House Rules Winner

House Rules Winner

The Australian reality shows House Rules is ongoing with its 8th season and soon we will have House Rules Winner of 2020. The development of the show began with an idea of renovating houses in 2013. The same year the debut season of the show was aired. The show got popular making viewers to get the various ideas of renovating their own houses. In these 8 years, the franchise aired its 8 seasons.

The format of the show is simple as the teams have to renovate each other’s houses in the quest of $100,000. The judges score the teams on the various aspects of renovations done. The team who scores the least is eliminated from the show.

If you want to find out the finalists and winner of this season then you can scroll down to know their names.

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House Rules Winner 2020

Every time the show named along with the theme. This time it is called House Rules: High Stakes. This year the season 8 started on 6th April 2020. In June End there will be season’s finale. It is the most popular season among all the previous seasons. Besides COVID-19 season 9 is doing great. Soon there will be the announcement of the 8th winner of House Rules.

House Rules Winner

Winner will be decided by getting each team eliminated every week and other teams getting scores. Season 8 started with 8 teams. and now only 6 teams are left. they will be given points on the basis of Interior designing. So At the end, the one with the highest scores will be rewarded with $10,000.

House Rules All-Season Winner

Before we tell you about the finalist and winner of the 8th season of the show, here have a look on the list of winners so of the previous seasons of the shows.

Season 1Carly Schulz & Leighton Brow
Season 2Adam Dovile & Lisa Lamond
Season 3Steve & Tiana Falzon
Season 4Luke & Cody Cook
Season 5Aaron & Daniella Winter
Season 6Toad Heffernan & Mandy Stone
Season 7Pete & Courtney Tserbis
Season 8TBD

Now the thing left is to know which team is going to add to this list of champions.

House Rules Season 8 Winner Name

As the title of this season, everything will be on high stakes when these brilliant contestants will compete. This season we got a total of 8 teams to perform their skills of renovating a house. This season has the highest number of teams competing in the history of the show.

So it is hard for now to tell who is going to be the winner as all are performing brilliantly. Still, we are putting our money on the team of Kayne and Aimee Stanton.

These two are leading the chart with the highest score points and with this performance it is will be quite easy for them to achieve the title of the winner of the show.

Eliminated Teams are:

  • Carly and Andrew
  • Susan & Anthony Lobriza

Season 8 Finale and Finalists

The 8th season of the show began on the 6th of April 2020. It was not confirmed how many episodes this season will have. As the number of participating teams is increased so it is obvious that the show will be taking some more episodes to cover every possible thing for the viewers.

House Rules Winner

  • In the 2nd Episode Carly & Andrew withdrew themselves from the show.
  • In the 6th episode, Susan & Anthony got eliminated. 

Till the current episode Kayne & Aimee Stanton, Laith& George Batarseh, and Tanya & Dave Dawes are having the higher chances to reach the finale of the show as finalists.

As the world is facing this global pandemic it might take some time to reach to the finale. It might have scheduled for the month of July. The franchise has not confirmed when they are going to host the finale. So We will update this news as soon as we will hear about it.

Prize Money for Winner 

From the last 3 season, we saw that there was no fixed prize money allotted. Each season was providing different prizes to the winners.

For this season the show is proving prize money of $100,000 to the winning team. So To grab this prize money they have to be quite creative to renovate the house to its utmost beauty. Well only the time will tell who is going to grab this prize and be the House Rules Winner of 2020.

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