Everything to know about ‘Iam Tongi’ : New American Idol Star


Hello fellas, how are you doing? Since you landed on this page you must be searching about Iam Tongi. don’t worry we will clear your doubts. He is an 18-year-old teen singer and Songwriter from Hawaii. Moreover, his real name is William Tongi. He was born on September 1, 2004, in Kahuku, Hawaii. His family moved to Seattle.

The cost of living in the island state was higher than in Seattle. He raised to fame when he auditioned for the American Idol. The audition video of the show went viral and he became celebrity. His beautiful voice got people’s attention. People started recognizing him as a young Talent. Since his childhood day, Iam was very passionate about music.

He is extremely talented. It’s hard to match his style and voice. At the age of 15, he wrote, sang, and produced his original song in 2020. He is a gifted songwriter and his lyrics are quite mature for his age. Currently, he is in senior high in Decatur High School.

His early interest in music was known to people in 5th grade. That was the first time he picked up his first musical instrument, Ukulele. He loved playing it and started showing interest in the guitar. And, then his journey as a musician started. In this article, we are going to cover almost every about Iam Tongi.

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Iam Tongi American Idol

Well, most of us here already have a basic idea about this singing gem. However, people do not know much about him. Iam Tongi had 8,000 followers on Instagram before he auditioned for American Idol. But, after performing in the show, he has more than 300K followers on Instagram.

Iam Tongi

The music show has helped him gain recognition and the fan following he deserves. We are sure he is going to touch a bigger milestone. Moreover, He is in the top 12 of American Idol at the moment. We hope you guys are going to vote for him. He deserves your support.

Iam Tongi songs

The fun fact about William is that he was already an artist before American Idol. Moreover, at the age of 15, he already released his original single on YouTube. He is so talented. Words are not enough for his excellence. You guys might be thinking we are just messing with you.

Go check his YouTube channel and go through some of his old and new videos.  Okay, let us suggest you some of his songs. The song is called Dreams. It is a love song dedicated to his sister and brother-in-law. It has such beautiful compositions and lyrics.

Real NameWilliam Tongi
Stage nameIam Tongi
Social media usernamewtongi
Date of Birth1 September 2004
BirthplaceNorth Shore of Oahu, Kahuku,Hawaii, USA
MotherLillie N Rodney Tongi
FatherRodney Guy
SiblingsTwo elder sister (Cassandra Alvina and Leilei Tongi) and elder brother (Leorod Tongi)
EducationSenior High School
SchoolDecatur High School

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Social Media Profile Links

Here are some Iam Tongi’s social media profile handles. You can follow him there. Here are the links to different platforms:

Iam’s American Idol Audition

During the American idol audition, he gave a well-rehearsed introduction. He told judges about his music and family including his siblings and mother. Then Katy Perry asked him about his father. He didn’t intend to share the tragic loss of his father but he had to.


However, it was not a part of his introduction script. This teenage boy has gone through a lot. if you listen to his songs, you can feel that through his voice He created this song for her sister’s wedding day. He’s a such sweet, talented, and loving brother.

Here are some of the amazing songs he covered:

  1. His first cover is on Youtube. Click here to listen to this music.
  2. Iam Tongi “Hallelujah” cover song.
  3. William’s old cover song “I’m yours“. He turned 11 at that time.
  4. Monster by James Blunt (Cover).
  5. Iam Tongi Sings “The Sound Of Silence“. – American Idol 2023.
  6. This is the link to his American Idol audition video.

Note: Some songs are from his channel and some are from American Idol. Go listen to them and have a great time.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the real name of Iam Tongi?

His real name is William Tongi.

Where can we follow Iam?

You can follow him on Instagram and Subscribe to his Youtube Channel. His username is @wtongi.

Where is he from?

He was born in Hawaii. But his family moved to Seattle. Currently, he lives in Washington.

Is he performing in American Idol?

He is still performing in American Idol. Moreover, he is in the top 12. You can vote for him and make him the winner.

Why is Iam Tongi getting famous?

Iam is a great singer and songwriter. He is very talented. He has been selected for the top 12 of American Idol. You should listen to his songs and you’ll know why he is famous.

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    Thank u for not giving up on yourself and for listening to your beautiful mama and sharing your beautiful awesome gift with the whole world..and just keeping it real we love you, love you,.❤LOVE YOU!!!!

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