter this show hasn’t produced any new episodes. 

So, we can not provide you with the information about the venue, date, and time for the audition for the Friends show. If this show announces the auditions then we will let you know about it here on this website.

Friends Cast

As we know there are 6 main characters in this show. These characters with their stage names as well as their original names are listed below.

Ross Geller:  David Schwimmer played the role of Ross Geller. This character has Ph.D. in paleontology. He is also the Brother of Monica Geller. 

David Schwimmer

Rachel Green:  Jennifer Aniston Played this role Beautifully. She played a young and talented fashion designer role in the show. She makes the show glamorous.

Jennifer Aniston

Joey Tribbiani: Matt LeBlance played this role. This character is a model and actor. 

Matt LeBlanc

Monica Geller: Courteney Cox plays this role. She is the chef in this show and also the wife of Mr. Chandler Bing.

Courteney Cox

Chandler Bing: Matthew Perry plays this role. He is the funniest person in this show. He makes the show so much fun. Sometimes he goes off the script and improvises the scene to make it more fun. 

Matthew Perry

Pheobe Buffay: This role is Played by Lisa Kudrow. She makes the show another level of entertainment. 

Lisa Kudrow

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In conclusion, Friends is the most popular show in the entertainment world. Fans and followers of this show want to play role in this show. So, they are always looking for the Friends casting.

This show has produced 10 seasons so far. On 6 May 2004, this show aired its last episode and ends up the season. No new episode aired of this show. But this NBC reruns the show again and again. So, there is no casting process occur for this show for now.

If in the future this show decided on the casting for a new season. Then we will update you here on this website. We have discussed all audition processes, application form filling, and eligibility criteria. We hope that we are able to solve your queries.


Are Friends auditions going on?

No, the Friends auditions are not going on.

Who was the first cast of Friends?

David Schwimmer was casted first.

When did Friends starts?

Friends first episode started on 22 September 1994.

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