How To Watch Blindspot Season 5 Episodes

How to Watch Blindspot Season 5

For all the Blindspot fans around the world, the 5th season is out for you to watch. Yes! Now you can enjoy the latest season of the show to know the identity of the mysterious women. To know how to watch blindspot season 5 you have to read the article.

We know how eagerly you want to binge-watch the show. Now in this quarantine period, you all have enough time to complete the show as soon as possible for you. However, the show does not release its entire episodes on the same date so you have to wait for every next episode of the season.

The development of the show began in 2015 when the creator of the show met all the producers about his idea. Moreover, Martin Gero the creator of the show is also one of the executive producers of the show.

Soon after the casting, the filming of the show began. In September 2015, the debut season of the show was aired. Well, this journey has come to an end. Scroll down to read all the details regarding this latest season and where you can watch it.

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How to Watch Blindspot Season 5

If you are reading this article then you sure are a Jane Doe’s fan. And want to discover the final answer of the final puzzle along with Jane. For the past 5 years, Blindspot has surely made fans from all over the world. And definitely the fans from all over the world want to know how they can watch the series. Well, we are diving the watch category into 2.

  • The one within the USA
  • And the one outside the USA

How to Watch Blindspot Season 5

If you are a USA resident then you can watch the show on the official website. But for those who are from other countries, we have some other ways for you to watch it online. If you are a resident of the USA then watch it on NBC.

  • NBC- You can ask your cable operator to subscribe to you for NBC’s services. If cable services are not available then you can use NBC’s online platform to enjoy this show.

Now before talking about other countries let’s get to know about cast and plot of season 5.

Cast of Blindspot Season 5

You probably knew about the cast of the show. Still, you can have a recap of the main characters of the show and who is playing them. So here we go-

  • Sullivan Stapleton: Sullivan is the FBI special agent Kurt Weller. Well, he comes to the investigation team when the FBI found his name tattooed on the mysterious unknown girl.
  • Jaimie Alexander: She is the mysterious person ‘Jane’ who is found by the FBI. She has various tattoos on her body which link to her identity and the various question raised due to her identity.
  • Rob Brown: The FBI agent Edgar Reade is on Kurt’s team. He seriously doubts Jane’s inclusion and wants quickly to find out Jane’s identity. On the other hand, he is in love with Kurt’s sister Sarah.
  • Audrey Esparza: Previously an NYPD officer Natasha Zapata is also a member of Kurt’s team an FBI agent. She has gambling issues that created a lot of problems to her. Although she is quite into Edgar Reade.
  • Ashley Johnson: She is playing the role of Patterson. She is in the forensic department of FBI who is finding the meanings of Jane’s tattoos.

Well, these are the lead characters that will be on the finale of the show.

Blindspot Plot of Season 5

You know the characters of the show, now is the turn to find out what is in the show that is making people so eagerly waiting for the episodes of the last season.

How to Watch Blindspot Season 5

The story of the show revolves around a mysterious body found by the FBI. The things turn around when the FBI team found the name of the FBI special agent Kurt tattooed on the body (Jane). So they thought that body might be having any connection to Kurt so the FBI commanding officer asks Kurt to lead this investigation.

All the clues to the identity of the body lie on the tattoos she is having. Moreover, Jane gets some images of her past which also leads the FBI team to her identity.

If you really want to find out everything about Jane and her tattoos then the only way is to watch the final season of the show.

Where to Watch Blindspot Season 5 Online

The last season of the show is out. Though we have no idea how many episodes this season will be having. Guessing with the episodes the previous seasons had then it will be around 22 or 23 episodes.

Here are the platforms where you can enjoy this show if you are a viewer from another country-

  • Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime is also providing the online platform to watch this show. Well, the premium services are pocket friendly as you don’t have to pay a lot. You can also use the one-month free trial if you are a new user to their services.
  • Sling TV: You can use sling TV to enjoy the show. Moreover, they are providing Sling Blue’s Happy Hour where you can enjoy their service free of cost from 5 PM to Midnight.
  • HULU: Hulu provides you the live TV as well as saves the streamed show and movies for you. With Hulu, you are been subscribed to NBC where you can watch this show as on your TV timings or whenever you like.
  • YouTube TV: You can use YouTube TV to enjoy this show where you will be getting various TV channels at your subscription and you can cancel anytime you want. If you are a new user you can also free trial their subscription.
  • Fubo TV: Use Fubo TV to watch the show where you’ll be getting 30 hours of cloud storage to store your shows. They are also providing 7 days trial without any commitment.

The final season is out and you know where you can enjoy this show. So what are you waiting for just go and find out all the mysteries in the show!

Frequently Asked questions


Is Blindspot on Netflix?

Nowadays, a very easy and approachable platform to watch a series all over the world is Netflix. So people are looking for whether they can watch Blindspot on Netflix or not. So we would like to tell you that in some regions you can watch blindspot on Netflix.

Is Blindspot Cancelled?

Blindspot has been launched with its 5th season. And it has been decided to make it final season of the series. There will not be any season 6.

Is Blindspot Season 5 Released?

Blindspot has released its 5th and final season on 10th Season. And the show will be concluded with telecasting of 11 episodes on NBC.

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